Symbol: Ram

Planet: Mangala (Mars)

Item/Zodiac Element: Tejas (Fire)

Basic Value: Cara

Color: Red, Scarlett,White, Pink

Lucky Day: Tuesday

Greatest Gift: Motivation, Success

Birthstone: Diamond, Aquamarine

Gemstone: Amethyst

Metal: Gold, Bronze

Zodiac Quality: Cardinal

House: 1st House

Chinese equivalent is the Dragon

Positively influenced by: Brihaspati (Jupiter), Surya (Sun)

Negatively affected by: Shukra (Venus), Chandra (Moon), Shani (Saturn), Budha (Mercury), Rahu (North Lunar Node)

Basic Value: Cara – Domination

The Basic Value Cara gives the individual characteristics such as vigor, dynamism, energy and leadership.

Compatibility: They are compatible with Rashi: Dhanusha, Kumbha, Mithuna and Simha, with to Simha Rashi is superior as a combination.

People born under the Zodiac Sign Aries (Mesha), the first Sign of the Zodiac calendar, represent the raw energy of life itself. Impulsive, spontaneous and often self-centered, this Sign is symbolic of the innocence and egocentricity of a new born. This Sign is also symbolized by the Ram. Always fearless and brave almost to a point of foolishness, people born with the Zodiac Sign Aries live their lives on their own terms, often unwilling to compromise on their beliefs, ideals and ideas.
Truth is when these enthusiastic individuals set out to accomplish something; they ensure they achieve it, come what way. However, there is problem here! When their unbridled enthusiasm backfires, they lose interest just as quickly as they had gained it. Thus, no one begins like an Aries, but when it comes to maintaining the tempo till the end, many an Aries fail. Often where angels fear to tread, these high-spirited, energetic and optimistic individuals are willing to start. They take on difficult projects and challenges with an adept enthusiasm.
The Aries also tend to react in a physical way to everything, which may, at times, make them seem overbearing and dominating. The good thing is, however, that the frustration and anger are quickly forgotten, and the Aries becomes that lovable child yet again. The Aries, in fact, have an emotional and passionate nature, owing to which they are liable to make strong reactions, but they hardly mean wrong. The loving nature of the Ram inspires and flatters others, but it is their impatience and impulsiveness, which also puts off other people.
Charismatic, courageous and friendly that they are, the Aries can become extraordinary leaders, provided they learn to be diplomatic and patient. After all, it takes a lot of focus to be a great leader. Also, when it comes to dealing with too many details and concentrating on a particular project/ task for a long period of time, the Aries often fail to handle it. They lose interest very easily, which may hamper their career growth. In fact, since Aries have a tendency to keep experimenting, which may lead them to get into wrong places; they should figure out what’s best for them right in the beginning.
Active, fiery Aries also have a tendency to bite off more than they can chew. Before taking something apart, they don’t stop to wonder if they can put it back together. Besides, they constantly require others to motivate them to get going and do their best, and when they don’t get it, they blame others for not being supportive and encouraging. But the fact is, it is an excuse for their own idleness and unwillingness to find a driving force.
Although many Aries don’t seem romantic initially, they will profess undying love for their beloved – a promise they are most likely to keep, provided their beloved keeps the Aries fire going. Aries make caring partners, but at times they might expect too much from their life partner. This will be more so in the case of Aries men than the Aries women who tend to settle down more easily. As for the Aries men – they don’t like waiting for things.

They are impatient. They live for the moment, forgetting all else. Instant gratification is their middle name. They are passionate and have no qualms about sharing how they feel. At the same time, they can be very independent. They don’t like to take no for an answer. They have the self-confidence to put themselves out there and they want to make a strong impression. Subtle does not describe this Sign. They are well-suited to meeting challenges that may destroy lesser people. They are clever and often approach their situations with a novel angle. Occasionally there are the few who may blame everything on other people.

Aries Moon takes everything personally, but they don’t hold grudges. If they feel slighted they will burst out angrily and let those responsible know about it. Their emotions can rapidly change, and they can throw some spectacular tantrums. These emotional outbursts are usually over as quickly as they started. They don’t normally take any time to consider the consequences of their actions. They seem to be able to just shrug off anything that goes wrong and keep going. They tend to calm down as they get older.

Moon Sign Aries gets bored easily. They have been accused of causing confrontations just to keep things interesting. If you live with a Moon in Aries person, keep this in mind. It may make it easier to deal with the drama that is bound to occur. They like to get their own way, and can resent any authority besides their own. At their worst, Aries Moon can be overconfident, aggressive, self-indulgent and foolhardy. At their best, they can be inspiring, kind, sympathetic, generous and tireless for a cause.

At this time, people are more prone to conflicts, than in the other days. Emotional stress increases, there is a lot of hot temper and impulsive. Exactly in the days of Aries so many people are showing courage and commitment to the rapid actions and extreme situations. The most charming person in the days of Aries may suddenly become harsh and rude. At this time, it is easier for us to cut the problem, that was disturbing us for a long time or to throw off the hated burden, to get rid of annoying load that is preventing our free and easy living. But keeping in mind the heightened emotional intensity of these days, we should try to strengthen our self-control and show restraint to minimize the possibility of stress.
In the days of Aries we must free ourselves from the important things, difficult or demanding and stressful work, and also from the physical exercises. In these days it is unlikely that you will succeed in business. It is best to spend these days having a good rest.

Mesh Rashi is the first zodiac sign in Vedic Astrology whose equivalent is Aries.

The ruler of Mesha Rasi is planet Mars. It is symbolized by the Ram and element Fire.

The lucky color for this Vedic moon sign is RED.

Indian lunar zodiac (Rashi): Mesha – The Ram

This Rasi inlcudes the Ashwini, Bharani and the first Pada of the Krittika Nakshatras.

PersonalityTop of FormBottom of Form: By nature a person born in the Mesha Rashi is diplomatic and magnetic. Hence people will have faith in what they say. They will have a dynamic personality and will like to be in control of situations always. Their bravery will make them take up challenging and risky jobs. The Mesha Bhavishya Rasi predicts that they will do well in jobs which require lot of action and enthusiasm. Their charming and energetic nature is excellent for activities that require leadership skills.

By mood Mesh people are cheerful and keep everyone in high spirits. They have captivating traits and attract people of the opposite sex effortlessly. Their innovative and original ideas form the foundation for many successful projects. They think well when they are physically active rather than sitting in one place and breaking their head over a problem. They will have the strength to conquer their enemies by their bravery.

The Mesha Rasi people tend to overreach without taking into account their limitations because of their enthusiasm. Their impatience will make it difficult for them to remain focused in a particular project. They lose steam midway in most of their projects. Being impulsive people, you can expect the Mesh Rashi to execute weird and out of the world ideas.

Mesh Rashi individuals have a wavering mind which requires to be stabilized. This mental instability will induce unnecessary tension. Mars makes them aggressive in their behavior. Their love for dominating over others can prove to be detrimental to their progress. These people can prove to be headstrong and stubborn who are just not ready to listen to anyone’s advice. Short temper and lack of patience needs to be checked.

Health: There is hardly any serious threat to the Mesh Rashion the health front. Minor ailments like migraine headaches, fever, injury to head and insect bites are likely. Some knee related ailments too are predicted. Acne and pimple scars may haunt them along with added rosacea.

The Mesham people have to take suitable foods which will not aggravate their temperament. They also need to make sure to control their weight and not overeat rich food. Their emotional weakness will create problems with their nervous system in old age. This can be avoided by resorting to relaxation techniques from the beginning of their lives.

Finance: The Mesh Rashi people will have no problem with earning money but they are unable to save it for the rainy day. Unless they inculcate the habit of saving money, they will be struggling financially. The moment they have money in hand, they tend to blow it up shopping or loaning it to some needy person.

Relationships: The Mesha Rasi have a loving nature and their family life will be excellent. But they will need to control their forceful temperament that can spoil the harmony in relationships. They love being the boss in all relationships which might not go down very well with their partners.

Professions: People born in Mesha Rashi are very good thinkers but lag behind when it comes to execution of their projects. They excel in their professions in spite of continuous stress. Careers suitable for them should be exciting and full of adventure. They will make good planners, administrators and managers, army service and guides in the travel industry.

Born with the Moon in Aries

Aries is ruled by Mars. This sign belongs to the element of Fire, so people with the moon in Aries are unconsciously set up for the combat situations and high level of stress; they are very sensitive to everything rude and sharp. In life, you will notice that this person is often under the influence of critical, emergency situations (although he was not looking for them). Why is this happening? Because the moon of this person is in Aries, he most likely will be subconsciously searching for those situations where he can feel this tension. In any situation, he will unconsciously perceive those aspects that are related to the struggle, active actions, overcoming, grippers, the desire to achieve the goal with one huge strike, volitional impulses.

Accordingly, a person’s character will also be colored with the features of Mars, then there will be a keen, sharp perception, such a person would be impulsive, quick-tempered, even rude, in some cases, although it is not actually rudeness itself, but more likely – the immediacy and disinhibiting of self-expression. These people fall in love easily, and because the Moon shows our perception and how we are influenced by the external environment, and also because the form of manifestation is ruled by Mars (very active), some idealization is peculiar to these people.
Any planet that is standing in a sign of Aries will always have some particular color: there would always be a “black and white” perception. Semitones here almost never an issue in this case. Therefore, the idealism here is not of a “water” nature, not intuitive, but it is the idealism of the extreme estimates. Such a person on a subconscious level, shows the determination, courage, risk tolerance, love for fighting, for aggression. Yet it may be noted that such a person will emphasize self-confidence, and thus, he will be reflecting willingness for the extreme situations.

Moon Sign Aries has a problem differentiating between a need and a want. If they want it, they feel they need it with all their being. This can be a problem for overspending or other vices. They are charming, even when they are in the midst of a personal crisis that has all their friends scrambling to help. In the middle of these frequent “crises,” they seldom feel any concern over the needs of others.

On the good side, the Aries Moon isn’t likely to sulk if they don’t get their way. They also play it straight… they don’t go for manipulating others through guile or deception. They have an aura of innocence around them. They can achieve what many other people want, but don’t take the chance to get. They like the idea of having power, and will probably handle it fine, if a little heavy handed.

Impatient, ambitious, vigorous, stubborn and full of energy. They take their decisions “on a gut level”. They are happy, optimistic, and positive and can give impulse to their environment. Mostly they dispose of excellent management qualities and with their ambition and energy they go far. They have a tendency towards impatience and they easily get bored with routine tasks. They permanently seek new challenges and adventures. If they do not succeed the first time, they may react with anger, but then they begin the next project. They easily upset their fellow human beings, because they do not only express their positive feelings immediately and don’t let off steam. Sorrow, suffering and anxieties they hide from themselves and from others; they should learn to admit also these feelings and to live them. They are independent, assertive and courageous. They love to be the best at everything they do.

Mars is the lord of Aries therefore when moon is placed in Aries it shows sheer determination to reach the goals. The people born under this moon sign are attracted to other passionate, physical and active people. They are straight, with no hidden agenda; they have quick thinking, instantaneous and get bored with minor practical details. Due to its Fire Sign aspect they are quick tempered and are often ignited by their impatience. As quick as they are to anger, they are just as quick to forget. They are like aggressive Ram with a soft corner as of a gentle lamb.

Aries Moon signs natives may not be as intuitive as other signs but they have the desire to succeed. Aries, relentlessly pursue their desires with the passion and energy of impatience. They are masters of their own success or failure in life. The guiding forces of Aries are: persistence, aggressiveness, impulse, originality in thought and action, quick temper and impatience. Aries Moon Signs have the reputation of action that can be motivated by instant gratification. Aries have a warm heart and they try there level best to comfort people who are in need.

To sum up they are: Quick to anger, Very Impulsive, Accident prone, Decisive

Needs independence, Sexually Adventurous, Selfish in personal matters

People born under this sign usually have a fairly elevated confidence, often they consider themselves better. They are known for their zeal and enthusiasm. Anxious and impatient, they are fast, direct and sometimes unstable in their psychology. When angry react strongly and carelessly, but easily forget about the reason why angry and go below.

Their leadership skills are impressive. Most have a burning desire to start something themselves, to make “things happen.” Known pioneers of the Zodiac, and many times, is their brave journey into untraded paths helps them to emerge victorious. For these people it is difficult to accept the responsibilities and the drudgery of daily routine. The strong personalities of Rashi show energy and dynamism, as well as an innate gift that allows them to persuade and to lead people effortlessly.

They take quick decisions; they are ambitious and quite hawkish, and business and resourceful. Always in a position of power and they tend to dominate and to exaggerate. They lose patience quickly and their eyes and are particularly sensitive. It is also frequent among people of the sign, fear or even dislike for water.

In their relations are loyal and affectionate companions. When you fall in love will not sit waiting, will rush immediately and will express their feelings without a second thought. The most affectionate of them tend to care for and pamper their loved ones too much sometimes. Frustrated and react very strongly when they suspect that the interest and love have no response.

Women Mesha – Women can often be aggressive in love to an extent that is not charming but also in many other situations that require more delicate handling. However, they are emotionally able to win many challenges.

Men Mesha – Men can often expect too much from their partner and show very little their romantic side, but is emotionally equipped with an entrepreneurial spirit and this makes them often have a unique smart and original approach.

General personality with this Moon always finds a way to accomplish their goals. These people are destined to become the masters of their success or failure in life. Some of them enjoy this challenge, others too easily shed their mistakes in everyone else.

How to bring change to your life

The Moon in Aries is in a domicile (of Mars) that is not congruent to her nature. It has the keyword “desire”. In this position, Aries have quick thinking, with a love of the instantaneous and get bored with minor practical details. Straight, with no hidden agenda, Aries have a warm heart spreading out to those who need comfort. The guiding forces of Aries are: persistence, aggressiveness, impulse, originality in thought and action, quick temper and impatience. Those of you who have Moon in the house of Aries are likely to be spontaneous and excitable. You would also be hostile in your expression of anger. You may be prone to irritation at times. You are very self-reliant. You want to have everything for yourself. You are self-disciplined, and cannot be disciplined by others.
People either like you or hate you because of your impulsive behavior. You like taking charge, and will end up in a position of authority in your career. You are a natural leader. You set the pace and terms for yourself, and will choose your own vocation or career.
The relationship between you and your parents or authorities may be difficult. There would be a lack of both sympathy, and communication there. The Moon in Aries relates you with adventures, independence and military life. You may be attracted to the study of the occult, or mysticism.
Aries are enterprising and in the long run, they must learn to control their impulses, for a combination of excessive confidence, tendency to overreach and insufficient forethought can lead to their downfall. These people are flirtatious, adventurous, intrigue-seeking and quest-oriented.