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Indigo Pet Auras


The Indigo/Violet Aura of your pet is comparable to the human Third Eye Chakra. The Third Eye Chakra is located between your pet’s eyes and almost forms a triangle down to the bridge of the nose or snout. This is the center of intuition in humans and pets, and creates great sensitivity and perception of sight, hearing, taste and smell. Your pet may even experience a heightened sense of touch – normally reserved for humans – and will use their paws, trunks, beaks etc. to reach out to other animals or humans in need.

In addition to great intuition – like getting excited at the approach of someone or something before a human can see – your pet has the ability to visualize and concentrate on multiple tasks. For this very reason, a pet that has an Indigo/Violet Aura makes a wonderful “seeing eye” pet or a healing pet in a nursing center or community center atmosphere. Indigo/Violet pets will also be great at nurturing other animals in the wild or becoming surrogate pets.

Circus animals often have a combination of Crystal Auras and Indigo/Violet Auras because they can learn tricks and commands quickly, and they have a “sixth sense” about the cues that are needed to perform. They will often not need to be told what and where to go; they just perform by instinct and/or sensitivity. You will also note with your Indigo/Violet pet that they may stare off into space – turning their heads, looking at a blank wall, making small noises as if someone is speaking to them – even though nothing is visible to the human eye.

Your pet may also be susceptible to many allergies – foods, mold, grass, etc. – and will have to visit the veterinary office regularly. Your pet may be on special food and need to sleep on special bedding; he/she will love to be pampered and will respond to your great attention to their needs with great affection and loyalty. Great color choices for your pet will be Violet, Crystal, Indigo and Blue. Gemstone health will include Blue Sapphire, Crystal, Clear Quartz, and Amethyst. Optimum balance for your pet can be achieved through a lot of pampering, warmth, and socialization.