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Indigo Lavender Auras


Indigo Lavenders—part of the emotional color group—are creative and artistic. They surround themselves with people who support their work and dreams. Their artistic abilities are woven throughout their home and their workplaces. Indigo Lavenders seem scattered at times, but everything they do leads to a creative outcome.

In love and life they must be surrounded by people who enable and support them financially and emotionally as they find their creative voice. They love what they do and are typically successful, but it takes time for them to hit their stride. Indigo Lavenders only work in the traditional sense so they can liberate themselves to focus only on creative fulfillment. They take on jobs to pay the bills, but as soon as they can, they dedicate their lives to creative projects.

Personality: Indigo Lavenders are bright and inquisitive and tend to learn quickly and easily. They are always searching for more information than is required and are abstract thinkers who need deeper understanding and verification. But they do not always perform well in standardized settings. They prefer creative learning techniques and use everything from music, to books, to computers and to living experiences in order to enhance their feeling and knowledge. Emotionally, Indigo Lavenders have active imaginations and often talk to themselves. They will often get lost in their own sense of reality. They are cautious about showing emotion to others and have to feel safe and trusting of others before they show true emotions. Socially, they surround themselves with people of high moral standards who will not be compromised. They will choose mates who are strong, stable, and trusting, and who appreciate their creative and independent natures.

Career: Indigo Lavenders select career paths based on their intelligence and intuition. They move freely from one career to another because they detest boredom and repetition. They want to leave their creative mark on their vocation and work more with the formation of ideas and end products rather than mundane details. They need freedom of time and space with work and co-workers; they do not like deadlines and will not bend to pressure or conform to consensus. Their talents are limitless and they are the happiest when combining creativity, imagination and social conscience into meaningful careers. Good career choices for Indigo Lavenders include: artist, writer, social worker, musician, teacher, entrepreneur, therapist, designer, architect, and consultant.

Relationships: Indigo Lavenders avoid long term relationships until they find that special mate who is not judgmental and permits them to explore their varied interests—from changing careers to their need for time and space alone. Indigo Lavenders are prone to mood swings that range from depression and solitude to great creativity and manic behavior. They need mates who are grounded in reality and who are not offended by mood shifts, full expression of dreams and plans and are trusting. Indigo Lavenders will have good relationships with Reds because of their grounding effect and their ability to see and permit their mate to realize ideas and dreams. The other physical colors of Orange, Yellow and Magenta will prove to be playful and imaginative, but unable to sustain long-term relationships. Greens are the most agreeable color choice of mate for Mental Personality colors because they are inquisitive like the Indigo Lavenders, but may be too critical in the long run and demand too much attention. The other Mental Personality colors—Mental/Physical Tan, and Loving/Nurturing Tan are too boring, analytical and possessive. The Emotional Personality colors of Blue and Lavender understand each other’s needs and dreams, but the Blues may smother the Indigo Lavender and other Lavenders and Indigos may end up going their separate ways too often. The best color mates other than the Reds are the Spiritual colors of Crystal and Violet. They understand the creativity and the spiritual healing and goodness of the Indigo Lavender. The two also respect each other’s need for freedom of expression and independence.

 Health and Wellness: Indigo Lavenders expend a tremendous amount of creative, intuitive and psychic energy throughout the day. Their minds are rarely at rest, so they are subject to frequent insomnia and headaches. They use so much of their bodies that they are also subject to aches and pains of their joints and bones. They must make sure to take “time out” from all stimulating activities and relax their minds when beginning to feel overwhelmed. They engage in multiple activities, projects and travels and become disoriented and/or depressed when doing too much at once. When they become emotionally and physically out of balance, they will also experience head colds and flu like symptoms. Indigo Lavenders can usually sense when they are about to go into overload; when this happens, they should return to their home base and regain their center of balance in a comfortable setting. Indigo Lavenders do well with meditation, music, walking, and may even at times need psychotherapeutic intervention for depression.

Spirituality: Indigo Lavenders are naturally inquisitive and challenge the nature of divinity and how it relates to their lives. They investigate religious concepts that interest them, but will not be bound by fear, guilt, manipulation or intimidation to follow any specific religious ritual or beliefs. They will adopt and rewrite the best practices of multiple religious philosophies and call them their own; they may even create original prayer and meditation for their own spiritual fulfillment. Spiritual journeys are actually interwoven in daily activities—the Indigo Lavender can create a beautiful fantasy, music, or mystical dream in their minds that enhances their feeling of closeness to a “Higher Power, Being” or essence that makes them feel almost euphoric.

 Chakras: Indigo Lavenders use their “Third Eye” Chakra to enhance their creative and intuitive natures; this Chakra is the space located between the eyes that house the center of all of intuition. This center also houses the ego self and the spirit self, the reasoning and the intuitive mind, and the masculine and the feminine. All of the dualities of the human being are housed here as one; this effect creates a very intelligent, intuitive, all knowing, sensitive life force. Indigo Lavenders use their Third Eye Chakra center to see clearly through all life situations. They depend on their intuition and their heightened senses to guide them through the decision making process of school, work, play and marriage.

Indigo Lavenders do not experience huge color swings in their aura. Their natural color range is a combination of Blue and Red, which creates the Purplish Indigo hue, mixed with dark Lavender. Their Aura actually encompasses the entire head and neck area of the body instead of appearing on one side of the body or the other. Indigo Lavenders regulate their Aura color just like they control the rest of their lives. Therefore, their Auras rarely change color. They do not often use colors outside of their own palette or blend of Blue, Red, Purple, or Lavender because they are so comfortable with themselves and their own inner direction. If they do become too overwhelmed with work, or too agitated with society in general, their Auras may darken to Purplish Black. If this occurs, Red or Orange should be applied to warm their authoritative, dogmatic or manipulative change. When the Indigo Lavender Aura is under stimulated, the Aura will appear too light—almost a grayish lavender—indicating personality disorders such as over sensitivity to others, fear of success, withdrawal, paranoia or extreme schizophrenia. If this occurs, a bright purple should be applied and enhanced at the eye area to awaken creativity. Balance is important for Indigo Lavenders because they will always challenge their minds to learn more, see more and live more than other Aura colors.

Indigo Lavenders are highly sensitive to everything that surrounds them including other humans, animals, plants and even objects. They not only use the best of their five senses, but also incorporate three additional senses—common sense, intuitive sense, and spiritual sense. They are comfortable blending reality and fantasy and often cannot tell or even care where one begins and the other ends. Their jewelry, clothing, furniture, and fabric will all combine the whimsical with boldness to enhance their creativity, intuition, spirituality and energy. The best color palettes for the Indigo Lavender will be the incorporation of Purple, Lavender, Red, Blue, Green and Gold intertwined into fabric and clothing and jewelry at the same time. Jewelry should be large. Either Gold or Silver can be worn successfully. If gems are worn, they should be of ample size—Garnets, Amethysts, Sapphire, and Emeralds are best. Indigo Lavenders usually change wardrobes often and enjoy the art of shopping. Many Indigo Lavenders choose furniture that is large and overstuffed for comfort and artwork that stimulates their imagination.