Krystal’s in RitualsImage result for crystals in magic fantasy artImage result for crystalsA crystal is a solid material whose constituents (such as atoms, molecules, or ions) are arranged in a highly ordered microscopic structure, forming a crystal lattice that extends in all directions. In addition, macroscopic single crystals are usually identifiable by their geometrical shape, consisting of flat faces with specific, characteristic orientations. The scientific study of crystals and crystal formation is known as crystallography. The process of crystal formation via mechanisms of crystal growth is called crystallization or solidification.The word crystal derives from the Ancient Greek word κρύσταλλος (krustallos), meaning both “ice” and “rock crystal”, from κρύος (kruos), “icy cold, frost.The scientific definition of a “crystal” is based on the microscopic arrangement of atoms inside it, called the crystal structure. A crystal is a solid where the atoms form a periodic arrangement. Not all solids are crystals.

Related imageCrystals are part of the earth itself and of nature. They are comprised of quartz and silica, which are also a major component of the human body. Like color, crystals also emit a vibration frequency, which matches the electromagnetic field of both the earth and its human occupants. The most widely used crystal today is clear quartz and it can be found powering watches, computers and radios to name a few. Within the light catchers and jewelry the sympathetic resonance of quartz is used for its healing properties and to amplify the energy of the other stones.Gemstones come in multiple forms and colors. Their different colors resonate with the body’s energy system and although their energetic effect is more diffuse than crystals, they are extremely useful for harmonizing an environment or wearing on your person as jewelry. As with color and crystals, gemstones also provide a symbolic and energetic connection to nature. From ancient time Crystals and their powers were used in different rituals: rituals of initiations,rituals of invocation the higher powers and magic.Crystals and gemstones are a sign of power and prestige. Crystals harness energy and diffuse energy. There are two basic types of energy within stones. These two types contain all the various vibrations found in stones: those that attract love, repel negativity, and so on. These are the projectile and the receptive energies.They are manifestations of the purest forms of the universal energies that created everything They come in endless forms, crystalline shapes and colors.They have many symbols. In religion, they are known as God and Goddess. In astronomy, the Sun and the Moon. In humans, male and female. Here are some more associations:

Image result for crystalsProjective : Electric, Hot, Day, Physical, Bright,Summer,Knife,Active

Receptive: Magnetic, Cold, Night, Spiritual,Dark,Winter,Cup,Inert

These powers are everywhere within the universe. They are present in our planet and ourselves. In magical thought they lie within our bodies. Symbolically speaking, this is why we can reproduce young of either sex and practice all forms of magic. We contain both projective and receptive energies. These forces have nothing to do with our physical sex. Or rather, they shouldn’t. But since we are trained from birth to stress that energy which conforms to our physical sex, imbalances are quite common.The projective stones are those which are bright, outward, aggressive and electrical. They possess strong, forceful energies which deflect evil, overcome inertia and create movement. Projective stones help destroy disease, strengthen the conscious mind, and imbue their wearer with courage and determination. They are used to promote physical energy, attract luck and bring success. In magic they might be used to add additional strength to rituals. These rocks and minerals are used in two basic ways: to drive off unwanted, negative energies, or to put energies into an object or person. A woman wearing a carnelian for courage, for example, brings its energies into herself. The same woman wishing to deflect negativity  from her body would empower the stone, through visualization, for this purpose. Thus, instead of sending energy into her, the stone sends it away from her. The secret, obviously, is in the visualization. Projective stones contact the conscious mind. They are often heavy or dense, occasionally opaque, and are red, orange, yellow, gold or clear. They may also shine or gleam like the Sun. Examples of projective stones and minerals include ruby, diamond, lava, topaz, and rhodocrosite. Projective stones are associated with the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Uranus and the elements of Fire and Air. They are also related to the stars, since stars are simply distant suns. Receptive stones are the natural complement of projective stones. They are soothing, calming, inward and magnetic, promoting meditation, spirituality, wisdom and mysticism. They create peace. These stones promote communication between the conscious and subconscious minds, allowing psychic awareness to blossom. They radiate energies which attract love, money, healing and friendship. Receptive stones are often used for grounding purposes, to stabilize and reaffirm our Earth roots. Like projective stones, the receptive ones are also used in two basic ways. Lapis lazuli can be used to draw love or, with different empowering, to absorb depression and thus create joy. Receptive stones are found in a wide range of colors-green, blue, blue-green, purple, gray, silver, pink, black (the absence of color) and white (all colors combined). They may also be opalescent or translucent, and be naturally pierced with a hole. Examples of receptive stones include moonstone, aquamarine, emerald, holey stones, rose quartz, pink tourmaline, kunzite, lapis lazuli and sugilite. They are linked with the Moon, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter and the elements of Earth and Water. Not all stones fit easily into one of these categories, but this is a good system to help us relate the stones to their basic powers. Some stones contain a mixture of these energies, like lapis lazuli. Others may have uses which belie this simple classification, so use your judgement in determining their basic powers. Remember, this is a system to be used for our benefit. It cannot be correct 100 percent of the time. Just by looking at some unknown stone, by noticing its weight and color, you’ll be able to know something about its magical properties even before trying to sense them. The next time you see a stone-anywhere-try to determine whether it is receptive or projective. Related imageTheir uses in magic are incredibly varied.These beautiful gems from our earth need to be nourished, cleared of negative energy and recharged to maintain metaphysical properties. The minerals of Mother Earth are rich in power and magic. They have a long history of helping us focus our thoughts and prayers. Through their ability to focus and amplify our power of concentration, they have found a valuable place in the practices of meditation and ritual. The use of minerals and crystals in rituals associated with Goddesses and the glory of the Divine Feminine have a long history in many cultures.Crystal Rituals are simply routines or regimens done to bring about change.  Start by cleansing your crystals.Hold your crystals at heart level. Send them love and honor, mentally.  For what purpose  you want to use them and for State your intention. When you feel your message is programmed into your crystals, lower them from the level of your heart.

Image result for crystals in rituals fantasy artOnce you have cleaned the crystal physically, the next step is to cleanse the crystal of unwanted vibrations and energies that come from other people handling the crystals during its mining, packing, transportation, unpacking and display before it has actually reached you. Crystals tend to take on energy indiscriminately and like wearing someone else’s clothing, you can feel what’s not  the right energy for you.The first step is clearing unwanted or negative energy from the crystal by smudging, running under cool water, rain water,by amethyst clusters, in sea salt or bury them in ground. Once you have taken that step the next is to charge them.

There are different methods and ways  to charge a crystal. It is depending on what type of corresponding energy you would to harness in your gem. Some of these include methods of lunar energy during moon cycles, the sun, the earth , thunderstorms or even fire from candle magic. These all are in tune with the power coming from the beholder as well as the elemental method used.  Most common and personally preferred is using the Moons energy as her energy effects our energy as well as the earth. 

Charging Crystals by moons lunar energy is best done over night outside under direct moonlight, so the precious gem can soak up the lunar energy for full effect. If unable or there is no access to placing your crystals outside another option is on a window seal or inside in view of the moon with her vibrant light descending upon the crystal. These following cycles are intended for different energies and desires of each moon. Full moon has a powerful vibration of energy and is a common way to charge. It corresponds to manifestation, attraction, abundance,love and amplifying energy and desires.New moon is a time for new beginnings, letting go of unwanted energies,solitude and setting new intentions.Earth Burial can be done by burying crystals in soil, they soak up grounding earth energies.Related image

Sunlight uses the powerful energizing rays of warm light for a few  hours, but it may fad some crystals.Sunlight re-charges crystals with violet light, sometimes called light radiation. You see, when the crystal comes from the Earth, it is has been nurtured in yin energy, the feminine. The crystal has been taking nutrients from the ground – gases, water, various minerals and other nutrients to develop into a crystal. When it is “harvested” from the Earth, it is being removed from the yin energies and needs now to receive yang energies as its source of energy renewal. So, the ultraviolet light from the sun, the full spectrum of light, restores the crystals depleted energies. The time it takes depends on the crystal’s capacity to absorb the light (it’s crystalline energy structure has a lot to do with it), the stage of energy depletion within the crystal, and I think the will of the person who has been handling the crystal. Typically, I find 4 hours in the sun once a week keeps a small crystal energetic and alert. However, some crystals require a much longer time to recharge. You can experiment with the crystal by putting it in the sun for 1 week then holding it in your hand. You may receive and energy discharge from the crystal. Sometimes, a crystal can be a “sleeper”, and needs to know it is going to be used for healing or meditative purposes. Making a spiritual connection with the crystal helps to activate it, to awaken its consciousness. You can activate your crystal through an initiation ritual, by holding it, rolling it quickly back and forth in your hands, sleeping with it, gazing at it, washing it and generally handling it. To awaken its consciousness through ritual, offer some sage, sweet-grass or tobacco and indicate your intent for use of the crystal (e.g. for healing). This event marks the initiation of the crystal and makes an energy connection with the person using the crystal. Remember to fully recharge your crystal after you’ve been handling it for activation purposes.

All these methods are a Related imagegreat and effective way to charge crystals. It can be done in a simple manner or can be incorporated into a full healing ritual.

Crystals come on the planet already with a set of instructions on how to grown, what structure, where, how fast and with what energy characteristics – just like humans who have a set of genetic instructions. This inherent pattern cannot be changed.  It is up to your own belief system whether there were extra-terrestrials or others who have loaded instructions into crystals or not. Let’s move on then. Second, each crystal has its own mission, or its own programming for healing. Sometimes, it is to provide a grounding force on the planet, maybe working energetically with other crystals in the earth to provide a network of stable energy across the planet as part of the physical matrix of the planet. Sometimes, the crystal will carry a specific energy signature by resonating tones, colors and other vibrations that are provided through compassionate forces for humans and other life forms on Earth. Crystal people sometimes say that a crystal resonates for a particular chakra, or has a mission  to “clear a past life” for instance. We don’t want to harm that type of programming either.

Third, there is a blank database in each crystal. This is a spiritual (not physical) energy center which has the ability to store new instruction. Just like humans who have infinite capacity for spirituality, the crystal can translate and absorb an energy signature from outside itself and store it into a crystalline energy structure within itself. Now this is the real esoteric work of a crystal. The mundane science of a crystal explains some of how these energy instructions are stored, but now we’ve left that far behind now and are going into an area of deep inner science!  This database sometimes gets filled up with unconscious instructions from people handling the crystal, unaware they are projecting energy thought forms that are picked up and stored by the crystal. So, we will want to be sure that the database is empty of any unknown programming first.  When we add our set of instructions. The crystal will then resonate with those instructions, amplifying, broadcasting, and projecting the new set of energy patterns to ourselves or others as directed.

Image result for crystals in rituals fantasy artHere are some different programming techniques used with crystals.
1) A simple method is  writing a thought on a piece of paper then placing a crystal on top to absorb the thought energy. The crystal magnifies the thought and acts as the transmitter, sending the thought in its amplified state to the target person or thing mentioned in the note. You can also use one of the other methods below and place the crystal on a person’s photograph to send them an amplified thought. 2) You can also program your crystal by holding it in your hand then breathing in through your nose, hold the thought in your mind of what you want, then forcefully breath out into the crystal through your nose. Do this on each side of the crystal to program it. There are 6 sides to a clear quartz crystal. This is a powerful programming technique that I teach in my classes and hope you will benefit from it.3) Another method is to create a circular breath by holding the thought of what you desire in your mind and then breath slowly and naturally through your nose into the crystal and then breath energy back in from the crystal. Repeat this circular breath for 10 – 20 minutes. This is an effective meditative technique and is quite powerful to direct your mind for positive results.You can put as many thoughts, affirmations or items such as holographic images into your crystal. Whenever you want to clear them out, just forcefully breathe the word “clear” into the crystal 6 times (one for each side of the crystal) and this will be done or just do it mentally,concentrating your thought to the Crystal.

For doing this you have to have race your Image result for crystals in rituals fantasy artenergy on a higher stage and be free from any kind of negative vibrations expressed as emotions.  By the way, if you are holding a crystal and are thinking bad thoughts, don’t. Put the crystal down and clear your mind. Revisit your intent and then you can proceed to use the crystal, unless you need to cleanse the crystal of any negativity its picked up or to clear it of any unintentional programming. Crystals are indiscriminate about energy, but Spirit isn’t – so please use them for positive purposes.Crystals and Gemstones have long been believed to possess occult qualities.Everything is connected, and everything is energy. Magical and spiritual work involves working within this sea of energy to create harmony and positive change. That’s why crystals – which vibrate with very specific healing and harmonizing frequencies – are an extremely useful tool.The altar serves as a sacred place where you can perform your magic spells undisturbed. The meaning of the word altar is “high place” which indicates the most important aspect of the altar – to serve as a connection point between you and the divine. Spiritually, your altar should express and encourage a personal relationship with divine consciousness, deities, or concepts. A need must exist. Usually this is a need which can’t be satisfied through other means. Attracting love, guarding your home, obtaining housing or other material objects are prime examples. A wish for a relationship, or a desire for a new home aren’t needs. A need is an empty space in your life or a critical condition (such as ill health or danger) which must be worked on immediately. Magic fills that vacuum or corrects the condition, thereby fulfilling the need. The Emotion Along with the need there must be emotion. Emotion is power. “Seeing red” is an example of this-the face grows hot, the heartbeat increases. These are manifestations of power. If you aren’t emotionally involved in your need, you will be unable to raise sufficient power from any source and direct it to your need. In other words, your magic won’t work. If you need to pass an upcoming exam, for example, but you don’t really want to, any magic done to improve your chances will fail. The emotion sets the power free to bring the need into manifestation. The Knowledge This is the way of magic-the techniques which we use to arouse energy within ourselves or natural objects, such as stones, and send it forth toward the magical need. The ‘knowledge’ includes visualization, basics of ritual, concentration and the reality of power. This chapter contains some beginnings of the knowledge. If we have the need and the emotion but not the knowledge of how to utilize these things, we would be like a Neanderthal human contemplating a can opener or a computer. We wouldn’t know howto use the tools.

Related imageAn altar should be used to do most magic rituals and magic spells. There are certain magic spells that should be done outside, but we will go into these later. Choose a quiet place in your home. It could be a little table in your bedroom, or even a closet that is not used, any place that will be peaceful. It is nice to be close to a window, but if there is no window close, a good lamp should be used. There should be fresh flowers or leaves in a vase on your altar all the time. Candles of different colors, incense and several gemstones should be kept close by the altar for ritual use. Candles and gemstones of the basic colors of white, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, brown, red, pink and black should always be on hand.The altar should have items representing earth, air, fire and water. A vase of flowers or leaves can be water. Gemstone is Earth. The candle is fire and the incense is air. Now there should be something very personal to symbolize the person doing the rituals and spells. This could be a figurine of the person’s animal totem, a small bowl of personal gemstones or any keepsake that has special meaning to the person doing the ritual. The altar may be covered with a cloth or not. If a cloth is used it should be of natural fibers, such as cotton or silk. The altar must always be kept clean and uncluttered when not being used for a ritual.Before any ritual is performed the magic spell should be read and understood completely. All items needed for the ritual should be on hand. Rituals should not be taken lightly. Rituals should always be done with respect.

Stones and metals are keys which we can use to unlock our potential as human beings. They expand our consciousness, enhance our lives, calm our stresses and infuse our dreams with healing energies. Skeptics say it’sin our minds.

Magicians say yes, that’s part of it. It’sImage result for crystals altar fantasy art
also in the stones, in our ritual use of these treasures and in our connections with the Earth. Stone magic works. It is effective. That’s all anyone needs to know to try it out.Stones, crystals and metals, as well as colors, scents, forms, movement, Earth, Air, Water, Fire, insects, animals, ourselves, our planet and our universe, contain energy. It is this energy which permits us to practice magic. In the philosophy of the magician, the Wise Woman, the shaman, the Kahuna and the High Priestess, this energy descends from the primal, original source. This has been termed ‘Goddess’, ‘God’, ‘Supreme Deity’, ‘Fate’ and many other names. Countless faiths have created complex ritual calendars and stories concerning this energy. It is that which is revered within all religions. But this energy source is actually beyond religion, beyond theory or explanation. It simply is-everywhere, within ourselves and our planet. Magical practitioners ar~ those who have learned of this energy. They arouse, release and direct energy.Stones are gifts of the Earth. They are manifestations of the universal forces-of ‘Deity’, ‘Goddess’, ‘God’, ‘Fate’-which created all that is, all that was, and all that has potential of being. The Earth is one tiny part of a vast energy network. Though once created by it, our planet now contains its own vibrations. Some of these powers, and their manifestations, are shaded and formed to be beneficial to us. Stones are magical batteries which contain and concentrate the Earth’s energies. Many are thought to also be affected by, or at least symbolic of, the planets and luminaries of our solar system. Others have long been associated with far distant stars.Magic and stones are anciently related. Rocks shaped into animal forms by wind and rain have been used as symbols and as the focus of rites for longer than has been recorded. For ten thousand years, shimmering gemstones have been carried or worn for protection against the unknown. Stones which were scarce, strangely shaped, or that exhibited electrical or magnetic properties are long-time magical tools.It is good to keep a collection of basic gemstones and crystals on hand. Choose a selection that can be used for a variety of magic spells. Image result for crystals altar fantasy artThese might include:

amethyst – for psychic energy, calming, protection

peridot – for beauty

lapis lazuli – for spirituality

tiger’s eye – for insight

garnet – for self confidence and energy

carnelian – for creative energy

quartz crystal stones,clusters or points – to heighten the power of other stones

black tourmaline – for intensified luck

aventurine – for growth, luck and prosperity

emerald – for love

turquoise – for love and protection from negative energy

agate – for strength and protection

fluorite – for concentration

Image result for crystals altar fantasy artBuild your stock of stones as your budget allows. 10 to 12 basic stones would probably be adequate to start. From the earliest prehistoric times to our technological age we have found beauty, power and mystery within stones. Just as herbs possess energies, so too do stones and metals. With their powers we can change ourselves and our lives. Stone magic is as old as time. It began when the earliest humans sensed some force or power trapped within the stones that surrounded them. Stones were probably first used as amulets-objects worn to deflect negativity or evil. Later they were revered as deities, offered as sacrifices, and buried for blessings and fertility of the land. Their use is intimately connected with religion, ritual and magic. Stone magic has been forgotten by many millions of people today. The Industrial Revolution and two devastating wars destroyed the insular village life in which the old magic was passed from generation to generation. Today a new awareness of the magical value of stones and metals has swept over us. This sudden interest is unprecedented in history, and, like the growing use of herbs in magic, is another manifestation that people are finding their micro-chip lives unsatisfying. In the earliest ages, stones were carved into images which seem to be religious or magical in nature. They also provided building materials. Tools fashioned from them cut grain, shaped garments, extracted thorns and performed surgery. Stone weapons guarded and ended life. Rocks were heated to boil water eons before the invention of-fireproof vessels. Stones were at once beautiful and utilitarian, sacred and profane. Through the ages, humans have relied on stones to ensure conception, ease childbirth, guard personal safety and health, and to protect the dead. More recently, stones have been used in magic for internal or external change. Moonstones were worn to promote psychic awareness. The amethyst calmed tempers. Peridot was carried to attract wealth. Rose quartz drew love.
Image result for crystals altar fantasy artStones are powerful, but we must be knowledgeable about them, in harmony with them, and in touch with our own,bodies for this magic to be effective.Colored stones are doubly powerful. Here are some of these energies. Red is the color of blood, of birth and death. In many cultures it has been ‘sacred’, or dedicated to the deities. Red stones are projective, active. They are related to the planet Mars and the element of Fire, both aggressive energies. These are protective stones and work to strengthen the body and will power. Red stones are used to promote courage, to lend energy to the body, and to provide additional power to rituals by their presence on the altar. In ancient times, red stones were worn as antidotes to poison, to keep one’s thoughts ‘pure’, and, by drawing out the causes, to banish anger and all violent emotions. They were also used as a guard against fire and lightning. In healing, red stones are intimately linked with blood. They are often worn to relieve anemia, to halt bleeding and to heal wounds. They also seem to work on rashes and inflammation. Perhaps in association with its blood links, red stones were once carried to prevent miscarriage. Red stones can be empowered and used to overcome sexual dysfunctions, usually by placing the stone near or on the genitals while visualizing.  Pink stones are receptive, packed with loving vibrations. They are calming,soothing, and are used to de-stress and relax the physical body as well as the mind. Sometimes thought to be ruled by Venus (though green is a more Venusian color), pink stones are used to attract a love or to strengthen love already present. They may work to smooth over difficulties in long-standing relationships. They can be worn to promote self-love. This isn’t narcissism but a realization of your faults, acceptance and release of them, and then getting on with life. We cannot expect others to love us if we don’t love ourselves. Pink stones are one energy we can utilize to achieve this. Pink stones promote peace, happiness, joy and laughter. They stimulate the lighter emotions, help attract friends and encourage openness toward others. They are ideal to utilize in group rituals.  Orange stones have some of the fire of red but are gentler in their effects. Projective, they have often been seen as symbols of the Sun. They are ideal for use in protective rituals and those designed to promote illumination. These stones are related to personal power. Wearing one will enhance your ability to tap into and direct this energy during magical rites. These are excellent stones to wear for those people with low self-esteem, for they expand your awareness of self-worth. Orange stones are also thought to be luck-attracting, and as symbols of success, they are worn during spells to assure a positive outcome. Yellow stones and minerals are projective. Ruled by Mercury, they are used in rituals involving communication. If you’re having trouble expressing yourself in an intelligible way, try wearing a yellow stone. Writers may receive help with their work by utilizing yellow stones, while public speakers wear them for eloquence. Also ruled by the Sun, yellow stones are protective, while the element of Air, also a ruler, tells us that they can be used to strengthen the conscious mind. They are worn during magic to heighten visualization abilities. Spells involving travel can be performed with yellow stones, perhaps by holding one in your projective hand and visualizing yourself traveling to your desired location. Health wise, yellow stones are used to promote digestion, to regulate the nervous system, and for skin problems. These are stones of movement, of exchange, of energy and mental awareness. Green is the color of nature, of-fertility, of life, green has often been linked with red in religion and magic. Stones of this hue are receptive. They are used in healing magic, perhaps by surrounding a green or blue candle with the gems, lighting the candle, and then visualizing the sick person as a vibrant, totally healed person. They can also be carried or worn to guard the health. Specifically, green stones are thought to strengthen the eyes, control the kidneys, relieve stomach problems and prevent migraines. Ruled by Venus, green stones are worn during gardening to promote luxuriant growth, or are placed in the earth for this purpose. If you have house plants, try putting a few empowered green stones in the earth. Due to such usage, they were also thought to increase fertility and therefore to promote conception. Their associations with the element of Earth also lead to their use in spells involving money, riches, prosperity and luck. They are grounding and balancing stones which can be worn to attune with the Earth. Blue-the color of the ocean, of sleep, and of twilight. Ruled by the element of Water and the planet Neptune, these are receptive stones and promote peace. Holding a blue stone, or gazing at it calms the emotions. If you have difficulty sleeping, try wearing blue stones to bed. This is also excellent for halting nightmares. Blue stones are worn or used to promote healing, in general, and specifically to reduce fevers, remove ulcers and their causes, and for eliminating inflammations. They are sometimes held to reduce or remove pain from the body. If you feel in need of a purification, wear blue stones, perhaps while bathing, to purify your inner being as well as your outer flesh. This is often done prior to magical ritual. Purple Stones which are purple or indigo-colored are receptive and spiritual. Ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, they have long been associated with mysticism and purification. These are excellent stones to wear for meditation, psychic work or during any ritual designed to contact the subconscious mind. As with green and blue stones, purple is the color of healing and peace. These stones are worn to maintain health and are sometimes given to unruly children to promote obedience. Physically, purple stones are utilized to relieve complaints in the head such as headache, mental illness, concussion and hair problems. They relieve depression and produce restful sleep when worn at night. Purple stones are associated with organized religion as well as the more spontaneous, Earth-oriented systems. They are worn to contact higher forces.White stones are receptive and ruled by the Moon. As such they are intimately linked with sleep and psychic. In the past, white stones, especially chalcedony, were worn to promote lactation by mothers having trouble feeding their babies. In contemporary America, these are considered to be lucky stones, often carried in the pocket or worn to promote good fortune. Because the Moon glows at night, Her-stones are used for protection after dark, often when walking alone in hazardous places. Sometimes white and red stones are carried or worn together for protection at all hours. To be rid of a headache, carry a white stone in your pocket. Some workers say that white stones, because they contain all colors, can be magically charged to act as substitutes for stones of any color. This is done through visualization. Black stones are receptive. They represent the Earth and stability and are ruled by Saturn, the planet of restriction. Black stones are symbolic of self-control, of resilience and quiet power. They are sometimes viewed as protective, but black stones are more often used to’earth’ a person. If you’re light-headed, dizzy, or so focused on the spiritual that your physical life suffers, wear black stones. Mystically, black is the color of the out er spaces, of the absence of light. If you wish to perform a spell of magical invisibility, to ensure that your actions will not be noticed by others, use a black stone for this purpose. For example, make a small image of yourself out of black clay and adorn this with black stones. Place it in a black box or one made of mirrors, and then put the box in a dark place. This simply hides you from others if they represent a threat to your life. Stones which consist of various colors, such as blood stone (green and red), tourmaline (many combinations) and the opal (all colors) are, obviously, more complex in their magical make-up than single hued stones. For most of these, simply look at the colors individually and determine the stone’s uses by combining the energies of each. Opals are a special case, as are all stones which exhibit rainbows or a variety of colors. Various shades or combinations of the basic colors listed above (such as lime green or turquoise) again require combining the information regarding each color.Related image