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Magenta Yellow Auras


Magenta Yellows—a rare color combination in the action color group—are creative, manipulative, fun loving, engaging, and inspirational. They are affected by their senses—touch, feel, sight, taste—and must be constantly stimulated on all levels to feel comfort, success and happiness. Boredom sometimes leads them to destructive behavior, or they may become disruptive and distracting to others. They measure success by the amount of joy they experience everyday. They can become great leaders by lending their positive energy to worthy causes, projects and people.

Magenta Yellows have short attention spans and need lots of mental & physical challenges at work and play to hold their interest. Stimulated Magenta Yellows are engaging and inspirational, but when bored they can be disruptive and distracting to those around them. It is important that Magenta Yellows choose careers that provide opportunities to solve problems, and it is also important that they develop hobbies to remain stimulated outside of work as well. Magenta Yellows need outlets that calm their nerves and minds and need partners that understand and support their needs.

Magenta Yellow Auras Personality: Your bright action Aura is almost blinding; your Yellow and Magenta sometime fight for supremacy and actually blend most of the time into one Rosy, Yellowish blend. You are mentally bright, creative and agile, but cannot sit still long because you grow bored quickly. You will only become involved in activities whether they are work, games, social or cultural events that truly interest you and offer you the opportunity to use your quick mind and hands on abilities. Emotionally, you are lovable but restless and can express multiple emotions openly to others if feeling bored, confused, ecstatic or sad. You are usually eager to please others, and you are very open about sharing opinions and feelings; you will try not to hurt others. Socially, you love to be with people; you love a dare and to engage in foolish, often unpredictable activities. You are extremely spontaneous, both at love and play, and are the life of the party.

Magenta Yellow Auras Career: You like to be the creative force behind the building and/or construction of a project; you are the innovator, the director and producer. You need the greatest amount of flexibility surrounding your work environment—flexible hours, workers, creativity, deadlines—all are subject to your whim and constant change. You won’t be locked into a “nine to five” job, so you need a career that requires little or no supervision or, where you lead and supervise others to cater to your fantasies and realities. You teach others best by demonstration and hands on help. Because you tend to become bored easily, you may move from career to career, always thinking that the next career will be more exciting, outrageous, more flexible or creative for you. Good career choices for you include: artist, hair stylist, clothing designer, inventor, musician, writer, comedian, sales agent, travel agent, makeup artist, landscaper and construction worker or developer.

Magenta Yellow Auras Relationship: Your Aura is one of the brightest, most intense Auras. It keeps you restless, easily bored, outrageous, daring, unpredictable, and extremely fun loving. You typically do not want to be very serious or intense with one person for very long; you may experience multiple marriages with a variety of personality types. When you do marry, you will want an “open marriage” policy that leaves you open to multiple types of relationships with others. You will not consciously choose a particular personality type—you simply choose what looks and feels good to you at the moment. Therefore, you will not choose a particular Aura personality group, but may be attracted to a particular color within a group. A person with a Red or Orange Aura will be too solid and steady and too self-directed for you. A Mental Tan will help you think and move logically, step-by-step. A Nurturing Tan will provide emotional stability for you, but will be too boring in the long run and a Loving Tan will be too platonic and abstract, not wanting to share in your enthusiastic lifestyle. A Green will love your creativity and want to share your success, so would be a good match. People with Blue Auras will be way too emotional for you and want to hold on and control you. Lavenders will not listen closely to your dreams, and Crystals will be like fire and water because they are too rigid in their value system for you. Your best relationship match will be Violets who will feel and be touched by your passion and creativity and will journey everywhere with you, and/or other Magenta Yellows, Magentas and Yellows who will meet all of your expectations and are not afraid of the unknown.

Magenta Yellow Auras Health: You are an Action Personality color Aura who experiences adrenaline rushes that add a heightened sense of thrill and excitement to everything you do. You bring great creativity, productivity and energy to your work, your social events, and your relationships, but you are susceptible to emotional and physical crashes due to operating at a fast and fluid pace. You will have to monitor blood pressure brought on by all of your hyperactivity—stomach conditions such as colitis, constipation or ulceration brought on by too much drinking or ingestion of drugs, poor balanced nutrition, and poor sleeping habits. Also, you may have a tendency to contract sexually transmitted diseases due to your frequency of social engagement with multiple partners. You will be the healthiest when you master balancing your abundant physical and mental energy with the joy of relaxation of embracing your natural environment.

Magenta Yellow Auras Spirituality: You are amazed and dazzled by the wonder and beauty of the world that God has created; you actually feel a physical sensation—a rush of adrenaline—that makes you want to connect to the objects of God’s creations: trees, grass, flowers, animals and other humans. You won’t be bound by conventions, set of rules, or code of laws that regulate religious behavior. You may stay involved with a religious affiliation only as long as you are free to come and go as you please and become involved in what feels good or appropriate to you. Practical and/or utilitarian self-expression is important to you, such as lighting candles, creating fire for spiritual connection, singing and communing with nature. You must sense the connection between your inner self and the earth and understand the co-existence.

Magenta Yellow Auras Chakras: Your Aura colors are governed by two Chakras; the first, or Root Chakra creates your Magenta Aura color band, and your third, or Solar Plexus Chakra creates your Yellow Aura color band. Both of these Chakras are related to the earth, to wanting joy, happiness and success. Both Chakras work on arousal and invigorating energy; both are the center of physical energy and vitality. You will combine the passion of your Magenta Aura with the strength of your Yellow Aura and create a sense of empowerment. Your personal power is usually directed in a self-serving direction; be careful that you do not undermine a sense of fulfillment through service to others to remain balanced.

Magenta Yellow Auras Color Change: Your Aura has a tendency to move towards a darker Magenta or Red and deeper Yellow blend if you are overly agitated with work, partying too much and deprived of sleep. As your Aura deepens, you will engage in more erratic lifestyles and bizarre work, play or eating habits. Once you have reached your breaking point, you will wear out from all the abuse and your Aura will suddenly become a pale Magenta to Pink with pale Yellow streaks running through it. This indicates depression, sluggish digestion and confusion. Once you refresh your mind, body and spirit with sleep, relaxing music, warm water and the warm sun, you will return to your normal, high intensity state.

Enhancing Magenta Yellow Auras You are one of the few Aura combinations that needs little enhancement around you; you are already an extreme color—singly or as a combination—that needs more softening so you don’t become too exaggerated or outrageous. Normally, you do not have ownership of many things; you move around at whim and hardly ever settle down in a home or a city for very long. Therefore, you have few possessions except items that can easily be transported. The items that you do keep close to you, such as clothing, should include neutral, earthy colors—soft beiges and greens—and textures to keep you balanced. Your accessories in the form of jewelry, shoes, or scarves can show more of your creative, wild, joyful, playful side. Jewelry should always include a Garnet, Citrine and/or Turquoise for centering and balance. Wherever you are traveling, make sure you find a spa for light workouts, massages, and relaxation to keep you in shape physically, mentally and emotionally.