Tulā – तुला – The Balance

Symbol: Equilibrium (or balance)/The Scales

Planet: Shukra (Venus)

Item: Vayu (Air)

Basic Value: Cara

Color: Blue, Green, Pink, Pale Green, Lavender

Lucky Day: Friday

Negatively affected by: Chandra (Moon), Brihaspati (Jupiter), Surya (Sun), Ketu (South Lunar Node)

Greatest Gift: Acceptance, Happiness

Birthstone: Opal, Sapphire

Gemstone: Lapis, Tourmaline, Aventurine

Metal: Steel, Gold, Platinum

Zodiac Quality: Cardinal

House: 7th House

Chinese equivalent is the Dog

Basic Value: Cara – Domination

The Basic Value Cara gives the individual characteristics such as vigor, dynamism, energy and leadership.

With the Scales as their symbol, the people born under the Sign Libra (Tula), the 7th Sign in the Zodiac, are full of natural charm. From this point in the Zodiac calendar, there is a noticeable shift. Whereas the last six Signs focus on the individual’s contact with the world, the first six Signs tend to focus on themselves. It is well known that the Libra-born people hate to be alone. They will start conversations and socialize, keep themselves surrounded with people, and will focus on how best they can relate to people. They believe in team-work more than in solo efforts, and therefore perform better in a team. Even at home, their best comes out when they share work with their family members. The typical qualities of a Libra-born are balance, harmony and a sense of fair play. Fair and objective, the Libra tend to do things that will benefit everyone. Not surprising that the Scales are often called upon to settle disputes, something they do with a keen sense of justice. This tendency for justice often comes from a deep desire to avoid all kinds of arguments. Keen planners and great organizers of groups, they know how to get things done smoothly.
The Libra-born also have an intellectual bent of mind. They like to convey their thoughts to others with clarity. They employ a definite tact to get to know others better, to make a fair argument, be diplomatic and to compromise. However, if a combined effort of all these fails to perform as desired, their persuasive charms are employed in full scale to get their way. However, it is not to say that the Libra are manipulative – in fact, they are often too nice for that. Polite and never willing to fight, preferring to talk things peacefully, they would rather get things sorted out through discussions. They rarely get angry, even when faced with an opposing viewpoint. They would rather take a deep breath and consider all the options in the spirit of cooperation. Diplomatic and polite, the Libra-born hate irrational behavior. Always balanced and pleasant, they possess an easygoing manner that makes things they desire, quite easily accessible to them. However, they are often accused of being lazy. But it is only because they work overtime and can get stressed out. Their indecisiveness is their biggest drawback, which often leads to delays, as they keep weighing the pros and cons.
Emotional relationships are based on an equal give and take for the Libra-born. They tend to get attracted to the opposite sex quite often. But before getting into a life-long commitment, they should weigh things carefully for themselves. As far as Libra Sign is concerned, Libra – Libra,  Libra – Gemini, and Libra – Aquarius are ideally suited for each other. When in love, the Libra are a bundle of energy, romantic and loyal to the core. Libra Moon does not like to be alone… they thrive in a partnership. Many will get married young or choose to move in with someone. In order to facilitate this, they may make a lot of concessions to their partner in order to keep the peace. They are social, sympathetic and they love a rousing debate. They need someone they can feel an intellectual and emotional rapport with.

Libra Moon wants someone with them all the time… even for that little trip to fill up the gas tank. They believe there is strength in numbers. Charming and attractive, they are often found flirting. They are usually very gentle and refined in their manners. They make friends easily, and may be fickle.

Even if they don’t want to, The Libra Moon Sign person will see flaws in their relationships and everything around them. Even worse, until it is fixed, it will continue to gnaw at them. Although a natural diplomat with acquaintances, they will argue with their partners until they win… even if it takes a long time. Having the last word is important to them. You may feel like they’ve got you on trial all the time and you’re getting grilled, though they’re great to have on your side when they’re supporting you.

Moon in Libra gives everyone a feeling of peace and harmony. The possibility of conflicts is reducing a lot. We become much better in compromising and finding a common ground with people. Therefore, in the days of Libra it is good to make peace with those, who we have offended. Now it will be much easier to do so as we all can easily forgive and understand each other.

In these days, we pay a lot of attention to the external decency, etiquette rules, and therefore we become sensitive and pleasant to talk to. We do not want to argue with anyone, to hurt anyone. It is easy to agree with someone else’s opinion. Our mood is stable.

However, the moon in Libra gives some indecisiveness and a tendency to fluctuations. In these days it is difficult to make an important decision, difficult to make a choice. Therefore, it is better to leave the important decisions until the better times. Dedicate the days of Libra to settling up the relations, to the search for joint solutions, to conversations and meetings that require some diplomatic skills.

Libra is an Air sign, managed by Venus and Chiron. Thus, the moon is on a visit at Venus’s and Chiron’s house. Moon in Libra gives an unconscious attraction to the balance, because, as you remember, one of the Libra’s properties is setting the equilibrium point – in any situation, we must find an equilibrium position, balancing different forces.

Here we see the moon that is manifesting the unconscious processes of setting up a person to the balance, harmony, beauty, grace and justice. Such a person will differ with his peacefulness and a tendency to compromises. At any cost he would seek to avoid quarrels and conflicts or any sharp corners. Moon in Libra gives the sub conscious diplomatic skills, a good taste, but also gives some refinement, sophistication, mannerisms, and in the worst case – snobbery.

Moon in Libra also makes person to prefer a refined society, beautiful things, and works of art. Here are working: Venus, which is suggesting harmony and refined forms, Chiron, which shows the possibility of the subtle world reflection and it’s embodiment and Saturn, a very strong planet, that is also related with the sign of Libra and its formation. If Saturn is in Libra, it is giving a certain “system” to this sign. Such a person will unconsciously have his life very well organized. This is a definite aesthetic system: everything should have its own place in life, there should be combined both: “the high” and “the low” elements, everything must be in harmony and in the right proportions. And from such disposition comes: love for the works of art, for refined society, for apartments and houses with a beautiful interior (and a beautiful environment in general). Because in order to maintain the normal psychological condition of a person, his environment must be harmonious and beautiful. Without it the Lunar Libra will feel uncomfortable.

Moon in Libra likes to have their way and will accomplish their goals with the support of others. They make excellent planners, but they would rather delegate to others the actual hands on work. They are good at paying attention to details, problem solving and strategizing. They tend to lean towards overindulging, impracticalities and inconsistencies in their personal life.

They are often uncertain. Their moods change from moment to moment, not only from up to down and back again, but waffling back and forth as well. They are even-tempered throughout all the changes and usually cheerful. They are transparent… it is hard for them to hide their feelings. At the same time, they can change their personality to fit who they are spending time with. This is skill, not a trick. This allows other to feel comfortable around them, though it may be confusing at times. Intellectual stimulation is a must.

Indecisive, Libra Moon must weigh each side of a decision over and over to make sure they are choosing correctly… even on what to have for lunch. At the same time, they are concerned with balance in life. If they sense things are out of balance, they will do what they must to redress this fact, even if someone has to lose out once in a while.

They love their family and home, though it may not be openly apparent to all. They are affectionate and encouraging to those around them. They seem to attract more than their share of good and bad situations with legal matters, life-changing decisions and partners. They like the arts and have very aesthetic tastes. Libra Moon may be a bit forgetful, and they don’t cope well with violence or aggression.

The obliging Libra – moons are polite, diplomatic, kind and compliant.
They are able to understand and enter others sentiments. Often they agree with others, allowing them to agree and decide on their behalf. Recognition is important for them. They tend to evade conflicts, are easily in danger of giving up themselves and of being exploited. They have to learn, that their own wishes and emotions are also important for a harmonic life. Libra – moons love harmony and beauty. They enjoy sociability and a pleasant life in general. Inwardly they are often indecisive and they have a hard time making decisions. Some Libra – moons become judges as they have a strong sense of justice.
Tula Rashi is the seventh sign of Vedic astrology.

The corresponding Western zodiac sign is Libra.

Symbolized by the Scales, Thula Rasi stands for balance and temperance.

The ruling planet of Thula Rasi isVenus and element is Air. The lucky color for this Janma Rasi is WHITE.

The Nakshatras of Chitra (Pada 3, 4), Swati and Vishaka (Pada 1, 2, 3) come under this moon sign.

Personality: Planet Venus endows people born under Tula Rashi with passion and personal charm. These people are careful about their individual outward looks, personal extravagance, grooming and fashion. They liberally use surface beauty makeup aids to enhance their appearance. Staying youthful and attractive forever is their main concern in life. Thula Rasi people are sincere, hardworking and are interested in achieving success in whatever venture they take up. Success is sure to follow them if the environment is peaceful and harmonious. They dislike false pretenses and unnecessary showmanship. They are pleasant and gracious in their dealings with others. In communication they can be brief but forceful.

Tula Rasi people take time in making important decisions. They think about all the possible outcomes to their action before committing to something. They are always active and ready to start some new venture or the other. They are fair and co-operative people. They love being social and enjoying with colleagues, friends and family.

On the flip side, some of the Thula Rashi may be timid, impolite and selfish. These individuals may not worry about their personal looks. While they are good in advising others, they have to depend on their partners for their own problems. They believe in long standing friendships with selected people. But at times, their inability to put their thoughts forward can result in ill health and mental tension.

Health: The health problems of Tula Rasi people are mainly related to digestive system and heart. Proper attention should be paid to the food they consume. High blood pressure and cholesterol can increase the risk of cardiac illnesses. Regular exercises and good healthy food is a must. Kidneys and pancreas too can face some problems when intake of sugar is high. Take preventive measures for skin related ailments and allergies.

Finance: Progress for the Thula Rashi on the monetary front will be gradual as they advance step by step professionally. Spending will be more for family and friends rather than on themselves. They are very generous and will spend money on their loved ones without thinking twice. They are very smart when it comes to financial planning and will make lot of money in their middle age. They might need to go easy on their spending if they wish to make their future secure.

Relationships: The Tula Rashi people always need to be in a relationship. They do not like to be single or alone. Even if it is a bad relationship, they do not let go easily because of insecurity and fear. But when they are in a happy partnership, they are ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of their love. Marriage will change the lives of the Thula Rashi people drastically. They receive all the devotion from their love partners. Their tardiness in actions will be an irritant in family relationships.

Professions: The Thula Rasi people are known for their tact and diplomacy. They will do well in fields that require a balanced temperament and good negotiation skills like lawyers, mediators and project managers. Excellence in the field of fine arts, interior design, architecture and consultancy is predominant as they are artistic and aesthetically inclined.

Harmony in life and perceptions are enhanced when Moon is in Libra. The key word here is “decision”. Tula is a rashi of boldness, enterprise and imagination. Tula natives are mentally agile, having an insightful perception about profitable ventures. This means that they are even prone to take risks without hesitating, if the enterprise is sure to reap rewards. The Balance loves harmony and synchronization and is an advocate of peace any day. They are good adjudicators and try to find harmony in whatever they take up. The ruler of Libra, Venus, is the spiritual preceptor of demons and a mystic. It rules over luxuries like rich clothes, food, expensive jewelry, and art. In short, Tula epitomizes opulence. Libras are peaceful, charming, affectionate and harmonious by nature. They are diplomatic and decisive may times due to the influence of the moon. The word balance is very important for people born in this Rashi. Most are balances, however, that can be “tilted” easily in both opposite directions results show contradictory aspects in personality and thinking. Almost always have two views on most issues.

Polite characters will always try to keep the balance, however, usually have problems in their family relationships. They are intelligent and know how to show respect to people with achievements.

Trusted persons to their friends, to avoid confrontation as politely as possible. The encouragement and positive feedback is the most effective way to help them achieve something.

Intelligent and methodical, they will look to serve anyone in need, so that they can request a return later. They are considerate and diplomats and when make appropriate use of their nature can ascend far in their career. They have excellent skills in organization and planning, and to resolve issues in the most balanced way.

Relationship – Love Life – Family

In their love life are often cowards and will prefer to leave the relationship if they feel that their partner does not correspond respectively to their feelings. But they are loving and willing to care for the man they love. They do not like to live alone and look for a long term relationship. Usually not in a hurry to have children and, even within the family, will not easily choose to do a lot. Unfortunately, in the relationship, not managing balances with the same ease that present in their work.

Women Tulā: Women tend to be more interested in economic issues, social activities and spiritual achievements, rather than raising children or caring and housework.

Men Tulā: Men have more interest in the home compared with women who may be present as an interest in cooking, furniture or gardening. Subconsciously they are quite feminine and if their partner is unable to keep alive their intellectual interest tend to flirt.

How to bring change to your life

Libra Moon Sign

The placement of moon in thus sign makes it the most balanced personality of all the zodiac sign .It is considered as one of the best positions in the zodiac having the key word decision. You have a courteous and socially-agreeable disposition that attracts many friends – the approval of others is important for your emotional self-assurance. These people are charming and creative and their diplomacy skills are beyond question. Those with Moon in Libra don’t want to be emotionally compromised, preferring to let go of a relationship if their partner is not equally willing or enthusiastic. As a rule, they are disinclined to live alone. If they are not married or romantically involved, they will be content with an amiable companion. They are emotionally very cool and may sometime show traits of noninvolvement.

They take decisions which have to be balanced in relation to acts and ultimate destiny. The Moon in Libra enhances the perception, and adds beauty and harmony in art and in life. They love to initiate new projects but can get bored when the first excitement wears off and cast around for the next thing to be involved in.

While both sexes may be romantically amorous, they are notoriously fickle and wavering in romance. Women with this placement are more idealistic than domestic. Both sexes are generally popular socially and make friends easily. Librans seek a long-term emotional relationship with someone; they must feel an intellectual rapport as well as physical attraction. Although they are financially motivated, they can be reckless, careless, and/or squandering. People with strong Libra presence in their charts are said to be frequently the cause of their own troubles.

Though excellent at paying attention to details, strategy planning and problem-solving in their business or profession, they can be impractical, overindulgent, or inconsistent when it comes to handling personal situations. There is strong attachment to home and family, though it may not always be obvious in their lifestyle.

The Moon In Libra suggests a deep emotional need for harmony in marriage and other close relationships. Music, poetry and art will have a soothing and therapeutic effect upon your nature