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Indian Lunar Zodiac (Rasi): Kumbha – The Container

Symbol: Container / Water Bearer

Planet: Shani (Saturn or Uranus)

Item: Vayu (Air)

Basic Value: Sthira

Colour: Blue, Grey, Black, Light Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple

Lucky Day: Sunday

Positively influenced by: Shukra (Venus), Shani (Saturn), Rahu (North Lunar Node)

Negatively affected by: Mangala (Mars), Chandra (Moon), Brihaspati (Jupiter)

Corresponding Western Astrology: Aquarius

Greatest Gift: Gratitude, Joy

Birthstone: Garnet, Amethyst

Gemstone: Aquamarine, Lapis, Amazonite,Carnelian

Metal: Brass

Zodiac Quality: Fixed

House: 11 th House

Chinese equivalent is the Tiger

Basic Value: Sthira – Stability

The Basic Value Sthira gives the individual determination, strength, stability, loyalty, trust, flexibility and tenacity.
The main objective of the people born under this Sign Aquarius, which is the 11th in the Zodiac calendar, is to improve the world around them and make it a better place to live in. They are humanitarian people in the true sense of the word. These progressive-minded individuals, who follow their intuition and are quick to involve others in their efforts to improve the world, tend to make many friends.
Though they can be cold and unemotional at times, they have a keen sense of justice, and can be mercilessly unbiased. Modern and practical, they love freedom and action, thought and life, and can be great inventors. They are sometimes called eccentrics as they keep changing their views and ideas. They cannot relate to people who do not think like them.
Compassionate, sensitive, intelligent, affectionate and yet aloof, these people are very intuitive. They guard their personal space so carefully that sometimes it is difficult for others to get close to them. Thereby, they can end up being very lonely people. The Aquarius-born are admirers of beauty, and are attractive and gentle people. Their unconventional thinking and creativity may often manifest in their strange and unpredictable behavior. They are forever looking to expand their horizons of knowledge, and their analytical minds also draw them towards science and invention. Though not easily agitated, as they are patient and persevering, the Aquarius-born people are not open to changing their opinions easily. The Aquarius-born can go on to become exceptional scientists and doctors, as they have the ability to analyse and concentrate for long hours. They can also do well in artistic pursuits. Law is another field they can pursue and find expected success. Financial matters never make them worried or anxious. As they often indulge in charity, they are likely to suffer serious financial losses. The Aquarius love their personal freedom and will not tolerate anyone who tries to snatch their space. However, the ones that they do let into their space find them to be very interesting and charming people. Those who fall in love with an Aquarius are most likely to share his/ her artistic and intellectual interests. They like to make everything perfect for their partner. Their approach to love and marriage is logical and intellectual, therefore loving with the mind is their way of being in a relationship. They are accommodating, will compromise and adapt to the nature of their partner. Aquarius-Aquarius, Aquarius-Gemini and Aquarius-Libra make good life partners.

Aquarius Moon is very observant. They love to study human nature and analyze why everyone around them acts the way they do. They are often shy themselves, and may appear a bit detached. If you sit down and talk with an Aquarius Moon, they will probably tell you that they always felt “different” when they were growing up. While they can be sociable, at heart they would rather be on their own. They may have a strong ego, and they’ll do their level best to be unusual. It is not their lot to be mainstream or “fit in.” They can be idealistic and progressive, but they pretend that jealousy, fear and possessiveness don’t exist… that they are somehow above such petty emotions. This may make them appear distant and emotionally unavailable. They can be very stubborn about getting their way. As they get older, they learn to handle themselves better. They feel a strong need for independence at any age. They take great pride in their family, and will often brag of their accomplishments. With their desire to shock those around them, if they grew up in a more conservative household, they will be bragging about how they changed that.

Moon in Aquarius may be prone to temper tantrums when young, even though as they grow they end up feeling that emotions are “messy.” While they can be so good at understanding others’ motivations and behaviors, they often lose touch with their own. This happens because they get too caught up in what they want to achieve rather than what is reality. In the days of Aquarius we want more internal freedom and emancipation. Emotions come alive; they begin to manifest themselves openly and freely. At this point we cannot bear the slightest pressure on ourselves. Internal independence – that’s what the main value becomes for us.
Now we want to pamper ourselves – buy an extra bottle of perfume or something tasty. And we can easily allow ourselves to do it. We want something new, we can easily commit the unexpected actions of some people, in the days of Aquarius we can expect from the others all sorts of quirks.
The main thing these days – not to indulge in anarchy, not to shock people around, trying to assert yourself in your own eyes and wanting to show everyone your freedom and independence. In the days of Aquarius all kinds of reforms are working well, all kinds of experiments and the riskiest projects will go smoothly. Successfully will be implemented all kinds of unexpected ideas and innovations. So it is possible to risk – the risk is justified now. Some people may have a good luck in gambling and lotteries. In these days it is better to see as much people as possible, spend time with friends, colleagues and relatives – a quiet time-spending at home will only make you bored and tired.

The moon is visiting Uranus and Saturn in the sign of the Air. Therefore, moon in Aquarius gives the perception of everything that is associated with freedom, spiritual growth, the unions of people that are close in spirit, the perception of everything new, strange and unusual. The Lunar Aquarius has an intrinsic need for freedom. Freedom can be interpreted in two ways: “freedom for” – which is a Leo’s priority, and “freedom from” – the main idea of Aquarius. “Freedom” – is independence. A person with his moon in Aquarius does not like to give any commitments; he will most likely avoid situations that would limit his freedom. Any situation where it may appear some limitation, is unpleasant for the Lunar Aquarius, and he is dreaming to arrange his life so, that he could be free from everything. This person does not tolerate any intrusion into his private world. Saturn is always a dedicated opposition.
Moon in Aquarius gives faithfulness in friendship, but friendship at a distance. Here we must remember that Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn, which is giving one hand, the selected position (“this is the distance – do not to approach any closer”), and on the other hand, is strengthening the relationships. The connection of spiritual intimacy comes through Uranus, and Saturn gives Lunar Aquarius the strength of that relationship and the distance – simultaneously. In this case, the one with his moon in Aquarius has the impersonal friendly attitude to all people. Such a person can be very paradoxical; here you will see a combination of altruism and self-centeredness. Uranus gives Lunar Aquarius sort of a strange behavior. As long as Uranus is a planet that gives coups and surprises, the inner world of this person is unstable; he is prone to the sudden changes. Therefore, he often will have a mood swings, and for no apparent reason. Here we will always observe moodiness, eccentric character, and a permanent commitment to everything new, love for inventions. Aquarius Moon Sign person is kind and compassionate, though it may tend to be shown more as a broad philosophy rather than in actual actions. While they may seem aloof, in fact they enjoy the eccentricities of those around them, and they feel confident in giving their partners a lot of freedom. Their optimism and friendliness helps them attract lots of friends. When they are unhappy, they tend to focus on their activities to such an extent that those around them have difficulty figuring out that something is wrong.

Aquarius Moon is an intellectual that is both intense and intuitive. They love all aspects of freedom, both on a personal level as well as in the wider sense for humanity. They can work long hours to support a cause they believe in. Playful and childlike, they can have a great sense of humor, but they must be cautious they don’t inadvertently hurt an other’s feelings while trying to be funny. They are great dreamers, preferring to keep their head in the clouds at times. Aquarius Moon can be unreliable about the little details in life, but they are seldom flaky. They are usually loyal and trustworthy and make terrific friends. Criticism can make them stop in their tracks and dig in their heels like a donkey. They expect to be accepted just as they are, even when they are wildly unpredictable. Their charm makes it difficult to remain angry with them for long. The humanistic Aquarius – moons are freedom – loving, original and very empathic in human relationships. Social commitment and the strive for justice take an important place in their live and often make them reformers or revolutionaries. Their personal freedom is always of utmost importance to them. There are only few Aquarius – moons dressed ordinarily, living in common departments or having “normal” hobbies. Neither have they felt inclined to “normal” professions. Aquarius – moons enjoy distinguishing themselves from their environment. With originality and creativity they apply their artistic talents. They have an instinct for new trends and often turn out to be the trendsetters in society. They are emotionally introverted and often still have to learn to express their feelings. Although being very sociable sometimes they stay lonely inside.

The Kumbh Rashi is the eleventh sign in Vedic astrology and corresponds to Aquarius. Ruling planets of Kumbha Rasi areSaturn and Uranus.

Symbolized by the Water Bearer, the lucky colors for this moon sign areBLUE and BLACK.

The Kumbh Rasi consists of Dhanishta (Pada 3, 4), Shatabhisha and Purva Bhadrapada (Pada 1, 2, 3) Nakshatras

Personality : Planet Saturn signifies destiny, constraint and refinement while planet Uranus controls setbacks and disorders in life. These planets make people born underKumbh Rashi unpredictable but still creative and with lot of focus in whatever they do. Lives of these people will be ruled by destiny and there will be remarkable changes. These transformations will be abrupt without any warning because of the influence of Uranus. This also makes them spiritual, imaginative and good at problem-solving. People born under the Kumbha Rasi will be composed and approach life in a philosophical manner. They will remain unfazed by unforeseen and sudden events. Material possessions of others will not interest them and they like them as human beings. Permanent friendships are effortlessly made by these people because of their personal charm and informal outlook. They are intuitive and know what the other person is thinking. They are soft-spoken and not argumentative. But they will stand up for their beliefs and ideals that they know are right. In relationships, the Kumbha Rashi natives require their personal liberty and will not like their partners to be unnecessarily dominant and reliant on them. Their fickleness will make them highly quarrelsome. With their unusual interest in the past and future, they forget to enjoy the present. As they are always thinking ahead, their companions are unable to comprehend their approach to life. The Kumbh Rasi people are endowed with plenty of physical strength and endurance. Their obstinacy will prevent them from overcoming their disagreeable manners and habits. They are highly dogmatic and it will be impossible to make them change their viewpoint.

Health: People born in the Kumbh Rasi are susceptible to problems with nervous system, respiratory organs, legs, bones and joints. The joints like ankles, knees, wrists have high chances of being afflicted at some point of their life. Proper blood circulation is needed for the blood to flow easily through the veins. These people need to be physically fit in order to discharge the extra nervous energy that they possess.

Finance: Monetary position will be excellent for the Kumbha Rashi natives. Unexpected availability of money will be enough to cover all their expenses. They are meticulous and plan their finances well ahead. They do not believe in putting all their eggs in one basket and will invest in different modes of income.

Relationships: Family relationships for the Kumbh Rasi will be below normal as they like to be the dominant partners. They like to enjoy their personal freedom and are not willing to compromise. Since they don’t believe in display of affection, it is very difficult for their partners to guess what they are actually feeling. They are more worried about the well-being of the whole world than their own personal life. They will only settle down with a partner who is mentally stimulating and shares the same level of understanding.

Professions: The Kumbha Rashi natives are known for their innovative and eccentric personality. They will be interested in Astrology, Music, Science and Technology, Medicine and Politics. They will be good with electronic gadgets and their working and modification. They will also make excellent scientists and explorers as they are interested in finding out  and understanding more about the unknown aspects of this universe.

Symbol of humanism and freedom, the Rashi characterizes independent people with tendencies to revolt. Explorers, inventors, visionaries to the point that often become adventurers. The disposal is affected often by financial problems and can be strung in pressure situations, which is not unusual since they have often sudden mental transitions. Nice and pleasant, typically charming personalities with large social circles. But they have very few friends, and the relationships they create through their cycles are usually superficial. They are generous and compassionate with underdeveloped distinction that allows them to see through lies and deception. However affected several of their friends, and so choose very carefully. Generally they tend to be little mystics and isolated from their social context. They are very emotional and usually focus on larger problems, so sometimes puts out one indifference to the feelings of those around them. Generally not very expressive in terms of their inner feelings, so many times to spend some disappointment not understand those around them.

Love – Relationships – Family

In their romantic relationships tend not to focus on their partner and always maintain a vast vision in mind that often absorbs into the relationship. But generally encouraging and supportive in their relations, always ready to help their nearby person. Especially as parents care and love members of their families and contribute to peace in the family with their soothing abilities.

Women Kumbha: Women often develop close and friendly relationship with their children, whom they trust. There is one more traditional mothers in the upbringing. Their interest in business or social affairs can distract them from the normal home life. Often through their relationships experience the experience of grief and frustration.

Men Kumbha: Men exhibit very little jealousy and possessiveness in their romantic relationships, a tendency sometimes interpreted by their comrades as lack of love. Pursue high ideals and spiritual success is often more important to them than the accumulation of material wealth.

Kumbha is a sign of renunciation and sacrifice, at the same time humanitarian and governed by Saturn. It is fixed and airy. Aquarius has this keen ability to see through the core of the matter beyond the false pretense and masquerade. They are soft spoken and have a loving temperament. As the masculine and positive aspect of its ruler, Saturn, Aquarius is deeply interested in social reform. This is why they become socialists and reformers. Kumbha is the most individualistic and single minded sign of the zodiac and this is why if you have to alter Kumbha, you have to do so with sound reason and fair justification. This rashi is not too keen on speculation but they are not without imagination. Kumbha considers himself to be above average and this is why they enjoy honor. They rise to eminence through sheer endeavor and perseverance and many have made it to the top from apparently nowhere. Aquarius is a dedicated, honest and trustworthy sign which expects the same of others. There may be extremes demonstrated in this sign, depending on the placements in their natal chart. Like the nature of water, Kumbha may be temperamental like water which evaporates to become air. They need to guard against being too temperamental which may result in a loss of self-control. The Aquarius is a charismatic, contemporary and forward thinking individual by nature. They are also rebellious, detached and impulsive.

How to bring change to your life

The Moon in Aquarius bestows the person with humanitarian qualities. They like to take care of people and are always willing to lend a comforting hand to people in need. They are idealistic and able to care for the global village but could be a little detached when it comes to those closer to home, paradoxically. They are honest and posses integrity. They do not cheat others and are very reliable partners they are one of those people which are not accused of double crossing ever in their life .they are quick learners and are keen observers of things. They are life-time students of human nature, loving to analyze why people do what they do. They have strong religious beliefs and have philosophical nature. The Moon in Aquarius favors all forms of humanitarian, political, and educational pursuits, exploration in all fields, authorship, and astrology too. Lunar Aquarians can be very willful, especially in childhood. With age, these natives generally learn to handle their strong needs. Their desire for independence is powerful indeed, no matter what their age. . They are generally proud of their family members, boasting just how unique they are. Lunar Aquarians generally give others a lot of personal freedom, and they will tolerate and enjoy all kinds of idiosyncrasies in people around them. they are trustworthy and loyal. They are sometimes very unpredictable people and can do the unexpected surprisingly.