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Everything — Including the Human Body — is Made of Energy

My dears
Man’s perspective, his reality (reality) is also in his mind.
Reality is not the same for everyone, it depends on the individual decision in life.
Without change in Your inner world, without enrichment of Your knowledge and experience, Your reality will not change either. And it can be as you decide.
In order to enrich your knowledge and inner world, I invite you to participate in virtual sessions that will contain 10 (ten) topics in the field of Energy Medicine (listed below).
Each session will contain one topic and will last 2 (two) hours in:
Period: 6 – 8 pm (60 minutes lecture and 60 minutes discussion),
Days: Wednesday
First session: 26.08.2020 – Wednesday
The application deadline is 24.08.2020 – Monday until 12:00.
According to your choice you can participate in a session (topic) individually or in all sessions (topics).
 For more detailed information you can contact sonja.papadimitriou2002@yahoo.gr
. The sessions are in Macedonian, Serbian, Greek and English
I expect you with an open heart and mind and a great desire to cooperate interactively through a dynamic exchange of wonderful energy.
Topics in Energy Medicine:
Healthy Spirit and Healthy Body

– What Role does the Subconscious play in our lives (Consciousness and Subconscious and how to influence the Subconscious)

– How Thoughts Affect Our Health and Life (Are We How We Think and How to Change Our Thinking)

– Why and in what way our Body is a source of Energy

– What is the role of Cosmic Energy for our Health

– What is the expression of the disease and what is it (factors that cause it)

– How Meditation Helps Preserve and Maintain Health (Ways to Achieve It and What It Really Is)

– Karma and Reincarnation

– Solving the problems from previous lives

– Connecting with Angels and Spiritual Leaders

– Energy and working with Energy