Symbol: Lion

Planet: Surya (Sun)

Item: Tejas (Fire)

Basic Value: Sthira

Color: Gold, Orange, Yellow, White, Red

Lucky Day: Sunday

Positively influenced by: Mangala (Mars), Surya (Sun), Rahu (North Lunar Node)

Negatively affected by: Shukra (Venus), Budha (Mercury), Ketu (South Lunar Node)

Greatest Gift: Confidence, Passion

Birthstone: Peridot, Ruby

Gemstone: Peridot

Metal: Gold

Flower: Gladiolus

Zodiac Quality: Fixed

House: 5th House

Chinese equivalent is the Monkey

Basic Value: Sthira – Stability

The Basic Value Sthira gives the individual determination, strength, stability, loyalty, trust, flexibility and tenacity.

Those born under the Zodiac Sign Leo (Simha), the fifth Sign in the Zodiac calendar, are represented by the mighty Lion. The proud kings of the Zodiac, the Leo are assertive, strong and proud. Self-confident and courageous, they will hardly embark on a mission, if they do not see themselves on the top at the finish. Argument or failure to acknowledge their worth invokes sharp reactions from them. These honest and charismatic individuals are often generous to a fault. Affectionate and often theatrical in their behavior, the Lions’ gregarious personalities easily stand out in a crowd. Plus, such is their persona that they rarely fail to make an impression! In fact, leaving a lasting impression on people’s minds is a task they handle only too well, given the charisma they radiate. Leo are an ambitious lot, and their strength of purpose allows them to accomplish their goals. In their journey towards their goals, they may, however, become too fast-paced, overconfident or overbearing that they may lose their focus. Although most of the Lions are outspoken, loud and brash, they are generous to the core. Their bluntness may many times offend people, but they try and make up for it by being chivalrous and caring. Lions are blessed with a strong aesthetic sense, not only with regard to the possessions, but also with the environment around them. The Leo-born are courteous and diplomatic, especially whenever the situation demands so. However, they are easily attracted to the rich, the bold, the famous, and the beautiful, and are easily seduced by material wealth and luxury. True to their symbol, they believe in leading a grandiose lifestyle! Give any Leo the best chair to sit on (possibly facing the wall mirror) when at home and the proverbial limelight with plenty of lights glowing – and you will have a purring and tamed big cat in front of you!
For the same reasons, professionally not suited for any lowbrow job, Lions do quite well in white-collar jobs, particularly as leaders or managers. A Lion’s career graph may go upwardly, provided they choose the right field to be in. Addicted to a comfortable life, they see to it that they manage to earn enough to meet the needs. Dignified, strong, well-organized and idealistic, Lions’ have this sense of power that allows them to get things done and even inspire others. The Lions’ creativity, idealism, leadership, boundless enthusiasm, ambition are their greatest assets. They are outgoing, confident and have generosity of spirit and a determination to succeed coupled with tremendous energy. Sometimes they may be vane and bossy to be regal, but regardless of appearance, they are also decisive, intensely proud and wonderfully romantic. Lions are status conscious, but at the same time, they are warm-hearted and want everyone to be happy. They wine, dine and shower expensive gifts and roll out the red carpet all the way for their lover. Ideal life partners are found among Leo – Leo, Leo – Aries, Leo – Sagittarius and Leo -Aquarius pairs. However, if the married life should be as smooth sailing, the Leo will have to be less domineering and treat spouse as equal.
Leo Moon likes to be the center of attention… when they are comfortable in the situation. They may do a lot of entertaining at home and they have a great sense of comic timing. Those born with the Moon in Leo are talented organizers, and may bring that out to the point of trying to organize and control their friends and family. They want to create and entertain… although they may end up being too lazy to actually put things together as often as they would like. Their natural bossiness helps them be good at delegating chores to others, although deep down they really want to treat others fairly.

Leo Moon needs a lot of love to do well in the world. They can be overly dramatic if they feel slighted, and they are prone to sulking. Luckily, they prefer to perform their scenes in the privacy of their home. Public displays may hurt their image. They would rather appear dignified in public, since social status is everything. They may be a bit vain or snobbish, but they are very loyal.

They are usually popular and sociable, and they have a lot of integrity. Their sense of justice is strong, and they are usually easy to reason with. They are passionate, but may tend towards exaggeration. They can get so caught up in a moment that they may do or say things that later won’t be remembered. They can be generous to a fault; in fact, it can become overwhelming to the recipient at times. They can’t stand ingratitude, so if you are the one being showered with generosity, express your thanks.

Pride is Leo Moon’s downfall. Their ego pushes them to take charge of everything, which may make them appear domineering. They are attracted to power and status. Stubbornness is a trait that helps them get what they want. At the same time, they can be very idealistic and make great personal sacrifices if they believe in a cause.

They are protective of their own and others’ freedoms. In a relationship, they may be on the jealous side, even if they are not really possessive. When they go through a break-up, they may feel more pain to their ego rather than their heart.

Days of Leo are giving everyone a light, cheerful mood. It seems to us, that we are capable of almost anything and the world is at our feet. We would like to be praised by everyone and receive compliments. In these days, if you will give a good word to others – you will certainly get the same respond.
Those days are good for holidays and fun. If you would like your presentation or party to succeed, organize it in Leo’s day. It is advisable to dress smartly and to go somewhere, where there is a lot of people and prevails the festive atmosphere: a theater, a concert, a visit. In those days, people give particular attention to the exterior: be sure, the way you look will be noticed. So do not be lazy if you want to make a favorable impression.

Leo is a fire sign, managed by the sun. Here the moon is visiting the sun, so the person with the moon in Leo will have a revealed subconscious, because the sun makes the disclosure, identifies those features that are most manifest. The sun shows the inner world, so the moon that is “visiting” the sun, reveals our wishes and desires. A person with the moon in Leo in any situation will perceive those aspects of it, and it will be configured for such a situations, in which he can unleash his inner world. Therefore, any situation in life he sees in terms of opportunities to show his personality, the possibility of creativity.

Here comes the tendency to some dramatization. Such a person is always an unconscious actor. In the worst case he will have the features of theatrical, bombastic person. In extreme cases it is strongly expressed steroid, which means, that a person begins to slander a perfectly ridiculous things saying that he allegedly committed some indiscretions, crimes, or telling stories, and in this time he quite sincerely believes in what he says. This is due to the fact that people with moon in Leo are experiencing very strong unconscious desire to draw others to their inner world and to draw people into their sphere of experiences. So they tend to unconsciously organize their lives so, that people will sympathize them, and if that fails, the Lunar Leo will try to ensure it with some artificial means. Because here the moon is in the house of sun and the sun always has a tendency to stand in the center, and everything else has to revolve around it.

The moon in the house of the sun appears as if through a prism and has a solar features. The Lunar Leos are trying to put their subconscious, their inner world, their experiences at the center and other people have to revolve around these experiences. In the worst case (as we mentioned) – it is a steroid. At best, this will give the gift of acting, charm, as the secrets of the charm are exactly in the revealing of subconscious, in the ability to share the personal experiences.

The Leo Moon Sign may be graced with artistic ability, or they may just be interested in the arts in some fashion. They have a natural air of authority coupled with dignity. Leo Moon is not a big risk taker unless they know they’ll come out on top. They don’t like to fail in front of others.

Those born under the Moon Sign Leo do not take advice well, though they are happy to give it. They have a lot in common with the cat… they feel they are always right and no one should tell them what to do. They may be materialistic, but they accept responsibility with grace and honor. They can face adversity without falling apart, and when fortune smiles upon them, they are always willing to share.

The proud Leo – moons are charming, merry people; they are always happy and often dispose of managerial qualities. The radiate power and natural warmth, they are generous and cordial. In turn they like to be recognized and admired. Therefore they know very well how to put themselves in scene. They don’t appreciate criticism, since it would hurt their pride – which sometimes comes close to arrogance. Above all female Leo – moons dispose of sleeping creative capabilities, which they should put into practice in the arts. Leo – moons can be very dominant, even dictatorial, but they possess a good, great and above all, a loving heart: loving and being loved is their motto. Once they have made friends with somebody, they become very faithful friends and partners. But, even though they enjoy flirting themselves, they don’t accept it in their partners.

Simha Rashi is the fifth zodiac sign in Vedic astrology.

It corresponds to the Leo sign.

The ruling planet of Simha Rasi is theSun.

The Simha Rasi is symbolized by theLion and ruled by the element FIRE.

This Rashi comes under Magha, Poorva Phalguni and Uttara Phalguni (Pada 1) Nakshatras.

The lucky colors for the Simh Rashi are REDGOLDEN and ORANGE.

Personality: The Simha Rashi people are quite sociable and with their friends. They are not dominating in their behavior with their loved ones. They are known for their positive attitude and optimistic outlook towards life. They love socializing and are the center of attraction in any party or gathering.

Friends who will make them feel superior will be showered with their generosity and affection. Advice from others will not be encouraged and will be an affront to their ego. They are selective in making friends but enter into long lasting friendships. Honesty and frank communication mark their friendships.

Normally Simha Rasi traits show that they have plenty of force and zeal which converts into performance when they are interested in a particular project. They are honest and quick but tend to be lethargic and rash at times. In their eagerness to do things they end up in overvaluing things and spend excessively.

Physically the Lions are bestowed with a good body with lot of strength. Their obstinacy will be an impediment to overcome any negative traits but will help them to accomplish success in life. They are endowed with very good endurance and leadership qualities that will motivate others to perform.

People born in Simha Rashi try to dictate others and their word will be the last word on everything. Sun symbolizes ego and determination. This aspect of their character will make them scheming personalities who like to usurp all powers. Ego and determination will be evident in all facets of their character.

Health: Digestive disorders are likely for people born under theSimha Rashi. Other problems can be work related stress, cardiac illnesses and backache. Heart illnesses can be avoided with good healthy food and regular exercises. They tend to get stressed very easily which may reflect in the form of fevers and muscle spasm.

Finance: Good financial management by the Simha Rasi will result in excess money even after excessive spending. Life will be enjoyable with acquisition of properties. They are known to be generous and helpful.

The Simha Rasi people will need to go easy on their spending if they wish to save for the rainy day. They just don’t seem to be able to let go of their shopping sprees. They do not worry about financial problems. They are adaptable enough to reduce their expenses and increase their earnings when it comes to times of financial difficulties.

Relationships: The Simha relationship with family is marked by flexibility and commitment which will result in harmony. They are very romantic and will indulge their lovers and partners. They tend to be loyal and loving. But they will also need to assert themselves from time to time. This might not go down well with their soul mates and can lead to fights and arguments.

Professions: Because of their imagination and creativity, careers suitable for the Simha Rashi are Media Professionals, Artists and Musicians. They also make excellent teachers and mentors as they have great oratory skills. They need to be in a profession where they are the boss and they have an audience to talk to. Acting and artistic fields too are good options for the Simha.

Simha are fanatical about their freedom and independence if they are born with the Moon in Leo. Despite being superior, Leo is ready to sacrifice for their loved ones, expressing their views frankly and assertively. The typical Leo nature is to outshine the achievements of others in their enterprising streak. With a riveting intellect, Leo can judge the inherent worth of man and observe things from a higher point of view. They are good in organizing things and allocating tasks. Just as the Sun pierces through everything, their nature can and will judge the personality of others in its persistent, aggressive manner. A well-developed Leo is dependable, although less developed natures may not admit their mistakes. Known to many as the “child of the Sun”, Leo is swift and perfect in fulfilling their duties, and is never satisfied with ordinary mettle, since he always sees the larger picture of accomplishment. Leo is choosy in his choice of friends, and once a friend, you’re always a friend. The disposition is jovial, committed and at times wrathful at unintended slights. Leos are charming, loyal, generous and warm by the moon dominance. They like to be dignified and are indulgent and officious by nature.

This is the royal leaders of the zodiac. They are strong personalities, wild, bold and courageous. Usually keep a “magnificent” way of life, which explains the behavior and their expression. They are magnanimous and passionate in expressing their feelings. Unfortunately, however, their tendency to excess can lead to events that others may find sneaky.

It’s amazingly creative in almost all areas of life. Independent and sovereign, is known as the most compelling Rashi the zodiac. They love meat, have military nature and tendency towards melancholy.

Liberal minds and brave hearts, they know exactly what they want from a situation and life in general. Proud, ambitious with fixed values and views and very noble. They tend, however, to be ischyrognomones and their pride can develop their weak point.

Their Governor, Sun, gives shine and appetite, warmth and generosity. Coupled with their confidence, their energies and their goodness makes individuals of that Rashi the “soul of the party.”

Honest, many times in superlatives, which sometimes makes them look and shameless.

Relationships and Sexual Life

In their love life are people with a lot of love, eroticism, generosity and chivalry. All this of course until she goes something against their will. Despite “all the positive attitude of Leo and their refusal to give up helps them to deal with failures and their missteps in the best way. Perhaps matter and their refusal to admit that they were wrong.

The fertility and vitality of Simha is the feature that makes the partner really enjoys his existence in his life. But bear in mind, anyone associated with a representative of Simha Rashi, that their ego pushes them to seek confirmation, consciously or unconsciously, their love affairs and cannot handle situations that wounded his pride. They have a jealous nature though not particularly possessive.

Women Simha: Women are strong and materialistic and may cause the order of things. However, they are also able to accept its responsibilities as a matter of honor and behave with extraordinary grace and dignity in the face of attacks and adversity.

Men Simha: Men can be great windbag and always want to have the latest ones. They endlessly and grandiose plans and seek to gain all the good things in life. When life brought them well they are usually very generous and share their good fortune with others.

How to bring change to your life

Leo being the sign depicting The King Of The jungle the Lion endows the moon with great power of a strong leader .Lunar Leos have in them pride and they like being in the “spotlight” wherever they go. They can be assertive and take advantage of opportunities. There is also the capacity for self-sacrifice. Their mentality is robust, strong, and decisive

A natural leader, people exude energy and drive. They are generous, encouraging, and optimistic with a sense of style and are brilliant at creating a one act play to put everyone on their toes. You love excitement and action, and can be fabulously romantic, but you expect the works in return. You are very determined and do not run away from the responsibilities endowed upon you.

They also have a heart for sacrifice can go to any limit for the cause of righteousness and justice. They have a deep need to treat others fairly and justly. Leo strengthens the mentality and the positive forces of the mind and also embeds in them enormous determination.

They have a love for nature and once their love is aroused, they will respond with unstinted measure .Usually conservative and discriminating, they possess a deep and consistent love. These natives have an innate ability to make others dependent on them. They cannot be convinced against their will, nor be swayed against their emotions. For a woman this position of moon in Leo may be a little less desirable, for being strong-minded and determined, she may choose a weak male whom she can dominate at will. They like the comfort of their own homes and with family and friends.

The Leo men are proud, honorable, generous, honest, high-minded, candid, warm-hearted, faithful, and fond of luxury, pleasure, speculation, fine clothes and the opposite sex. You have the ideal temperament for managerial posts and other positions of authority, especially those that bring you into the public limelight in some way.