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1The karma number 2 has to do with learning to trust your instincts and intuitions. You struggle with choices and need to learn to develop confidence in your decision making.
Loving yourself and taking care of yourself will enable you to love and take care of others in this life without sacrificing your dignity and self-esteem. Practice to letting go of such toxic emotional habits as possessiveness, jealousy and obsession. Your biggest fear is abandonment. Others’ first impression of you may be that of a needy or manipulative individual. People with the number 2 as their Inner-Self or Karmic Number seem to want to not be noticed and often make an effort to merge in with the background. They seem to be uncomfortable if they are the centre of attention. They want to avoid conflict and they project an image of being a diplomat and negotiator who seems to be able to find a compromise in any situation. They are approachable and friendly and willing to listen, and seem to be warm and comforting people who are trustworthy and reliable.
Diplomacy and tact are not your strong suits. You will need to work on this. Be willing to be a behind-the-scenes contributor. Learn to set goals and reach them for the sake of the accomplishment more than the accolade. You don’t need to be in the spotlight all the time. Work on your ability to be a team player. You need to start being more observant of other people’s feelings. You have a tendency to plug over people. Learn to stand back and let them stretch and grow. Your successes in life will all come at the cost of you learning a thing or two about delayed gratification, patience and cooperation. You will find yourself forced to share credit on many projects, even when you are a major or nearly sole contributor.

When the number 2 goes missing from the calculation of someone’s karma, it means this person may be hypersensitive. Most of the time, their emotionalism is not caused by their relatives or friends but by themselves. They will be able to develop their spirit of collaboration by not remaining indifferent to the problems others are confronted with. Showing good will when it comes to making concessions with others will be particularly beneficial to them, whether in their private or professional life. Besides, they may fall victim to gossip and slanders.
In Excess

The number 2 is considered to be in excess when the percentage of letters linked to this value is superior to the percentage of the letters with a value of 1.
This person, who is of patient, sensitive and cooperative nature, could have a tendency to rely too much on others. Consequently, they will have to learn how to be independent in most of the domains of life so as to avoid handing over too many of their responsibilities to others.
General Description:
2 is the number of compromise, cooperation, diplomacy and mediation. Wherever you see this number in your Chart you can expect it means you are willing to be a team player to attain your goal or overcome your challenge.
Tarot: High Priestess
Astrology: Moon, Taurus, Vulcan
Rune: Hagalaz
I Ch’ing: K’un
Tree of Life: Chochma, Wisdom
Hebrew Letter: Beth, Kaph
Shamanism: Owl and Dolphin
Element: Water
Alchemy: Water
Aura: White and Indigo
Color: Orange
Gemstone: Moonstone
Crystal: Rutile
Months: February, November
Week Day: Monday
Lucky Numbers: 2, 4, 6, 8, 7, 11, 20, 29, 38, 47, 56, 65, 74, 83, 92, 101
Flora: White Jasmine

Karmic Lesson Number 2

A person with Karmic Lesson number 2 has the number missing in his/her name. This person suffers from not being tactful and perceptive. These people thus need to learn to be diplomatic and manage different situations better. They need to know when to tone down and when to be assertive, without feeling any need to be rewarded or praised. They also need to learn to be part of a team and to cooperate with others. People with karmic lesson number 2, have a tendency to be self-centered. They also need to let go of their angers and resentments to have a more stable and less troubled adult life. These people need to be more compassionate and sensitive towards the feelings of others and understand their sentiments. They will mostly find themselves in circumstances where they will have to put to use their attention and patience that will help them coordinate work with others and be more supportive and accommodating.

The effect of this karmic lesson number will lessen if this person has the number 2 in any of his or her core numbers such as Birthday, Personality number or Life Path. The numerology prediction for Karmic Lesson 2 shows that this person suffers from not being tactful and perceptive. These people need to learn to deal with situations and with people better. You need to learn to be diplomatic and how to cooperate with a team. You will ultimately do well when you work with others. This will turn your life around and you will become social, intuitive and successful. The challenges and Karmic Lessons presented for the number 2 are over sensitivity and a tendency towards self-cent-redness. It may be difficult for you to realize that you are not the center of the Universe. This is one of your life lessons. In your early years your lack of ambition, status-consciousness and need for approval from others may cause you to have a poor self-image.

In adult life 2s are very prone to co-dependency, addiction and troubled relationships if they cannot learn to let them go.