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Symbol: Young Girl / The Virgin

Governor Planet: Buddha (Mercury)

Item: Prithivi (Earth)

Basic Value: Dvisvabhava

Color: Orange, White, Gray, Yellow, Blue

Lucky Day: Wednesday

Positively influenced by: Shukra (Venus), Ketu (South Lunar Node), Shani (Saturn)

Negatively affected by: Rahu (North Lunar Node), Brihaspati (Jupiter), Chandra (Moon), Mangala (Mars)

Corresponding Western Astrology: Virgo

Greatest Gift: Understanding, Objective

Birthstone: Peridot, Sapphire

Gemstone: Pink Jasper, Sapphire, Rhodochrosite

Metal: Gold

Zodiac Quality: Mutable

House: 6th House

Chinese equivalent is the Rooster

Basic Value: Dvisvabhava – Volatility

The Basic Value Dvisvabhava gives the individual characteristics of adaptability, innocence, eloquently, originality, inconsistency, swing and recklessness.

People born under the Zodiac Sign Virgo (Kanya), the sixth Sign of the Zodiac calendar, are like worker bees and derive immense pleasure from serving and managing. They may often be made the butt of jokes for being so picky and critical, but the Virgins, as they are graphically represented, don’t mind it as their focus is on helping others and not on what people might be thinking of them.
Industrious and methodical, the Virgo don’t like to delegate and want to oversee every step of the operation themselves. These efficient and practical individuals are an asset at their workplace, as no detail will be overlooked ever, once a dedicated Virgo is around. Besides, the Virgins also possess a great sense of duty and are utter perfectionists. Balanced and fair in their assessments, the Virgins don’t get unnecessarily swayed by emotions and even when sentiments run high, they manage to keep a cool head. However, not getting success on the work front despite best efforts may break their morale.  Thoroughly meticulous in their work, the Virgo are often quiet, tidy and reserved individuals. However, they seldom shy away from taking on challenges and prove their mettle with hard work and quiet determination. And justly too, they gain success for their perfection and inability to ignore the smallest of the faults. Although not short-tempered, these honest and forthright beings pick up fights and arguments when anyone opposes them. Perhaps that is why they end up making bitter enemies.
Swift-footed and bundles of energy, both physically and mentally, the Virgo possess brains, which are in overdrive most of the time. Probably that is why they get so much done. The Virgo are also good communicators, and use their mental acuity to the maximum advantage. Well, on the flip side, they can also be prone to skepticism. They are a studious lot, and can carefully analyses. But, their insistence on perfection many a times gets in the way of their usually clear thinking.
Although, the Virgo are grounded and are rather humble and easygoing, they also do enjoy material possessions. Their greatest strength is in their practicality, sharp mind and attention to detail coupled with their willingness to serve. Eminently sensible and the ability to use their critical eye well, the Virgo often fall prey to hypochondria because of extreme nervousness. Many of them face psychological problems, as the Virgo-born tend to be compulsive worriers.
Their kind and loving nature is often lost in the no-nonsense and critical nature, which most often is a put-off. Always demanding perfection, the Virgo-born are easily disappointed if given anything less, and unhappiness ensues from this, that they do not overlook others’ frailties. A Virgo’s obsession with order and neatness around the house can be quite infuriating to his partner, who will never seem to meet exacting standards of a Virgo. However, Virgo -VirgoVirgo – Taurus , Virgo – Capricorn and Virgo – Pisces make quite compatible partners.

Virgo Moon looks to the little things in life for their happiness and security. They may deny it, but they actually enjoy activities like running errands, taking care of details, and so on. They may complain about it, but as long as they feel appreciated they will do their best to not only take care of themselves, they’ll take care of you, too. They will usually be the first to volunteer to help someone else.

They may be a bit low in self-esteem, but many are very happy to have a normal, pedestrian life. Simplicity is their mantra and they feel most at home when they can go through life without a lot of public attention. Because of this, they may be accused of being an underachiever or not setting their sights high enough. In reality, they are easily stressed, and they are much happier when they stay within their comfort level.

In the days of Virgo people are practical, rational and pedantic. They pick on little things to each other and behind this little things sometimes they miss the point. In these days it is very easy to quarrel because of some nonsense, which is not worth attention. But in the days of Virgo every single detail seems to be very significant.

In the same time moon in Virgo makes us more responsible and disciplined. At this time we are easier to perform those types of work, that are requiring a great accuracy, alertness and concentration. Those cases, where you need to work out all details, before making any decision, will go successfully now. In the days of Virgo we make all measurements very carefully, we do not follow an impulse to do everything quickly, and cut off straight from the shoulder. We are careful and cautious. But this applies only to the small everyday matters. When it comes to making some really important decisions, you cannot trust just practicality and rationality that are ruling everyone in the days of Lunar Virgo. For the global affairs at this time we do not have enough instinct, intuition, ability to foresee all the consequences. So in the days of Virgo it is better not to start any large projects and not to make any risky steps. It is desirable to perform some time-consuming, tedious and monotonous work. It can be done more easy than in the other days.

Virgo – is the Earthly sign, and it is managed by Mercury and Proserpine. Here the moon is “visiting” Mercury and Proserpine. Therefore, the moon in Virgo gives a person the unconscious love for details. The Lunar Virgo is able to perceive the details very well and understand their significance. It means, that such a person in any situation is able to clearly see the smallest details at a first glance. Therefore, such a person is responding immediately to any minor discrepancies. People with the moon in Virgo are usually a great detectives, investigators, scientists, also they are good in those areas where must be made a lot of painstaking measurements, and where it is required a high degree of accuracy. Lunar Virgos are very good programmers.

Such a person is doing all this as if unconsciously, details are uncovered for him by themselves. Also, this position of moon gives the extraordinary abilities in diagnostics and medicine. Most of the people with moon in Virgo have some sort of a fragmented perception, which means that they are not taking the situation as a whole, but they always work only with the individual parts. At worst, they “do not see the trees behind the forest,” and in the best case, precisely through the details the Lunar Virgo is able to feel the whole situation – how it is reflected in every detail. There is a saying in China, “if you catch the tail of the smallest devil, you will know, where the biggest… ”
In any case, the Moon in Virgo will provide a picky, pedantic, and unconsciously sober view of things.

Person with his moon in Virgo unconsciously feels that he is a small detail in this world, a small wheel in a huge machine. He will subconsciously realize that this “little wheel” should work well for the whole vast mechanism to keep going, that every man should be in his place and clearly perform his duties. That is why this kind of person at best, will have a tendency to simply obey.

A person with moon in Virgo does not like to show his inner world, he doesn’t do it easily and in some cases, this kind of people differs with their shyness and stiffness.

Virgo Moon Sign loves routine. They are very unhappy without one, or at least feeling they have a job that is necessary. They may appear fussy or be labeled as a complainer, but they really can’t function well without their routine. They do best at jobs that require a lot of detail or micromanaging.

They will show how much they care in small, practical ways like putting away your laundry. Open affection may cause them to pull back a bit, and they are often shy when meeting new people. Once they are comfortable, however they are happy to be themselves. They are trustworthy and reliable and are good sources of advice or help in just about any situation. Their practicality makes them very useful to keep around. They make excellent counselors, as they are very talented at comforting others and making them feel better.

In a relationship, Moon in Virgo can be shy and possibly intimidated. They are very aware of themselves, and when combined with low self-esteem, it can really interfere with forming a normal, healthy relationship. They can end up being too critical of themselves. Once they gain self-confidence, they can be a wonderful partner with a lot to contribute. They tend to keep their own feelings bottled up, which can cause health issues in the long run. Others may see Virgo Moon as cold or unaffectionate, which in most cases is not true. Moon in Virgo is a born skeptic. When faced with blind faith, they can’t help but pick at it. They can be frustrating because they insist on finding the practical application to everything. Virgo Moon is full of curiosity, yet seems apathetic at the same time. This can confuse some people. While they can dish out the criticism, they are extremely sensitive to receiving it themselves.

Virgo Moon likes to stay busy, and they are happy as long as their life feels under their control. They may put up invisible barriers to others, whether they realize it or not. They hope that others will put forth the extra effort to get to know them anyway.

The reasoning Virgin – moons are efficient, practical people. Not only in their household but also in their emotional word everything is put in order. All is planed in fine detail; they feel uneasy if they have to leave anything to chance. They are always helpful, even unselfish when they can help others. They are excellent in counseling and comforting and enjoy the feeling of being needed by somebody. They don’t like showing their own feelings even though it would be good for them. They enjoy working “behind the scenes”. Virgin – moons types perceive details and are fond of them. They can work on them with great care and perseverance. In the negative case their perfectionism obstructs their ambitions; a nagging character trait becomes visible. Frequently they are good cooks, who not only take into account the taste but also a healthy life style.
The Kanya Rashi is the sixth sign in Vedic astrology.

It corresponds to the Virgo sign.

The ruling planet of Kanya Rasi isMercury.

The Kanya Rasi is symbolized by theVirgin and ruled by the elementEARTH.

This Rashi comes under Uttara Phalguni (Pada 2, 3, 4), Hasta, Chitra (Pada 1, 2) Nakshatras.

The lucky colors for the Kanya Rasi are WHITEYELLOW and ORANGE.

Personality: Planet Mercury makes people born in Kanya Rashi very talkative. Being inquisitive they are interested in whatever happens in their surroundings. As they are skillful communicators they gather information from various sources and will be happy to transfer their knowledge to all interested people.

The Kanya zodiac sign people are neat and tidy. They prefer to be meticulous and detailed in every little task they do. They are smart and intelligent and do not speak out of turn. Being shrewd they analyze a situation completely before making a decision.

But at times the Kanya Rasi’s obsession with perfection can border on becoming fanatical and rigid. At such times they become critical of everything and everyone around them. Their excess nervous energy needs be let out through physical exercise or it will cause them harm in some way or the other.

The main strength of Kanya Rasi individuals will be their loyal friends. They are very friendly and caring about people. Most of their time is spent on thinking and analysis. Whatever limited time is available will be spent on execution of their well-planned ideas. There is an inherent interest in gathering details about all things and they do not like to laze around without work.

Kanya Rashi individuals are extremely flexible in adjusting to new situations but at the same time they are always critical about everything. This critical nature will offend others and will not be appreciated. Their craving for perfection will leave them cribbing about everything.

By nature they are realistic and old fashioned and do not indulge in showing off their warmth towards others in public. In their personal lives, they can be very passionate in matters of love.

The Kanya people are very well planned and careful about minute details in some fields, and very careless and unplanned in some other aspects. About health they tend to be highly sensitive to the point of being maniacal.

Health: Kanya Rasi people are susceptible to anxiety, allergies and respiratory problems. Old age may bring in some surgical treatments. Ailments related to the stomach like ulcers, diarrhea, cramps, indigestion might affect their well-being. Skin allergies and infections too could be a cause of worry.

Finance: Money comes to the Kanya Rashi without problems. They spend it on going round the world exploring countries and natural beauty. They are frugal by nature and will no indulge in frivolous spending. They are systematic in their financial planning and will never fall short of cash. They might also invest in real estate as an investment for the future.

Relationships: The Kanya Rasi family life will be very harmonious, probably with a governing partner. They do not believe in public display of affection. But that doesn’t mean that they love their partner any lesser. They are caring and loving and make it a point to make the life of their loved ones secure in all aspects.

Professions: People born under the Kanya Rashi will be proficient Research Scientists, Salespersons, Journalists, Software Professionals, Financial Managers and Arbitrators. They will do well a in career which is of some service to others. They rather prefer to be the kingmaker rather than be the king himself.

Moon in Kanya (Virgo)

Kanya is meticulous, reserved, practical, honest, soft-spoken and amiable. Virgo has a good number of friends of either sex, with someone or the other to speak well of them. One of the surprises of Virgo is that they see success and wealth courting them unasked. Intuition and imaginativeness makes Virgo go for mysticism. Being versatile, Virgo is characterized with excellent wisdom and dexterity. Kindness and modesty go hand in hand, although the latter, if not kept in moderation, may lead to lost opportunities. They need to develop self-confidence, lest overridden by less qualified competitors. Kanya is truthful, honest and punctual, and an unthinkingly made promise can lead them to go out of their way to fulfill it. They also need to overcome the tendency to be intimidated or overwhelmed by others. Virgo is extremely discriminating which makes them excellent managers. They are perfectionists but critical. They capable, cultured and helpful at times.


People born under the sign of Kanya have a strong sense of duty, thanks, is meticulously and perfectionist personalities.

Most of them are honest and care too much about their families, friends and loved ones. However, they tend to worry and complain to an increased extent.

Critics and demanding at the same time, their company can be both enjoyable and exhausting. Slightly irritable and somewhat negative in their approach people with Moon in Kanyā are very cautious with their feelings. Consciously or subconsciously put invisible barriers to others and make it difficult for someone to know them better. However, in many cases, they have the secret hope that others will see these obstacles as a challenge to make the effort to know them.

They are very practical people, clean and shy. Educated, with the first bit of life calm and peaceful. It is right and fair people. They know how to take care and love are noble natures and very responsible. generously offer you their care as long as you follow the sets of rules.

The rules are a very important aspect of their personality, as most of them are perfectionists and organizers. That is why they have a certain set of rules to follow – and expect others to keep well.

Rarely will you find the bed unmade or their belongings scattered. Methodical and effective, they are willing to help, especially the people nearby. It is serious, they operate on the common sense to most things and can be surprisingly realistic at times. The creativity always has a practical component.

Family – Relationships

They become good parents and are quite protective towards the partner, family and loved ones.

Women Kanya: Women may experience grief in a marriage. They themselves become horrible grumpy or become victims of a grumpy husband.

Men Kanya: Men tend to idolize their wives but can not be very passionate about them. Their quiet emotional nature leads to family life although you may have a desire for intrigue and fraud.


How to bring change to your life

People born under the influence of moon sign Virgo are clear minded they are not driven by passion & flesh, there is no indecision or confusion of the mind .These people are sociable, logical, clear headed and always seem to be busy arranging the next big event. They have a fondness of correcting others and in doing so they even go to the length of criticism sometimes therefore it is difficult to be around them, they are the Back-Seat Drivers of the zodiac.

As the sign is ruled by mercury communication is there one of the stronger point but unlike Geminians the Virgo people they involve facts and information rather than dreamy philosophies. They involve themselves in social welfare but do not accepting things at their face value, they have a strong personal code of conduct and set high standards. In love life they are loyal towards their partner and they also expect loyalty from the other side too. Analyze the relationship as much as they look at the value the relationship may have for them. It isn’t easy loving a person with a Virgo Moon because they are over-critical in emotional expressions. Believe it or not, this Moon sign may actually be unrealistic at times about their own emotions. Their passion can sometimes be confused with compassion.

The women among them frequently take nursing, dietetics, teaching, and secretarial work as careers. The men among them care successful in occupations in accounting, bookkeeping, banking, or as literary critics, librarians, inventors, real estate operations, chemists, and druggists. Both sexes are self-contained and talented in a unit-directional way in something.