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Orange Pet Auras


Pets with Orange auras are very active. Orange animals may pace a lot and will need a lot of space to move around,and they like to move in bursts and they like to jump and charge at objects. They need a lot of activities to keep them busy, and are highly trainable, but if left untrained they can drive their owners a little crazy.


They will tend to knock toys or furniture or family knick knacks over without realizing what they are doing because they need to be on the move constantly and they are not always aware of their surrounding when they are in the moment. They are not malicious, so as responsible owners, it is important to make sure the room or space is prepared (almost like “child-proofing).


They will tend to show a highly sexual nature, so when around other animals of the opposite sex, will be overly attentive and sometimes engage in inappropriate behavior. Animals with Orange Auras do not like the feeling of being “caged”, so make sure there is ample space and room for your pet to roam, smell and engage in his/her own creative activities.


Pets with Orange Auras may not follow commands easily as they like to follow their own desires; however, they really love to have their bellies rubbed often and will show more affection when you pet, rub, and coo or make other endearing sounds around them. They will eat and drink when they feel the need – not on your schedule. Make sure they have a lot of light surrounding them as they love sun and greenery and then you will have a happy pet.


Great colors to surround your pet are the earth tones – burnt oranges and browns and greens – that give them great pleasure. Gemstones for a healthy glow will include Topaz, Moonstone and Amber especially if your pet shows signs of possessiveness, bladder problems or listlessness. Optimum balance can be achieved by watching your pet do their “own thing”.