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Pisces Rising Ascendant


Like their symbol, the fishes, Pisces Rising likes to go with the flow. They appear at first glance to be gentle, peace-loving artistic types, but the way they keep their hearts and minds open keeps them changeable and unpredictable. The typical Pisces Ascendant can seem to be a different person today than they were yesterday. Usually shy and quiet, tomorrow they may be passionate and exuberant. This allows them to blend in with many types of people. Pisces Rising is very impressionable, like the sand in the water. They are dreamy and soft-hearted. They are irresistibly charming and intriguing.

Pisces Ascendant sees the world through glasses tinted by their opinion, so they have a difficult time being objective. Decision making is difficult for them as well. They are so flexible that they don’t want to make plans for anything in the future. They don’t want to face any harsh realities. Organization is not their strong point.

Pisces Ascendant wants a stable, reliable partner. They need someone who is realistic and practical; who will help keep them grounded a bit. They are very emotional and compassionate… so much so that they can become their own victims due to their massive vulnerability. They can become their own worst enemy. They dislike confrontation, but are not above using manipulative game playing to get what they desire. A true romantic, the right pairing with a Pisces Ascendant can result in a creative romance worthy of a novel.

Pisces Rising is imaginative and creative. They may have artistic talents and psychic abilities to share. They may turn to spiritual matters or philosophy, and they have a great admiration for education, no matter what level they did or did not attain. Pisces Ascendant likes travel, sports and dancing. They can be very capable when they build up confidence in themselves.  When Pisces is your Rising Sign, very few people will be able to figure you out, because Pisces is the most complex Sign of the Zodiac. You are a born idealist fired by a most vivid imagination, and your warmth of heart, plus a supreme magnanimity, expands your sympathies and increases your devotion.

In your quest for your own impossible dream, you are not always in this world nor of this world. Constantly seeking perfection in life and love, you can visualise it internally, in your own imagination, yet you experience a deep frustration when you cannot duplicate it in physical reality. Notice how when things go wrong you tend to slip away from the sordid world of harsh reality into your own private world of dreams, your secret ‘castle’ of safety and protection, where no one can find you.

Since inspiration and intuition play a large part in directing your thoughts and actions, you live on a slightly more exalted plane than the rest of humanity. You are not the type of person to be guided solely by facts, reason, analysis and logic. Your judgement and many of your decisions are based on your feelings, emotions and intuition because, whether you realise it or not, you do have a strong sixth sense which can sometimes manifest as a definite psychic power. You should always follow your hunches, dreams and feelings because they will never let you down.

Though you have some wonderful ideas, and your imagination is always busily at work, plans and ideas are useless unless they are put into practice. This is where the influence of Pisces can be a hindrance: lacking self-confidence, you do not like to push yourself forward, with the result that many of your dreams remain unfulfilled.

You are hypersensitive and impressionable, sensing what is going on even if no word is spoken. It is very important for you to mix with the right kinds of people, because you can easily fall into the habit of doing as other people do and thinking as other people think, rather than being true to yourself.

Because Pisces rules the feet, you could have such problems as corns, calluses, bunions, fallen arches, or sore, swollen, cold or aching feet. Always take care to have correctly fitting shoes. As indicated by your symbol of the two fish swimming in opposite directions, the dualistic nature of this sign pulls you in two ways. You are, therefore, often very undecided about what to do. The whole nature of Pisces is receptive and impressionable; it is the negative polarity rather than the positive one. To counteract this, you must train yourself to be more forceful, outgoing, practical, self-determined and positive. Once you can do this, you will have the best of both worlds: reality and fantasy/romance.  When Pisces is rising there is an inherent challenge around knowing how to project the self-outward. The need to present a solid sense of individuality is at odds with the fluid and elusive qualities of this sign. In Pisces, the urge is to encourage dissolution of separateness, and the transcendence of ego boundaries. In essence, how can I project any form when the form I feel I am is so open to change? For this reason many people with Pisces rising find it hard to define a path in life or to know what it is they want to do. Often they will fall in with whatever the most dominant influence suggests, even if it does not really make then happy. Learning to listen to the voice of inspiration, in the form of intuition, is likely to be your best guide. This dilemma needs be resolved by developing a personality that is not devoid of the awareness of being part of something greater than the self. You will find your individuality by seeing yourself as part of something greater than yourself. This may seem like a paradox, and many with Pisces rising will cope by “shape-shifting” or adopting a form appropriate to whatever is going on around them. You may change your personality to adapt to the group of people around you, or have a sense that no-one really knows who you are because the image you project keeps changing. You may find yourself taking on others personalities and attitudes, and find that you can change into, or become, whatever they want you to be. This is great if you are an actor, but makes interacting with the real world somewhat problematic. Discovering the essence of who you are as an individual, and then developing that is essential for your growth and happiness. Thus, a delicate balance between rigidity and fluidity, between adapting to others and asserting the self must be found. This will come about by accepting your sensitive and imaginative nature. Pisces rising people are often very creative, and can be inspired, artistic types. There is often a great sensitivity to the imaginable realms that allows fantastical visions to unfold and find form. With this sign raising you may have a real interest in film, photography, drama, dance or any kind of highly visual and imaginative form of self-expression? Developing these talents helps to find the essence of who you are in the world. Working with your sensitivity and emotions is the best approach to life. There may also be a great capacity to act with compassion toward others, so that the life is dedicated to service. Thus many Pisces rising folks will be interested in working with the sick, the frail or the needy, for this gives you an outlet to express your deep sense of compassion. Or you may be drawn to some kind of therapy or counseling work. Usually, there is a continual attunement to the super conscious or expanded levels of awareness that infiltrates and dictates much of the decisions made in life. Sacrifice of the personal will is required in every instance. Yet learning when to give of the self, and when to hold back for your own health and well-being can be a constant challenge. Your nature is to give of yourself from the essence of who you are, yet the trick is learning not to take this to an extreme end, in which case giving away the self opens the door for others to take advantage you. Some Pisces rising folk may have trouble coping with their sensitivity and so, the realities of life. In this instance, they may find themselves somehow enacting the role of the victim or the weak one who needs to be rescued and saved. In this way, dealing with reality head-on is avoided. There may be a subconscious belief that they are too vulnerable to cope, or that someone else should do it for them. Others deal with life by seeking a means of escape. In this case, escape will be sought via drugs, alcohol, illness and even madness. Often, this rising sign flows with whatever is happening, and allows external events to happen to them. This can be problematic if the Pisces rising person falls into some form of victim, fragile or escapist state. There is often a love of indulgence that links itself easily to the desire to escape from the confines of life. Excess emotions, impulses and appetites may take over the psyche if the boundaries are too loose, leading to all sorts of psychological disturbances. With Pisces rising your sensitivity is both your gift and your challenge. Learning to recognize the impulses and feelings that stir through you for what they are, and then find an outlet for their expression is most useful. Focusing on the qualities given by your Sun and Moon signs will also help you define a path through life. Other people often provide the discrimination, caution and common sense that this sign needs to develop. Thus you may prefer to partner with more analytical types who can give a rational, no-nonsense assessment of any situation. There may be a tendency to project onto others your romantic ideas for yourself, and judge and criticize those who do not meet up to this vision, rather than to foster realistic expectations and limits within the self. With Pisces rising you may need to balance great compassion, creativity and sensitivity with the constant urge of wanting to escape from your individual self (and sometimes life) by merging with something greater than yourself. This may be a romantic ideal, a spiritual dream or a nihilistic vision with no future. Whatever the image is, your challenge is to learn how to manifest your many gifts, and at the same time, stay grounded on the earthly plane.

Physically, they may be sensitive to anesthesia and other medications. Pisces Rising does not want to stand out in the crowd, and dislikes attracting attention to themselves. They are generous, sensitive and sentimental. On the other hand, they can manipulate others to feel sorry for them so they can benefit.

Some may see Pisces Rising as someone to take advantage of because they are so open and compassionate. They are sensitive to negative energy and criticism. It is difficult for them to shield themselves from either one. Pisces Ascendant may feel a deep lonesomeness that they can’t do anything about. If they can utilize this alone time for meditation or other introspection, they may be able to use their talents to their benefit. They may do well in a career helping others, or a creative endeavor. Pisces Ascendant likes secrets. They use subtlety in life to ease their way. Their lesson in life is to learn to live their life rather than to dream it away. Pisces Rising may have many pets because they like having others to care for. Some may excel as animal communicators if they can develop their gifts to the point of being a reliable skill.⨪