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cancerSymbol: Crab

Governor Planet: Chandra (Moon)

Item: Jal (Water)

Basic Value: Cara

Color: Orange, White, Silver

Lucky Day: Monday, Thursday

Positively influenced by: Mangala (Mars), Brihaspati (Jupiter), Ketu (South Lunar Node)

Negatively affected by: Budha (Mercury), Shukra (Venus), Rahu (North Lunar Node)

Greatest Gift: Certainty, Stability

Birthstone: Alexandrite pearl, ruby, moonstone, agate, chalcedony, and emerald.

Gemstone: Moonstone

Metal: Silver, Magnesium

Zodiac Quality: Cardinal

House: 4th House

Chinese equivalent is the Sheep

Basic Value: Cara – Domination

The Basic Value Cara gives the individual characteristics such as vigor, dynamism, energy and leadership.

The Cancer native is represented by the symbol Crab. Those who are born under this Zodiac Sign (Karka), the 4th in the Zodiac calendar, usually love their homes and their roots. This is also the most empathetic Sign of the entire Zodiac. Sensitive and emotional, the Cancer takes great pleasure in the comforts of their home and family, and are at their best when all is peaceful on the domestic front. The Crabs possess a deep maternal instinct and are intuitive and perceptive by nature. They are likely to have huge families, providing for others, protecting and building a nest wherever they go. Travelling is one of the things that interest them greatly, but the urge to travel far and wide is often subdued by their desire to stay at home. In fact, a hearty picnic in the park is heaven on earth to most Crabs. They are traditional. They prize their family history, and are lovers of communal activities. Many of them also tend to be patriotic, and love to demonstrate it whenever possible.
Since they are emotional, the Crabs are more concerned with expressing and absorbing emotions. Thus, shallow talk may not interest them much. They, more often than not, may also appear extremely moody, shy and baby-like to many. But this shyness or apprehension is actually their defense mechanism created to protect them against heartache and emotional turmoil. When hurt, the Crabs have a tendency to retreat to their shells. Artistic and creative, Cancer-born can be very possessive. Often they get on others’ nerves for latching on to everything including wealth and every word that was ever said to them. Cancer-born are an extremely reserved lot and definitely they can’t be easily understood. They hide their emotions well beneath their tough exterior. Kind and cordial till they are in a good mood, they can get bitter and melancholic, often getting hurt by trivial things. It is often observed that in order to draw sympathy, the Cancer-born can be fairly insensitive towards others, foul-mouthed, rude and short-tempered. Only a truly sensitive soul would manage to notice that this seemingly rude behavior is a disguise, a clever means to hide complexes and insecurities. It is difficult to understand, but on most occasions, the Crab can be admirable, compassionate, generous, understanding and gracious, particularly when everything is going on smoothly in their life. The Crabs have a sharp intellect and are good with their fine motor skills. That is why they often earn a name for themselves in the fields of art, sales, media and performing artsNo doubt, money and material gains are quite important to a Cancer-born, and although they are pretty miser with their hard earned money, they have a tendency to lavishly squander money that they might earn through sudden gains or windfalls.
The Cancer romances those people who may be exactly opposite to them in nature. They are extremely attracted to people who have a lot of self-confidence, are strong and hold high positions. Actually, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces natives usually make good life partners, and are therefore considered as an ideal match for a Cancer-born. Cancer Moon has a knack for being in touch with their feelings, as well as those of others. They may be so in touch with their feelings that they become very self-absorbed. At the same time, they are so in touch with others’ feelings that they can see through any superficial statements of well-being. They have a terrific memory, especially for emotional things. The Cancer Moon Sign looks for familiarity and security. They tend to cling to their home, their family and friends, and their possessions. They really appreciate peace and quiet, and they are not big fans of change.

Devoted and accommodating, they do not like superficiality. When they have feelings of insecurity, they may attempt to create a sense of it by accumulating things around them. While others have moved on from a hurt, those born under a Moon in Cancer may tend to keep dwelling on them. They may tend to feel taken for granted, and they don’t like to confront others, so they may leave hints about their unhappiness to get your attention. They can become very manipulative in some cases.

They have a delightful sense of humor that borders on the loony and can be amazingly funny. At the same time, they can be moody, which can confuse those who don’t know them well. They may behave erratically at times, but they have a unique angle on life. They are also very affectionate and protective.

When they feel understood, they return the feelings of tenderness and warmth in abundance. They are very dependable, mood swings and all. They are creative and sensitive. If they don’t have their own artistic talents, they have a fine appreciation of the arts. They are vulnerable to the influence of those they spend time with. It may be difficult for them to express their own opinions, rather than just reflect those around them.

In the days of Cancer people are very sensitive and it is easy to offend them. We all become some sort of introverts; we dive down to our inner world. Our inner experiences become more important than the events of the outside world. The moods become volatile, characters – unstable. Stability in the behavior disappears. In the days of Cancer, we can easily be driven by the effects of our internal unconscious impulses, and therefore sometimes we may commit inappropriate actions. For example, in the days of Cancer we will not hesitate to go for the unreasonable risk or sacrifices.
During this period, it is better not to take any serious decisions and not to make any hasty actions. It is necessary to ensure a cozy, comfortable environment. Therefore, the best occupation for the day of Cancer is building of a comfort in the house. This activity does not prevent us from sinking into our inner world, which is bright and colorful.

Here is the true place of the moon, it’s abode, moon is at home. Think of it at the level of an image: how do you feel at home. So is the moon – the master of the sign. Therefore, the moon here is manifesting itself fully in all facets. A person with the moon in Cancer is naturally tuned for the perception of unconscious processes. It is a true mental gift – a person feels the other person, feels his subconscious. Such a person is influenced by his inner world, which means, that for him the internal processes and the influence of the inner world are more important than external events. Such a person is always a bit out of the real relationship, and it is not a mental disorder, not an abnormality.

So, for a person with the moon in Cancer his detachment from the outside world and his attraction to the inner world – are the normal state. This person responds to the cosmic rhythms, and, above all, the phases of the moon, like an indicator, and the fractures of the phases are a real crisis for him. Especially during the transition from III to IV quarter. People with moon in Cancer have a high sensitivity in general to all the cosmic rhythms, so they are often unreasonably nervous, although the situation from the perspective of a less sensitive person, does not give to this any cause.

The perception of such a person is very refined, his senses are very deep, his mind is very flexible and changeable, he is very vulnerable. Often such a person goes into a fantasy world, especially if he is hurt too often, and it is very easy to hurt him, if you do not create for him a comfortable environment, he will go deep into his fantasies. He has a rich inner world, where he have got his own palaces, his castles, even some imaginary people.

Cancers in general, and people with the moon in Cancer in particular, are separating themselves from the others – not much people are allowed in this inner kingdom. Such a person is only open to those, who he absolutely trusts, believes that this people will understand and will not hurt him. Any careless word, a gesture that is not seen by others – the one with the moon in Cancer will notice and will immediately shut his “shell”. The Lunar Cancers are always protecting their inner world from invasion.

A purely external manifestation of Cancer, and especially when the moon is in Cancer or Cancer is strongly pronounced in the natal chart – is a look inside, which means, that the person is not actually looking at you, he is looking inside himself. Thus, even outwardly is reflected the fact, that the scope of his attention is focused on the perception of his inner world, on those processes, that occur within it, rather than on what is outside.

Cancer Moon may be a bit awkward socially, being shy with strangers or when they are in unfamiliar situations. Once they feel more comfortable, they will be more outgoing. They may lack motivation, and be sloppy or disorganized. They don’t like to throw away anything, including unhappy relationships. They do like to get their way, and they often set personal goals for themselves.

Cancer Moon can be very nurturing. They may express this through philanthropy, or through hospitable and compassionate behavior. They are quick to make everyone a part of the family. Emotionally, they can become their own worst enemy. They are prone to be vulnerable and dependent. This may cause them to be overly possessive of their partner. Indifference hurts them deeply, even when it was unintended. They are likely to bottle it up inside, however and not tell anyone.

Domesticity comes naturally to Cancer Moon, and they usually excel at gardening, culinary arts and home decorating. They may be rather finicky eaters, and when upset may use food as a comfort measure. They like to be reassured that they are making the right decisions and when they feel secure and on top of things, they are unbeatable.

The receptive Cancer – moons are sensible, friendly and caring human beings. For them emotional security is more important than material safety. Not only as children, but also as adults have they an ample fantasy. Persons who have a cancer – moon or know others who possess one will realize that cancer – moons are even more sensible than other persons born in the sign of the zodiac cancer. They try to hide their inner selves under a hard skin, appearing cool and unfriendly towards others. They are receptive to emotions and external influences so that their moods change rapidly. Domestic cosines and a comfortable home promote their well-being substantially. Cancer – moons mother their family and friends with great care. Often they select a profession, where they can benefit of those qualities.

Karka Rashi is the fourth zodiac sign in Vedic astrology. This is symbolized by the Crab.

The equivalent zodiac sign in Western Astrology is Cancer.

The Water element is associated with this sign and the planetary ruler is theMoon.

The following Nakshatras come under this Vedic moon sign: Punarvasu (Pada 4), Pushya, Ashlesha.

Personality : Ruled by the Moon, the traits of people born in Kark Rashi are highly unpredictable. Their behavior is easily manipulated by others without their knowledge. This may not match the situation and may not reflect their true persona. They look for directions from others in their day today activities. Sometimes the Karka Rasi tend to be considerate and compassionate. They are endowed with a charisma of their own.

People born in the Kark Rasi are nurturing and love their families. They may seem hard from the outside, but in fact they are very soft and compassionate. They are blessed with the gift of intuition and perception. They are intellectuals who will think a lot before making any decision. They are extremely patient and devoted to their loved ones.

Individuals born in Kataka Rasi will be devoted and determined but will be easily cheated. These people get involved with the wrong people. Their achievements are because of their whole hearted efforts in their endeavors. Emotions need to be kept away from their passion to succeed. But their weaknesses cannot be hidden forever. They are home-bound and likely to run their businesses from home.

Kark Rasi people are likely to put on weight and will have a craving for people and substances. Culinary instincts are natural for these people. They might also be very moody and insecure about their relationships. As they are caring about others, they expect the same treatment in return. If they feel ignored, you can be sure they will go about with a long face. They are also known for their possessiveness and jealousy.

Health: Normally, the Karka Rashi people maintain good physical fitness. Likely ailments are connected with mind such as hypertension as well as with chest and digestive organs. They need to be careful about pressure ulcers that they might develop due to stress and tension. They might also have some lymph gland related issues. Karaka females need to be careful about their breasts.
Finance: Financially the Karka Rasi will have a successful life by their achieving their targets. But their growing ambitions may cause hurdles. They dread any kind of insecurity in the future and will plan their money well. But this might also lead to hoarding and not enjoying their current life. This is one Rasi that will save for the rainy day by saving and budgeting from day one.
Relationships: People born in Karkataka Rashi tend to attract older and more powerful partners. Marriage too will be at a later age than normal. Normally family life will be excellent unless their hidden expectations cause problems. They make excellent romantic partners who will pamper their lovers with gifts, chocolates and flowers. They are dreamers and will go to any extent to please their partners. One will find their homes filled with momentos, albums and other nostalgia filled stuff.

Professions: The Kark Rashi people have an affinity towards water. Sea faring careers like shipping, scuba diving, rafting, sailing will be suitable for them. They also enjoy water sports to a great extent. Suitable professions are as Chefs, Architects, HRD Managers, Lawyers, Police and Marketing Professionals. They are quick to learn languages and can make a lot of money in careers related to travel.

The receptive Karkata are sensible, friendly and caring human beings. For them emotional security is more important than material safety. Not only as children, but also as adults have they an ample fantasy. Persons who have a cancer – moon or know others who possess one will realize that cancer – moons are even more sensible than other persons born in the sign of the zodiac cancer. They try to hide their inner selves under a hard skin, appearing cool and unfriendly towards others. They are receptive to emotions and external influences so that their moods change rapidly. Domestic cosines and a comfortable home promote their well-being substantially. Cancer – moons mother their family and friends with great care. Often they select a profession, where they can benefit of those qualities. They are emotional, caring and responsive by the moon dominated characteristics.

Lovers of home and family, people born under toRashi of Karka are sensitive, emotional, harmony and faithfully. Most have a high priority to the care and to provide shelter and comfort to their loved ones. They are the people who will offer direct and generously their help their own people. As expected, they have a generally good public and social image.

Avoid conflicts as much as possible; it is quiet personalities with good control of their emotions. When faced with a conflict or dilemma will prefer to retreat and take refuge in the safety of the “shell” them, but to address it in person. Despite “all the stubborn determination is one of the greatest strengths of the strong personalities of the sign. They can be quite shy, especially when faced with unfamiliar situations and persons. Once they feel comfortable but can be more expressive and extroverted, sometimes even aggressive.

May surface not seem to have big ambitions, desires and goals, however, they have a depth and intensity. People are wise, attractive, affected very much by women, wealthy, courteous although a bit steep, especially sensitive, travel not favor, keep a skeptical attitude toward things almost like they are in a state of meditation continuously.

In the professional sector, demonstrating management skills and are very good organizers. We often see take care of their colleagues and to have friendly or even family relationships with them. Often they use a personal approach as a successful ploy to make others work. In fact, they do not like at all to rule. Few know that cancers can end up being really sovereign personalities – while maintaining their low profile – at their workplaces.

Relationships – Family – In any relationship, of course, they are loyal and devoted to their partners, giving love and affection both with their words and with material gifts, whenever possible. Within the family they are excellent parents and they love deeply and completely their children. Always proud of their children and try to guide and teach them good manners and morals.

Women Karka: Vulnerable, possessive, emotionally dependent, and demanding women of this Rashi at the mercy of their conflicting emotions. The feeling is their worst enemy! but they are very smart and creative from the time you learn to control the emotional tidal waves.

Men Karka: Men have an obsession with the house, the potential of which includes gardening, cooking, or interest in household furniture. their often very difficult and arduous to be strict and face down for long periods.

How to bring change to your life – The Moon is in her own sign Cancer as it is the owner of this sign it shows a different aspect to a person s emotional responses .They have a large potential to be able to get in touch with the feelings and moods of others. Though they are contained to themselves their memories of the past are outstanding, especially for all emotional things .Cancer Moons hate to throw anything away. Things never appear crystal clear to a Cancerian Moon—it is more like looking through the ripples of a lake, they do not easily let go with their memories. They look for peace and quiet. They can be extremely passive when it comes to extricating themselves from unhappy emotional situations. They may even cling to such situations after they have managed to find happiness elsewhere. They have a very sensitive heart and are quiet, placid, peaceful, gentle, affectionate, and romantic.

Cancerians are sociable, adaptable, imaginative, and emotional and have a changeable temperament. One of the most delightful characteristics of Moon in Cancer people is their loony sense of humor. These people can be extraordinarily funny. Their moodiness can baffle others, but their unique outlook on life is something most people can appreciate.

Domestic, family and home life are important to your emotional well-being.

Women with the Moon in Cancer are said to make ideal spouses and mothers and are capable of occasional intrigue. Many of the natives may delay marriage; perhaps because they are late bloomers. Cancerian women have an inclination towards mysticism also.

Cancerian men make excellent artists, musicians, and poets and some have ability for acting.