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 Lavender Auras


Lavenders are gentle and free spirited personalities. Lavenders are in touch with their emotions and have active imaginations. Lavenders are dreamers and use this ability to retreat from the stresses of the real world. They are most productive when placed in positions or chosen professions where they can unleash their imagination and creativity. The Lavender personality— along with their energy and presence—inspires people to tap into their creative resources as well and inspires others to think and to dream.

Lavenders count on their friends, coworkers and loved ones to harness their creativity so that they can solve real world problems. They have the rare ability to make dire situations seem bright and have a calming, positive influence on those who are frustrated, or in physical or emotional pain. Lavenders are a great storytellers and motivators and need people around them to manage their careers in order to maximize their financial potential.

 Personality: Lavenders can be described as dreamers whose fantasies explore alternative realities in order to escape the dullness of everyday life. They are like shape shifters who are constantly shifting and sifting through layers of thought in order to reshape images and dreams into their own sense of reality. Mentally, they prefer to use their intuitive skills as opposed to logical, orderly and sequential thinking patterns. They test theories through their own vivid imagery and won’t conform to budget, time or space. Emotionally, Lavenders are the least grounded of all the colors. They separate themselves from anything or anyone that presents them with too much structure, challenge or meaning to their lives. They are prone to be physically and emotionally hyper sensitive to hypnosis, nightmare, visions and neuroses. They may also experience clairaudience, clairvoyance. Socially, Lavenders are not usually committed to long-term relationships. They tend to be loners because they fear that others will not understand their behavior and thought patterns. When Lavenders feel emotionally and physically secure, they are creative, inventive and experimental.

Career: Lavenders are able to embrace a visual pattern of creative thought and then move and shift various pieces to test different outcomes. They see and fit together all of the pieces and patterns through time and space—in other words—visually in their minds. Once they have seen and completed a pattern, they rarely need to or want to reproduce it in reality; they often daydream about all the outcomes without communicating them to anyone. Lavenders do well in the performing arts where they play different parts or examine multiple sides of a character. They also love music and dance and are able to create and experiment well with both. Lavenders love to play with design because their imagination can run free; they love to be creative with clothing, and color and with the use of colorful words. Good career choices for Lavenders include: dancer, actor, musician, costume designer, set designer, artist and creative therapist.

Relationships: Lavenders are not always available for long term-committed relationships. Mates and families are treated with love in a casual manner because Lavenders spend too much time daydreaming about their own agenda. They become bored of mundane details of everyday life and forget about meetings or dates. They get along with the Physical and Action colors like Orange, Magenta and Yellow because people with these Aura colors are playful, independent and do not like to be emotionally tied down to one person. A person with a Red physical Aura will be too pragmatic for the Lavender and is action oriented rather than a dreamer. The Mental colors keep Lavenders more directed without demanding too much compliance or strict role-playing. However, Lavenders and Loving Nurturing Tans need someone to watch over all the details of daily living since neither wants to be bothered by it. The Emotional and Spiritual Aura colors are good matches as long as the Blues and Violets do not try to smother or control the Lavenders. Crystals and Indigos understand the Lavenders the best; they appreciate each other’s positive qualities and abilities. They respect each other and allow one another the freedom of expression and the emotional security needed to sustain a relationship.

Health and Welliness: Lavenders, at times appear physically pale and fragile, but are actually quite healthy. They prefer to spend their time thinking, creating, dreaming or fantasizing rather than participating in outdoor activities. Their most active place occurs in their inner minds so physical exercise is generally kept at a minimum. Lavenders prefer to work and play at a slower pace and do not enjoy chaos or whirlwind lives. If something is bothering them at work or home they will take a “time out” and remove themselves from the object of their irritation or worry. Lavenders love to meditate quietly or escape into their fantasies. Once their minds are cleared, they feel refreshed in mind, body and spirit and return to the “real” world. Their success at staying healthy is in this ability to forget their problems and retreat quickly into their happy visions and dreams.

Spirituality: Lavenders investigate any and all religious concepts that capture their interest. However, if it involves rigid rituals, beliefs or too many icons associated with the quest, they will ignore or hold them in contempt. Lavenders want total personal freedom of conscious thought and action in their relationship with God, and they want to find God in their own way and time. Lavenders want their religious experience to be visually beautiful and will engage in the use of music, bells, incense, and candles in order to enhance their spiritual experience. They often explore multiple spiritual journeys and ultimately prefer groups offering more natural, intuitive and mystical experiences.

Chakras: Lavenders are associated with the “Third Eye” Chakra. This Chakra is centrally located between the eyes and is the center of intuition. Lavenders use their “Third Eye” Chakra to enhance their intuition, creativity and daydreaming visions. They are so comfortable using this Chakra that they rarely have use for the other Chakras within their bodies. They are not good at doing any type of body check and sometimes feel that their mind is really separated from their physical body. They use their intuition effectively to choose careers, friends, and lovers. They also use the “Third Eye” Chakra more often and more easily than any other color for relaxation, meditation, and fantasy. Lavenders usually sleep well because they look forward to their bedtime dreams.

Lavenders rarely change color because they are so content with the beautiful, soft, Lavender hue that surrounds their entire head and shoulder area. They do not like stress in their lives, so they avoid stressful situations that darken or lighten their Aura color. Instead, they retreat into their own dreamlike state and remain there until their problems are resolved by some external source or until they are forgotten. Lavenders can become too pale if they sleep too much or withdraw from society for too long. If this happens, a brighter shade of Lavender or Indigo should be applied to the forehead. Lavenders are actually very good at controlling their environments with just the right amount of darkness and light. They prefer lighter palettes because darker shades are too harsh for their delicate, emotional balance. Lavenders stay in balance by keeping lighter hues of Pink to Indigo around them.

Lavenders can enhance their beautiful Auras with the use of jewelry, music and clothing. Furniture and housing mean little to them because they prefer to move or change furniture and accessories often when bored. They spend money on items that they can carry easily—music, art, books, writing material, and jewelry that are all transportable. Lavenders should wear silver or platinum metals instead of gold because gold is too heavy and overbearing for them. Jewelry should be enhanced with clear crystals or amethysts that increase intuitive abilities. Colors to incorporate into homes include varying shades of Lavender, Pink, White, Grey and Silver. Clothing fabric should be lightweight because Lavenders do not like being too hot or cold. Furniture fabric should be overstuffed and roomy; this helps the Lavender rest and dream comfortably. Lavenders are the happiest when their thoughts, dreams, and fantasies blend into the reality of their surroundings.