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Lavender Blue Auras


Lavender Blues are sensitive, loving, considerate and creative individuals. They are typically outspoken, intuitive, and passionate. While they like to create ideas and projects, they do not like to be responsible for the completion of tasks. They prefer a calm, mellow life style that lets them share their dreams, ideas and creativity with others.

Lavender Blues thrive in steady environments and relationships and avoid change and stress. Lavender Blues need hobbies that they can pour themselves into when things get intense, which allows them to deal with reality in their own time and on their own terms. They need people around them, in love, life and at work, that can pull them back into reality and help them confront issues that trouble them. They avoid conflict at all costs, but are highly intuitive and often right. Therefore, they need people who will stand up for them and be their voice when intense situations arise.

Personality: The Lavender Blue is highly intuitive and very intelligent. They are able to visualize information, picture problems and see solutions like a movie playing out in front of their eyes. It is sometimes more difficult for the Lavender Blue to translate these mental visions into words. Emotionally, the Lavender Blue connects emotions to spirituality; they must see, feel, and touch on a level above the physical and feel more through their fantasies than through reality. Their Lavender overlay will always push them to find time to escape the structure of their lives. If their Blue overlay is strong enough however, they will try to hold onto a relationship very closely and need a lot of reinforcement as long as the relationship lasts. Socially, the Lavender Blue has many friends, and works well with others. But you cannot ask them to totally commit to a project or social engagement because they change their mind and direction without cause.

Career: Lavender Blues need to integrate their intelligence, emotions, compassion for others, intuition and fantasies into their work. They are not good project leaders, but are good listeners who are compassionate and understanding. They are also creative in their approach to work. They have to be careful about becoming too bored or daydreaming too much during work; they will simply walk off the job or resign if they do not continue to feel good about their work. Some of the career choices for the Lavender Blue include: artist, teacher, social worker, dancer, actor, nurse, writer, or clergy member.

Relationships: All Lavender Blues whether they add the additional color of Blue, or Indigo to their Aura, want to be in loving and emotionally connected relationships. Lavender Blues get along well with other Lavender Blues, Blue Lavenders, Blue Indigos, and Blues because they are all very emotional. However, if there is too much emotion displayed by one or the other in the relationship, one of the parties may feel denied of their time to be the center of attention. A Lavender Blue and a Yellow have fun together, but will stay together long because a Yellow takes the relationship too lightly. A Lavender Blue in a relationship with a Magenta, Red, or Orange has little chance of working out due to a Magenta being so outrageous, and a Red and Orange too physical for the Lavender Blue. The best choice for the Lavender Blue of the Analytical colors—Green, Mental Tan/Physical Tan, Loving/Nurturing Tan or a combination of these is the Loving Nurturing Tan with the Lavender Blue. Each of them communicate well with the other and are attentive and nurturing without smothering.

Health and Wellness: The Blue Aura of the Lavender Blue is highly emotional; our emotions pass through the body and often are expressed through the throat. Therefore, the throat and upper chest are susceptible to colds, bronchitis, and nasal issues. The Lavender aura comes from the eye area of the body and is a highly sensitive, highly intuitive area. So the combination of Lavender Blue can make the individual highly sensitive to light and therefore to headaches. Lavender Blues tend to be less physical; they are not outdoor types and mostly prefer indoor activities; however, the Lavender Blue should make time for walking and meditation so they can clear their minds, body and spirit. This also helps with depression and weight issues.

Spirituality: Lavender Blues experience spirituality as an out of body experience. They are deeply spiritual and have a great faith and trust in God. They sometimes idealize the vision of God with music, candles, incense and meditation. Surrounding that image promotes calmness and takes them to an ethereal state. Lavender Blues often combine prayer with walking and talking to God in a natural setting such as the woods or a park. They see the beauty of nature—trees, grass, insects, and animals—as spiritual inspiration. Music, candles, and bells offer visual and auditory stimulation that also encourages spirituality.

Chakras: Lavender Blues deal with the Chakra levels at the Third eye (between the eyes) and the Throat area. The Throat Chakra is the sensitive filtering system for our bodies. Our Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual feelings are released through this Chakra; the Throat Chakra is the communication center for our body. The Third Eye Chakra that governs the Lavender part of this Aura combination helps guide the individual to greater soulful insight and spirituality. Lavender Blues use both the Throat Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra to enhance the feelings received through daydreaming and intuitive growth.

Lavender Blues tend to weaken in color as opposed to being too strong and vibrant. They tend to become almost sleepy and lethargic, losing their grip on reality and falling deeper into an emotional state of depression if left without intervention. It is important to introduce a very bright Turquoise color to awaken the Lavender Blue and to snap the Lavender Blue out of their lethargy. Turquoise helps the Lavender Blue see more clearly. Another color that increases the power, stability, and focus of the Lavender Blue is Indigo. This is another emotional color, but it is a stronger more directed color that can follow and finish inner directions. Lavender Blues flourish with the aid of bright colors—even red as a positive motivator—from time to time.

It is very important to enhance the Lavender Blue Aura with the help of jewelry, gemstones, clothing and household hints. Jewelry should be simple and lightweight so it doesn’t keep the Lavender Blue sedentary. A small Turquoise, Sodalite, or Lapis pendant can be worn at the neckline. Also an Amethyst or Pink Tourmaline are wonderful at the neck to relax the mind and spirit. Clothing should be very light in color—mostly pastels—although Navy can be worn on the bottom half of the body. Yellow clothing lifts the Lavender Blue out of depression, and a Yellow and Violet color combination gives the Lavender Blue a feeling of focus and power. Lavender Blues clutter the home; projects remain unfinished, mail unopened, clothing strewn everywhere, and lots of “stuff” sitting around the home. Therefore, the home should be cleaned out and there should be a minimum of furniture; walls should be light in color and completed with the creative influence of the Lavender Blues.