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Lost Dreams

Dreams about being lost are an extremely common theme at bedtime.

Lost dreams and dreams about searching for lost objects or not being able to find your way back are common in all age groups. These dreams have much to do with insecurities, frustrations or losses in your waking life. This type of dream may also be an indication that you are fearful of being unable to attain set goals for the future. It could also mean that you do not any have defined goals and have been procrastinating. Feelings of anxiety about a new job, a move to another location and fitting in socially or an impending deadline set either by someone else or you may trigger these dreams.To dream of being lost represents your attempt to find your way through a situation that’s unfamiliar or making you insecure. You may be experiencing a strange or scary situation that is unsettling because it’s new. An overwhelming feeling of confusion or uncertainty in waking life. Not knowing what to do next or where to turn. Feeling that you will never escape a problem or find an answer you need. You’re lacking the clarity you want in a situation you are not accustomed to. Wanting clarification in business or spirituality. Feeling that you can’t restore your life or relationships to normal no matter what you try. A lack of direction. Feeling unprepared for something you are experiencing. A fear losing something secure in your life. Feeling humiliated and not knowing what to do about it. Feeling lost without someone important in your life. Insecure feelings about a partner that has left you. Feeling that you are losing someone special in your life that made you feel secure and don’t know how to live without them.
Negatively, dreaming of being lost may be a sign that you are too emotionally dependent on something or someone. A weak independent spirit or lack of self-reliance. Too sensitive about being without someone or something in your life.
Alternatively, being lost in a dream reflects distractions that have made you lose yImage result for lost dreams artour sense of purpose or direction. Going off on a tangent that distracts you from the big picture. Feeling like you are wasting your time or that your life is going in circles. A warning dream about the potential for bad choices that may lead you astray.
Dreams of being lost and wanting to get home represents your wish to find stability or create a sense of normalcy in a situation. Being frustrated that you can’t get something back to normal. A wish to be reconnected with what makes you happy.
Being lost in a dream may be a sign that you need to sort through your priorities for you make an important decision.
To dream of being lost while driving represents plans or decisions that have fallen prey to distractions. Losing sight of the big picture while focusing too much on the details.
To dream of being lost in a forest may represent feelings of being overwhelmed with confusion. Not knowing where to begin to address a problem or get yourself out of trouble. Feeling that there are no solutions and nobody to help you. Feeling that you’ve completely lost your way in a waking life situation.
To dream of being lost in a haunted house represents feelings of being stuck with unresolved issues from your past. You may feel unable to escape the torment of a bad history or unpleasant past relationships. Bad choices that have left you unable to avoid an unpleasant past at all.
To dream of being lost in a city may reflect feelings of being unable to get away from people or social situations that you don’t really like. Feeling that there is no easy way to avoid people without causing an argument or hurting someone’s feelings.
To dream of being lost in a hospital may reflect feelings of being unable to escape problems you are trying to fix. It may also reflect a fear of being unable to escape health problems, disease, old age, or death.
The location you are in while being lost in a dream may reflect the disturbing aspects of a waking life situation that leaves feeling confused or left astray. A metaphorical description of the type of situation you feel you can’t get yourself out of. Image result for lost dreams art
To dream of being lost in the dark may represent feelings of being desperate to do anything all with no way to. Feeling unable to control anything that is happening to you. Feeling that you are completely on your own with no answers or help in sight. Alternatively, it may also reflect powerful feelings of isolation or loneliness.
To dream of being lost in fog represents feelings about being unable to escape a situation that uncertain, mysterious, or giving you mixed signals. The dream may be a sign that you are allowing someone else’s lack of clarity to keep you insecure and confused.

Dreams about being lost or searching for something that is lost usually denote anxiety. They evoke feelings of confusion and frustration, or even a sense of feeling you don’t fit in,” says O’Connor. “Usually, the meaning has to do with a current situation in your life where you are anxious that you will not find your way — perhaps a new job where you feel your skills are not optimal, a move to a new city where you are anxious about fitting in and making new friends or perhaps an important task at work with a deadline looming.”

“Ask yourself where in your life you are feeling lost in some way. Once you identify the anxiety-causing situation, you can work through your feelings.” If your lost dream is about a missing object, she suggests you ask yourself what that object symbolizes. “For example, dreaming about losing your wallet can be a dream where you fear losing your identity by trying to conform to outside expectations that don’t reflect who you truly are.”

There are many induction techniques that can be used to ask for a specific type of dream about being lost. “The easiest method is to spend a few minutes before bedtime setting an intention to experience a dream in which you are lost,” she explains. “You might want to induce such a dream if you feel stuck or lack direction in some area of your life right now and need an answer as to why that is happening and how to move forward.” As with most dreams, if they are not nightmarish, avoiding them is not recommended in the same way that avoiding your emotions is not recommended in your waking life.Related image

“As with most dreams, the individual dreamer’s current life is usually the source of any dream of being lost or losing something. If emotional outpourings of grief or loss are deemed unacceptable in a certain culture or family, those individuals might dream of being lost or losing something in order to process actual loss that has gone unexpressed..

“Dreams of being lost are extremely common and can occur at any age.” “School-age children often dream of being lost in school, unable to find their classroom or locker. Adult versions of the same dream might find the dreamer searching for where he parked his car or trying to navigate his way through an unfamiliar city or building complex or endlessly searching for a report needed for an important work meeting.”

“Most often, other people in a dream represent parts of the dreamer so a dream in which someone you care for is lost might indicate that you value an aspect of that person in yourself and feel you have lost that capacity or ability”. An experience of loss of someone you care about could induce a lost dream. “You may also feel that someone close to you is floundering or lacks direction in an important area of life and those worries surface through your dreams,” she says.Related image

If you dream about someone other than yourself becoming lost, it may be that in your waking life you feel confused, disconnected or estranged in some way from that individual. You may also be hesitant about following them down a path you are unfamiliar with. Another reason may be that you are harboring negative feelings or doubt regarding a relationship with this lost individual.

Dreaming of lost objects usually is an indication that there is something in your waking life that you have in fact lost. It may even represent a part of yourself that has disappeared due to unwanted concessions you have made in your personal or business affairs.

Some psychologists equate these types of dreams with new beginnings and change, and the fear of letting go of the familiar in certain areas of your life.

When evaluating these dreams, determine any losses you may have felt or experienced in your waking life. From those situations, you may discover that you have some buried feelings that have resurfaced. This might be the time to face them, and if you do, these dreams will begin to fade.