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Orange Red Auras


Orange Color in Aura

An orange color in the Aura represents the color of the Sacral Chakra or Second Chakra and it stands for charisma, attraction and magnetic personality.
They know how to give and receive joyous and sensuous stimuli to others. Many leaders of the world and popular personalities are found to have pre-dominant orange color in their aura. Such personalities are ‘crowd pullers’ and fun to be with.

Sacral Chakra Keywords:Sensuality (five senses) and Sexuality

Orange color aura is often seen around the body (outer aura) of many popular personalities.

Meaning of Outer Aura: Outer Aura is what we are projecting about ourselves to the world outside.

Whenever there is orange in the internal aura, it represents attraction with respect to that chakra.

Meaning of Inner Aura:
Inner Aura is our true self. It shows our current thought and emotional responses to our life situations; our state of being.


Orange Reds—part of the physical color group—live life with gusto, courage and tremendous physical, emotional and spiritual energy. They experience life best through physical interaction with the environment and through direct physical contact with others. Orange Reds possess great passion and endurance for life and activities. They are great at sensing and overcoming all obstacles in life, work, and relationships. Sometimes, they will push past the boundaries of normal limitations in order to finish and/or succeed at a project. Orange Reds meet challenges with courage & purpose and often push past normal limitations for noble causes. They push others as well, but sometimes too far. Orange Reds, given their patience and endurance, can also hold onto relationships, ideas or projects for much too long. They need a strong support group to help them move on from negative environments and relationships. Oranges are at home in steady, routine environment. They lock into a pattern and stay with it. Orange Reds are dutiful, loyal and supportive and need people around them who appreciate their love and affection.

Orange Reds Personality: You will test your physical limit and seek victory at any cost; you must manage every aspect of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life. Mentally, you live in your head, planning your next physical challenge and moving that plan forward into reality. You are curious and must understand practical applications for everything that you learn. You get bored quickly if you do not have the opportunity to work “hands on”. You are intelligent and have survivor instincts that help you conquer roadblocks in your life. Emotionally, you are unable to harness your behavior and/or feelings; you are exuberant, forthright, honest, direct, explosive, and will respond physically in both negative and positive ways to others. Socially, you like people around in order to help them, or to study them, but not to particularly be a part of a crowd. You will approach a relationship with lust, and prefer mates who are passionate, fit and physically active.

Orange Reds Career: You are direct, honest and sometimes blunt with your opinions. You have leadership qualities, and lead by showing others physically how to do something. You have high standards concerning the quality of work you do and accomplish, and often, you work simultaneously with your mind and your body. Your needs are few and simple, but if you use any particular tools of a trade or hobby, they will always be expensive and state-of-the-art. You use money as a means to get the things that you need to succeed at your craft or hobby. You have a great deal of strength—mentally and physically—and have great determination and courage. Good career choices for you involve working with the environment—perhaps as a Policeman or Paramedic, Frogman, Explorer, or Steeplejack. You will also be successful as a Surgeon, Construction Worker, Hair Stylist, or Daredevil.

Orange Reds Relationship: You tend to isolate yourself unless involved in an on-going relationship. You will not go out of your way to socialize in large groups, but prefer small, intimate, warm and inviting people to surround you. You prefer independent, passionate, physically trim, successful and emotionally stable mates. Mental/Physical Tan Auras may not understand your disregard for physical safety, but will admire your strength and your constructive, capable intelligence. Green Auras will be complimentary to your desire for success, your ability to strategize and will admire your quick, decisive mind. You will want to stay away from Loving/Nurturing Tan Auras who will be too polite and meek, and Blue Auras who will be too controlling and emotional. Lavender Auras will be too irresponsible and won’t listen to or understand your values. Violet and Crystal Auras will interact well with you because they are strong, grounded and will meet your challenges with merit and dignity.

Orange Reds Health: Your strength lies in your physical and mental prowess; you lead by courage, strength, and dependability. You will keep moving—physically, mentally, and even emotionally—until all of your tasks are completed whether at work or play. You may sometimes push yourself to exhaustion, which can deplete your energy. You will suffer first from cuts, bruises, scrapes and broken bones rather than from mental or emotional stress related problems. Your largest health issue will stem from complications of fatigue or blood disorders from anemia due to poor eating habits. Constipation, muscle cramps and Kidney disorders can be avoided by drinking lots of water, and watching nutritional elements in your diet. You may need to take Vitamin supplements at some point in your life to aid with Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium issues. You should stay on a healthy balance of Protein and Carbohydrates for optimum energy.

Orange Reds Spirituality: Religious experiences will be felt a physical manner. You will have to feel God within you—most likely through music, dance, and song, clapping, and loud chanting or cheering—in order to accept spirituality beyond yourself. Normally, you won’t feel comfortable intellectualizing any ideology or philosophy of a church; you prefer simplicity of words and actions. If you join a congregation, you will prefer a small church that is simple and natural in design and may be on the outskirts of the city or town where you reside. You will enjoy a congregation that prefers to commune with Nature and includes hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities as part of worship.

Orange Reds Chakras: You combine two Chakra areas to make your color combination—the 2nd or Spleen Chakra governs your Orange Aura, and the 1st or Root Chakra governs your Red Aura. Both of your governing Chakras define who you are; your base emotions, the foundation and center of your physical being, your material reality, and your creativity arise from these two Chakras. Your sexual organs—male sexual organs come from the 1st Red, Root Chakra, and female sexual organs come from the 2nd Orange, Spleen Chakra. This color combination creates a physical Red and an intuitive Orange that makes you creative, challenging, and full of vitality for everything in life.

Orange Reds Color Change: Your combination Aura rarely changes color much unless you are in a state of fatigue. If your Aura becomes too dark and actually takes on a single deep Mahogany Red color, then you are becoming too aggressive, outspoken, angry, manipulative and maybe even delusional with your thoughts and actions. Use Black Obsidian to ground yourself and Green to promote quiet and rest. If your Aura becomes too light, you will need bright Reds surrounding you to make you feel alive again so you no longer feel afraid of facing life and you so not feel sensitive to the light of day. It is important to keep your combination Aura balanced with the right amount of Red, Green, Yellow and Black surrounding you so you can maintain your physical and intuitive energy.

Enhancing Orange Reds Auras: Your combination Aura is easily enhanced by bright primary colors. You should surround yourself with some Red, Yellow, Green and Black. Black is a grounding color for you whether fatigued or not. Colors can be used in jewelry, clothing or furniture, and will have the most effect on you if worn on your body in some manner. If you want to have success in business, you should surround your office with Green and Yellow. Gemstones that are best for you to wear will be Garnet for enthusiasm and self confidence, Obsidian or Hematite for grounding, and Tiger’s Eye or Carnelian for energy.