1Achieving world peace is one thing, but first one must be harmonious inside. As you are such a caretaker of others, you are advised to take time out from your focus on others and regularly reconnect with your higher self by practicing yoga or meditation. Your biggest fear is that things will slide into disorder or chaos. You may appear to others as fanatical or boring at first impression.
The 4 karma number speaks of someone who may need to work harder than others at times in order to be successful. This number speaks of pushing oneself to new limits through effort and perseverance despite obstacles.
People with number 4 missing in their names have karmic lesson number 4.

These people tend to be confused about their career. They find it difficult to find an employment that is gratifying. This may result in an indifference towards work. In their childhood people with karmic lesson number 4 have mostly had their opportunities thwarted by financial issues. When they grow older they become irresponsible towards work. They are irrational and disorganized towards life that makes it difficult for them to understand what they do best.

People with karmic lesson number 4 need to establish a disciplined approach towards life. They should lay a foundation for their life. They look for solution to their problems outside of them rather than within. They start new jobs with the hope that it will be exciting but when it turns out to be only work without any glamour they turn away from it. They need to learn to concentrate and focus and be less frivolous.

If this number 4 features once or more in any of the other core numbers of this person such as Birthday, or Life Path then the effect of the karmic lesson number decreases. You feel your life is lacking direction. You don’t think you are ever going to know what you want to be when you grow up, eve though you’ve likely been an adult for a while. You need to set certain ground rules for your life and stick with them. You need to set your feet on solid ground. Set some real goals or you will never feel that your life has balance. Find what makes you happy and just do it. There are ways to make a living doing practically anything. Be willing to start over repeatedly if you have to. Sooner or later you will discover your niche. When you start asking yourself questions like, “What’s wrong with me?” or “Why can’t I seem to ever….?” you have the tendency to look for external answers. The problem, though, is that these things originate within YOU so that is where you will need to look to find the answers. Yes, this is very uncomfortable but so is never actualizing your potential.

People with 4 as their Inner-Self or Karmic Number appear to be practical and organized individuals who have no fear of hard work and responsibility. They are trustworthy individuals who are ‘down to earth’ and appear to be the type to do everything by the book and never bend the rules or leaves anything to chance. They are inclined to be disciplined and in charge of their emotions and are confident of their own abilities and to know what they want from life. Number 4 Karmic Number individuals have fondness for traditions and seem conservative in their approach to life and are to be admired for their honesty and hard work.
General Description:
The number 4 represents the stable, traditional, practical and respectable. A 4 also stands for soberness and faithfulness. 4 also reflects organization and discipline. The 4’s symbol is the square, and represents such things as the 4 seasons, 4 directions, and the 4 aspects of the self. The 4 brings form to things, provides them with a stable structure.
Tarot: Emperor
Astrology: Saturn, Cancer, Earth
Rune: Dagaz
I Ch’ing: Chin
Tree of Life: Chesed, Love (Mercy)
Hebrew Letter: Daleth, Mem
Shamanism: Eagle, Whale, and Ram
Element: Water, Fire
Alchemy: Earth
Aura: Red and Orange
Color: Green
Gemstones: Emerald, Jade
Crystal: Cassiterite
Month: April
Week Day: Thursday
Lucky Numbers: 2, 6, 8, 13, 22, 31, 40, 49, 58, 67, 76, 85, 94, 103
Flora: Sweet Pea, Pepper, Bean

 4 Karmic Lessons

The Karmic Lessons for the number 4 often suggests a difficulty with finding employment or a gratifying the career. They must work out their true life purpose, and then put their innate talents and abilities to achieve their long-term goals.

Another karmic lesson for number 4s relates to mastering patience, putting ‘purpose’ into practice and bringing order to one’s life. Achieving world peace is one thing, but first you must be harmonious inside. As you are such a caretaker of others you are advised to take time out from your focus on others and regularly reconnect with your Higher-Self by practicing yoga or meditation. Your biggest fear is that things will slide into disorder or chaos.  You may appear to others as fanatical or boring upon first impression

In a karmic study, if the number 4 is missing, the person may have a tendency to avoid any kind of work that requires meticulousness. They hate routine and may have trouble concentrating. Being organized may seem boring to them and they may think that self-discipline is hard to find. They will have to work harmoniously to be rewarded. They will be quite indecisive when it comes to choosing a profession, and a few prior job experiences will be necessary before they find the right one.They will also have to make sure they do not take the easy option because they might be disappointed because of numerous failures. Learning how to build solid foundations will be beneficial to them, whether in their private life or in the professional sphere.Tensions might arise in their home. They might also have trouble finding balance and not have a good sense of direction.
Destiny could, however, lead them to a job where detail is of the utmost importance.

In karmic numerology, box number 4 will be considered to be in excess when it contains more than three letters equal to this value.
Particular case: if the first name and last name comprise less than 12 letters in total, an imbalance appears as soon as there are 2 letters in this box. Such a person possesses good qualities in terms of order and perseverance at work but they may sometimes be a bit too perfectionist. In this case, they can be excessively harsh with themselves.
They may also be stubborn and reject ideas and new aspirations.