Symbol: alligator – often depicted as half elephant / deer and half fish / Sea-goat

Governor Planet: Shani (Saturn)

Item: Prithivi (Earth)

Basic Value: Cara

Color: Brown, Grey, Black, Metal, Dark Green, Burnt Orange

Lucky Day: Saturday

Positively influenced by: Shukra (Venus), Budha (Mercury)

Negatively affected by: Ketu (South Lunar Node), Brihaspati (Jupiter), Chandra (Moon), Mangala (Mars)

Corresponding Western Astrology: Capricorn

Greatest Gift: Flexibility, Cooperation

Birthstone: Turquoise, Garnet

Gemstone: Onyx, Quartz, Beryl, Garnet,Obsidian

Metal: Gold, Silver

Zodiac Quality: Cardinal

House: 10th House

Chinese equivalent is the Ox

The Makara was in Indian mythology the animal carrying the Ganga, the goddess of the Ganges River.

Basic Value: Cara – Domination

The Basic Value Cara gives the individual characteristics such as vigor, dynamism, energy and leadership.

Capricorn Moon needs to feel useful and productive. They are competent and collected, even when their emotions are churning beneath the surface. They want realistic goals and clear boundaries set. They are not risk takers. They much prefer security and safety and plan ahead for every eventuality.

Capricorn Moon does not deal well with all those messy emotions… they are frightened of dealing with them. While they can have some mood swings and can dip pretty far into the darkness themselves, they don’t like to delve into this side. The Capricorn Moon Sign person is their own worst critic, and they can be really hard on themselves. They often hide their own sensitivity behind a sarcastic demeanor. They are painfully aware of their faults and weaknesses, and try very diligently to compensate for them.

Moon in Capricorn may come across as cold and calculating, but in reality they just don’t feel comfortable letting their feelings hang out in public. They prefer to be organized and efficient; practical to the bone. Those born under this Moon Sign have a strong need to feel worthwhile. They want to be respectable in the eyes of others. Patient and able to endure quite a bit, Capricorn Moon has a big sense of duty. They jump to take responsibility on the job or at home. They may feel that they give more than they get, and it takes a lot for them to learn that others are giving back to them. They need to learn to give affection… they may feel it; they just tend not to show it very well to those they love.

In a relationship, they are often unable or unwilling to see what their partner wants or needs. They tend to worry and find it difficult to relate to those who have different values and opinions. They have a hard time discussing their own problems. It is rare that they feel relaxed and content within themselves. They fear rejection. Unless everything is outlined clearly, they feel insecure. It may take them a long time to find someone to trust and love. They mellow with age as competition isn’t so important and can genuinely be a lot of fun as they get older.

Emotions are gone to the background. Now here comes the time for a sense of duty and responsibility. In those days in all our actions, we take in the account only the considerations of expediency and we strongly reject any fleeting desires and whims. For example, coming into the store in the days of Capricorn, we will not in any way get seduced by a beautiful trinket or an extra portion of ice cream. We will buy only what we urgently need at the moment – say, a loaf of bread and a packet of washing powder. We will most likely pass the counter with cosmetics and perfumes without much interest, unless we urgently need a piece of soap or toothpaste.

During these days, people may become indifferent and even cruel to each other, because the capacity for empathy and sensitivity to the troubles and problems of the others is significantly reduced.

However, the same can be bravely stated not only about the strangers’ emotions but also about our own. In the days of Capricorn, we are not inclined to have much mercy not only to the others but also to ourselves.

At this time we are much more obeying to the logical mind. And so it is best to engage in some professional activities, that are not related to art and creativity, and require accuracy, precision and strict adherence to the duty. It is useful in these days to bring things in order in your workplace, to put everything on the right shelves, to arrange all your belongings and categorize them.

Here the moon is in the Earthly sign – it is a guest of the Saturn – Capricorn’s ruler. A person with the moon in Capricorn in any situation will perceive only those aspects of it that will lead him to his desired goal. Any situation unconsciously, will be considered in relation to its purpose. The perception of such a person will be very well concentrated. The development of the unconscious processes, the inner world in such a person will go pretty hard, so the Lunar Capricorns are generating their emotional reactions quite late, comparing to the other signs.

Such a person unconsciously do not want to exercise his spiritual, inner states, he is sometimes almost ashamed, that he is feeling bad or upset, and he do not wish the others to notice. This is happening because the moon is visiting Saturn, which is limiting the expression of anything; all emotional events will remain inside. Therefore, the external impression of the Lunar Capricorn is contradicting to his moods – people often think, that he is insensitive and even rude, although internally he may be very vulnerable. He does not disclose his subconscious, it is compressed and some sort of limited.

The suffering of these people is usually not noticed by anyone, because they are deeply hidden. The Lunar Capricorns often may create a set of artificial problems that are sometimes completely unrelated to the outside world. And, because they consider any situation from the perspective of their goal, then anything that does not contribute to this achievement, will most likely be discarded. This can be called a domestic austerity, when everything superfluous is dropped, and a person is focuses only on a specific program of actions. That’s why most of the Lunar Capricorns have such a strong will and determination. The moon in Capricorn was in the natal charts of Caesar, Khomeini, and Lenin.

Capricorn Moon likes to get their own way. They can be ambitious and strong of will, especially as it helps their own career. They like the spotlight, and do well in public positions. Often very intelligent, they have a great respect of knowledge, and they know how to use it to their benefit. They do have a problem with holding anger and resentment deep inside, and can actually cause illness or depression within themselves because they don’t deal with their feelings.

Moon in Capricorn is dignified and tenacious. They are able to concentrate well, and do not like to be idle. They can motivate others. When they do lose control, you might as well be standing in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius. Luckily, this doesn’t happen very often.

The ambitious Capricorn – moons are reserved, careful and perseverant. They wish to get somewhere in life, therefore they persecute their objectives with great diligence, calm and tough sometimes close to doggedness. They are so disciplined, that they dispense of short-term compensations in favor of long-term objectives and professional success. Taking into account their sense for order and organization on one hand, their sense for money and power on the other hand the preconditions for advancement are given and good. In their relationships they are faithful and reliable; they have formed a hard peel around their emotions though, so that their partners often have to draw everything out of their nose. Brooding, melancholy and a tendency towards lone wolf ship have been put in their cradle. They should learn to relax and approach things with tranquility, so that they can enjoy their own successes.

Makar Rashi is the tenth zodiac sign in Vedic Astrology whose equivalent star sign is Capricorn.

The ruler of Makara Rasi is planet Saturn or Shani.

It is symbolized by the Sea Goat and element Earth.

The lucky color for this Vedic moon sign is RED, WHITE & BLUE.

The Makar Rasi inlcudes the Uttarashada (Pada 1, 2, 3), Shravana, Dhanishta (Pada 1, 2) Nakshatras.

Personality : Saturn, the ruler of Makar Rashi symbolizes long life, restraint and organization. People born under Makara Rasi are industrious and determined to achieve success. They become very good leaders with high planning and managing capabilities. They are always ready to take up more responsibilities and powerful positions.

Status and reputation means a lot to people born under the Makar Rasi. They are very ambitious and hard-working and strive to be the best in their jobs. They have a strong will power and reasonable in their dealings. They always follow rules and regulations and never harm anyone intentionally. They are disciplined and responsible when it comes to responsibilities.

The childhood of Makara Rashi is a difficult period starting with problems at birth. There are two contradictory facets to their personality, one of abstinence and another of self-indulgence. They are perpetually worried about their character or look which will hamper their progress in life. They become diffident and apprehensive. Their self-indulgence may demolish them. With age, they come to terms with these contradictory traits.

The Makar Rasi can be highly aggressive and they are always thirsty for accomplishment. Their thinking is limited to the job on hand and sometimes they tend to be lazy.

The Makara are sticklers of convention and they will be happy with people who make them feel superior. Their happiness lies in acquiring concrete materialistic objects. In marriage, they prefer to be the boss of the relationship. They want to be familiar with all the social norms and their behaviour and deeds are based on these standards.

Health: The Makara Rasi have issues with skin allergies, rashes and itching. Their discipline will keep them light in weight. Normal health problems are connected to teeth, skin and bones. Decaying teeth and gum infection might be a reason for worry. They need to have enough calcium to ensure that they don’t suffer from fractures or osteoporosis.

Finance: Financial planning is a strong point of the Makar Rashi. Monetary position grows steadily with age and they will accumulate everything required for the house. They usually do not believe in showing off their wealth. Instead they save for the rainy day which at times is equivalent to hoarding. They plan their expenses and income well in advance and are not dependent on anyone for money.

Relationships: By nature the Makara Rasi are committed to their loved ones. Their family life will be excellent. They are not the kinds who will show their love in public. They are slow to open up but make steady and dependable partners. They believe more in making their partner financially secure rather than passionate display of affection. But at times their addiction towards work might affect their personal life.

Professions: The Makar Rashi people are practical and down-to-earth. They will succeed in the areas of Jewelry, Architecture, Marketing, Fine Arts and Computers. They are very serious and meticulous in their work. Professions associated with detailing will be suitable for them. They are slow workers but their precision is something that is not seen in any other zodiac sign. Investing consultancy, accountancy, law and welfare, politics will be excellent job options for the Makar Rasi.

Makara has a unique aspect about them – they are extremely original, something one is not likely to come across in other signs. The inviolate will of this planet unfolds after a long, long time, representing the nature of karma that is slow to unveil. This is why the natives of Saturn are among the most feared, and not without reason. The wrath of Saturn is tremendous, as is their ability to bless and reward. Saturn is the jury and judge of the cosmic world, and their decrees are just and deserving. The dispensation is unanimous and without partiality. Generally, Saturn is seated cool and aloof from the crowd, with dignity and reserve. Capricorn knows too well what it means to have little knowledge or missing out on the details. They never go for anything until it is completely understood. The goal of this sign is to learn things in all their detail; superficial gloss will come off in the long run. Once they are interested in a subject, they will not stop until it is entirely learned. These are tireless individuals who will hardly yield before failure or an impediment. If anything is to be believed or trusted, it is first verified from all ends. They are hardworking, capable and ambitious with serious and disciplined behavior but they can get a little meticulous due to this.

With very strong sense of responsibility, people born in the sign of Makara represent the working and responsible side of life.

Generally calm to the point of coldness, meticulous and persistent in their obsession with productivity is often a step above their counterparts. Impressive and confident, is hardworking and honest, they have a soft heart and an obsession for quality. Most of them are blessed with a deep wisdom, understanding and stability of thinking from an early age.

However, this does not make them boring – even if sometimes a little slow to bloom. Often born with the wisdom of mature adult and as they grow older they tend to “reset” in childhood. So, you may find a young representative of the sign bit boring, tedious or weaker than their peers, to notice that work more nights and is reluctant to go out. However, when you pass 30, you may see a change in the whole of his behavior. This is when you dietetic lively and spectacular side.

It is personalities that are characterized by their tendency to worry, and their need for structure and formality. It is difficult to keep contact with people who do not share the opinions and values. Unwilling or unable to discuss their problems, but it is quite willing to help with the problems of others.

The people born under the constellation that have a common sense and a lot of ambition. And in the lower social stratum be born will reach high. They have courage and face the difficulties. They will have many enemies and theirs will often change their opinion. They are individuals rigid and do not listen to the advice of others. Will be at risk from some point in their lives in substantial economic loss.

In emotionally not very expressive in their partner, they take time to open. Exercise rigorous review and want their partners to adapt to the requirements and their want. Although willing to fulfill the responsibilities for a relationship, they are often unable or unwilling to understand what really wants the other person or what the real needs. Very rarely they are easy to express their deepest emotional nature and feel relaxed. Fear of rejection is strong. Anything unclear or vague in a relationship, whether professional or personal, they make them feel very insecure. They need to know where and where they clicked. Everything must be suitable, properly and legally. When it comes to matters of love and marriage may take more time to find someone who can love and trust.

Women Makara: Women are likely to be quite ambitious at the expense even of their personal life. More interested in acquiring material wealth and social status and as loaded with too many responsibilities, they may lose the joy and satisfaction of relationships. They are excellent managers.

Men Makara: Men have difficulty relating to women. Their relations with the females can be very formal and avoid the warmth and closeness of the link you have can be so tight and keen to work in a way that makes the relationship be paralyzed. They take great patience and understanding.

How to bring change to your life

When Moon is placed in Capricorn in the birth chart it gives the person management skills. The people born under this moon sign are intelligent and are also manipulative. They have the skill to get the work done. They lack sympathy and have a kind of a selfish nature. They are practical in life and have a sense of responsibility to others. The natives have an earthy practicality, giving dependence and a sense of responsibility towards those around them. They have dignity and tenacity and a realistic vision of the world. They do their work with full concentration and are active too. They do not like to sit idle and are always planning thing ahead of their time.

They have far sight and are very speculative.

The Moon in Capricorn favors positions of executive, administrative, public and organizational positions and commercial pursuits. They are productive and are eve ready for a healthy competition.

Lunar Capricorns look for safety and security in most everything they do. They can have plenty of mood swings and sometimes show dark emotions. They keep their emotions under control. Capricorn is the sign of organization and efficient management; so, when the Moon is found in the sign, the world of emotions is well-managed and handled in an efficient and practical manner.

They are well respected in their circle and people take the advice given by them seriously.