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Pink is not one of the basic colors of the spectrum, but is a mixture of White and Red. Pink combines the stimulating properties of Red and the color White, which symbolizes the link to the Divine and the Universal Energies. Red gives energy and warmth, and White brings clarity and purity to the color Pink

Pink relates to the element of both Fire and Air and is aligned with the planet Venus and the Moon. Pink is related to the zodiac signs of Aquarius and Libra.

Pink is a color of unconditional love, joy, compassion, purity, devotion, sweetness, affection and kindness and femininity, tolerance, Universal love, warmth, friendship, affection, harmony, inner-peace, gentleness, kindness, approachability, passion, romance, power, energy, courage, protection, enthusiasm, loyalty, faithfulness, happiness, softness, nurture, infatuation, relaxation, motherhood, charm and personal magnetism, attracting and attraction, self-realization, selflessness, youthfulness, tenderness, caring, feminine energies and traditional feminine traits, receptivity.

Pink resonates with ‘Yin’.

Pink is most often associated with happy memories and brings us in touch with good times from long ago. Pink indicates the elements of love, emotional issues, forgiveness and our emotional endeavors. The color Pink arouses love, affection and the desire to give to others. Pink is sometimes seen as ‘lightheartedness’. Being in love and falling in love are symbolic of the color Pink

Pink helps to heal grief and sadness, and brings you into contact with your true feelings.

Brighter Pink is youthful, fun and exciting.

Deep Rose Pink is the symbol of ‘unconditional love’.

Vibrant Pink have the same high energy as Red  –  they are sensual and passionate, without being too aggressive.

The color ‘hot pink’ can represent sex and lust.

Toning down the passion of Red with the purity of White results in softer Pink that is associated with romance.

Muddy Pink reflects immaturity

Pink, a delicate color that means sweet, nice, playful, cute, romantic, charming, feminine, and tenderness, is associated with bubble gum, flowers, babies, little girls, cotton candy, and sweetness.

The color pink is the color of universal love of oneself and of others. Pink represents friendship, affection, harmony, inner peace, and approachability.

Pink is the official color for little girls and represents sugar and spice and everything nice. Pink is the sweet side of the color red. While the color red stirs up passion, aggression, and action, large amounts of the color pink can actually create physical weakness.

Both red and pink represent love. The color red represents heat and passion, while the color pink represents romance and charm. Hot pink is used to communicate playfulness, while light pink is used to communicate tenderness.

Pink gemstones are believed to bring about serenity, relaxation, acceptance, and contentment, as well to neutralize disorder or soften frustration.

Other meanings associated with the color pink:

The phrase “in the pink” means healthy.

The expression “tickled pink” means being happy, content.

The saying “pink collar” refers to a female office worker, often used in a derogatory fashion.

The word “pink” means to cut, notch, or make a zigzag.

Additional words that represent different shades, tints, and values of the color pink: salmon, coral, hot pink, fuschia, blush, flesh, flush, fuchsia, rose.

Keywords: Nurturing, Kindness, Love

Color Energy Properties & Associations: Love, Infatuation, Relaxation, Relieve Tension, Motherhood, Awareness of Life Purpose, Charm and Personal Magnetism, Life Path, Attracting, Increase Speed, Self-Realization, Unconditional Love of Self and Others, Alleviate Jealousy, Grief, Sadness, Youthfulness, Awareness of Deepest Feelings, Tenderness, Nurturing, Caring, Friendship, Feminine Energy, Receptive, Yin

Healing Lore: Overeating, Obesity, Childbirth, Pregnancy, Adrenal Activity, Heart, Emotional Healing

Color Cautions: Excessive pink may incline toward excessive passivity.

Related To: Heart Chakra

Gemstones and Minerals: Pink Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Morganite (Pink Emerald – the Stone of Divine Love), Beryl, Bismuth, Coranduna, Crazy Lace Agate, Garnet, Hot Pink Topaz, Imperial Garnet, Kunzite (Spodumene), Morganite (Pink Beryl), Ocean Jasper, Pink Sapphire, Pink Sinel, Pink Tourmaline, Precious Topaz, Quartz, Rhodochrasite, Rhodonite, Rose Cat’s Eye Quartz, Rose Quartz, Watermelon Tourmaline, Danburite, Pink Carnelian, Pink Otical Calcite, Leopard skin Jasper, ink Manganocalcite, Pink Sinel.

Place Pink crystals and gemstones around your home to attract positive energies and to ensure a happy and loving home environment.

Pink Food

Pink grapefruit, pink beans.

Pink Essential Oils  – Pink grapefruit, Pink lotus, Rose Geranium, Rose, Rose Otto, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Lily of the Valley.


People who favor Pink are likely to be generous, warm, compassionate and loving. They may display maternal and traditional feminine traits such as caring, nurturing and nourishing and the need to give love and attention to others. They also need a lot of love themselves and crave safety, protection and security.

People who prefer Pink are romantic and sensuous people who enjoy the idea of being in love. They are positive optimists and always seek to find the good in everyone. They can also be easily hurt and over-sensitive, and can become too dependent and reliant upon others as they may lack self-confidence.

Disliking the color Pink can suggest issues of dependency and/or problems with parents. A person with an aversion to PINK may find it a challenge to express their soft, tender, feminine side.


Pink is the color of gentleness and love. Those who wear a lot of Pink are affectionate, understanding and sympathetic of others, and most often have a very loving nature. Wearing Pink indicates someone who is not afraid to express their femininity.

Wearing Pink attracts love and a potential love partner, and is often favored by people who desire love and affection in their lives.

Wear Pink if seeking to de-stress and find peace and calm.

Wearing Pink clothes can denote people who are often over-worked and over-burdened and may speak of a desire for the more carefree days of childhood.

People who wear Pink may lack willpower and show weakness when they are unable to control affairs of the heart.

Those who wear Pink often need a great deal of support from others, and can at times act childishly. They must learn to love and accept themselves and become more confident and self-reliant.

Pink in our DREAMS 

Pink is the color of love, happiness and joy, kindness and affection. Dreaming of Pink can imply falling in love or being in love and the associated emotions.

Disliking the color Pink, and seeing it in your dreams may be implying problems to do with your parents (predominantly with the mother figure or maternal side) and/or dependency issues.

Pink in the TAROT

When Pink can be seen within the Tarot cards, matters of the heart often prevail.

Pink is seen on The Lovers card (6).

Pink in the AURA

Pink in the Aura denotes femininity, emotionalism, sensitivity, yearning, sentimentality and softness.

A person with a lot of Pink in their Aura always indicates a very loving and giving person, and it also tells of a quiet, refined and modest type of person. Pink in the aura denotes a quiet, refined and modest type of person and it is a color that is seldom seen in a dogmatic type of person. Lots of Pink in the aura signifies a person with great lasting devotion. It is the color of compassion, love and purity.

Deep rose Pink is the symbol of unselfish or unconditional love.

Muddy Pink reflects immaturity.

Colors within the Aura

The Heart Chakra bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Pink blends with Green to co-govern the Heart Chakra, and represents understanding, love and admiration.

The color Pink resonates with the Heart Chakra, which is in line with the heart, in between the shoulder blades. The Heart Chakra is the ‘Harmonizing Element’, and gives one the ability to freely give and receive and to develop compassion when open and balanced.



When the Heart Chakra is blocked we experience anxiety, a lack of inner-strength, self-loathing and a lack of self-esteem. A blocked Heart Chakra leads to feelings of being unloved and unlovable, and an inability to attract love into our lives.

Color Healing with Pink

Pink has many beneficial healing properties and is the color of ‘cosmic love’ and ‘unconditional love’.

Bright Pink stimulates energy and can increase the blood pressure, respiration, heartbeat and pulse rate. Bright Pink encourages action and confidence.

Pink has a warming effect on the mind and helps to restore youth. It combats and eases over-eating, obesity, childbirth, pregnancy, adrenal activity, and emotional healing.


In color healing and therapy, Pink treats conditions to do with a lack of self-love, a feeling of loneliness and of feeling unloved. It brings an awareness of your life purpose and soul mission.


Pink promotes self-realization and unconditional love of the Self and others, alleviates jealousy, and alleviates grief and sadness, and awareness of deepest emotions and feelings.


Pink alleviates feelings of irritability and anger, and surrounds us with protection and a sense of love and comfort. Pink also assists with feelings of unhappiness, vulnerability, loneliness and over-sensitivity. Pink is used for soothing and calming emotional and mental issues and is very relaxing and soothing and promotes feelings of contentment, caring and tenderness.


Pink should not be used for treating quick-tempered or nervous people.


Excessive Pink may incline towards excessive passivity.


Pink has been used in prison holding cells to effectively reduce erratic behavior.

– In Japan, Pink has a masculine association. The annual spring blooming of the pink-blossomed cherry trees is said to represent the young Japanese warriors who fell in battle in the prime of their lives (the Samurai).

–  The Pink ribbon is the internationally recognized symbol of hope and awareness in the fight against breast cancer.

–  Pink signifies happiness and joy in Catholics.

–  In India, Jaipur City is a tourist attraction due to its superlative forts, palaces, temples, bazaars and its distinguished Pink color, which gives it the oft-used name ‘The Pink City’.

–  Marrakesh is another city associated with the color Pink and is sometimes referred to as the ‘Rose City’ due to its salmon-pink colored buildings and the red/ Pink clay of the terrain.

Pink is a mix of red and white, but some shades do have a hint of blue. The amount of red present represents the amount of practical energy that red is linked to. Red represents our personal motivation whereas white states that anything is possible.

In the Western world, pink is considered to be worn by a female, yet in many Eastern cultures, red represents the female energy and white represents the male. Pink is a much underestimated color, as it balances polarities such as male and female, Yin and Yang, and expression and reception. A piece of rose quartz in a room can be very effective in harmonizing the energies of the environment. It would need to be cleansed regularly though. Pink clothing, pink crystals in jewelry or bringing pink into your home will also help.

Deep pink, such as magenta, has been known to soothe aggressive behavior if used for short periods of time, i.e. 10 minutes, as longer use can have more of a red influence, causing agitation. Pale pink is linked to our personal attributes, such as self-worth, self-esteem and self-tolerance. It is often easier for people to express love for others rather than themselves, and forgiving others is often easier if we have to forgive ourselves first, and the paler shades of pink can help with this. Self-acceptance becomes easier once we recognize and face the fears we hold about ourselves. Rose quartz is said to be very useful for healing, yet an emotional release may be required in order to be able to deal with any kind of pink healing.

When we imagine ourselves as a single unit, separate from the world, we tend to hold ourselves in a negative light. It is very common for people to undervalue themselves and their skills in today’s society. Visualizing pink can be very beneficial. Visualize pink around yourself to ease difficult situations, or visualize the color pink around others who you may feel threatened by.

For some people, pink represents unconditional love, which, if we’re really honest with ourselves, can be very difficult to express. However, compassion is different, as it allows for human weaknesses. The red and white of the color pink represent compassion, and the strength that is required. It takes a very strong person to be able to not rush in and want to fix everything, and to allow others to find themselves, and to accept what “is”, with all the pain and joy it can bring.

To increase or balance the pink energy in your life you can wear pink clothes, or use pink crystals like rose quartz, rhodonite and rhodocrosite. Essential oils such as rose and rose geranium, and pink flower essences like flowering current, geranium and red Campion will also help.