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Angels are often divided into groupings, called a Hierarchy.

Just like their name implies, angels may deliver God’s messages to humans, such as by comforting, encouraging, or warning people according to what’s best in each situation into which God sends them. Angels may work hard to guard the people they’re assigned to from danger. Stories about angels rescuing people facing perilous situations are popular in our culture.

Closest to Humankind are angels who act as our guardians and helpmates. Above them are the Archangels, who act as messengers in service to God. Archangels are considered to very powerful spiritual beings that have captured our attention for centuries. The prefix ‘arch’ means ruling or chief in Greek. Religious texts refer to archangels as being at a high level in the celestial hierarchy. While the exact number of archangels is unknown many traditions and faiths reference seven archangels. Who these seven are is also a source of debate varying from faith to faith. Many scriptures tell of the archangels great abilities as healers and guides, intervening with assistance in many of life’s challenging situations.

It’s also said that the Archangels do battle with the forces of negativity, endeavoring to maintain a positive balance of light and Godliness throughout the universe. They’re also consigned with the task of being guardians to world leaders so that the earth and we who dwell here are protected. Archangels are considered to very powerful spiritual beings that have captured our attention for centuries. The prefix ‘arch’ means ruling or chief in Greek. Religious texts refer to archangels as being at a high level in the celestial hierarchy. While the exact number of archangels is unknown many traditions and faiths reference seven archangels. Who these seven are is also a source of debate varying from faith to faith. Many scriptures tell of the archangels great abilities as healers and guides, intervening with assistance in many of life’s challenging situations.
Read more at http://www.beliefnet.com/inspiration/angels/galleries/the-7-archangels-and-their-meanings.aspx#xufyRSVe6J0hZHcj.99

These are the Angels who stand around God’s throne, ready to carry out the divine and most important decrees to humans. According to the book of Revelation, there are seven Archangels who stand in the presence of God, but only four are mentioned in the Old Testament, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. The identity of the other three is subject to debate.

Each of the Archangels has a distinct personality, and an area of life as a specialty. They all have their special skills along with their divinity and they will come to the aid of anyone who calls on them.

The Archangels are described below and with each one is a special prayer calling on the specific Angel to help you. Simply hold your bracelet and repeat the prayer aloud.

Archangel Michael and prayer for Image result for archangel raphael fantasy artprotection

Probably the best known and most powerful of all the Archangels, is the Archangel Michael. He was also the first angel created by God, and his name means “Who is like God.” He is the leader of all the Archangels. A warrior who is often depicted carrying a sword to do battle with the forces of Satan; Michael’s domain is protection, courage, strength, truth, and integrity. Not only does he offer physical protection, he also protects us against psychic attack.

It is Michael’s task to rid the earth of fear. He can help you to be fearless, strong, and uncompromising when it comes to doing the right thing. Call upon the Archangel Michael when you feel you need protection. He can be very inspirational and is the perfect angel to contact when you are in doubt or nervous about something. When your motivation or sense of commitment are lagging, call on Michael to boost your strength and dedication. He can also help with your self-esteem and sense of personal worthiness.

It is Michael who can help us realize our life’s purpose. He stood beside Adam in the Garden of Eden to teach him farming and family values, and he spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai. He can be of immense help in your career, your ambitions, and your personal life’s calling. He can literally help you fight the darkness in yourself as well as in the world around you. The energy associated with Michael is profound because it comes from the power of being aligned with all things “Good” and “Just.”

Because of his bravery and help with heroic deeds, Michael is considered the patron of police offices. He’s also very helpful when mechanical or electrical devices malfunction, so call on him when you’re having car or computer trouble. He can also help vanquish nightmares.

Seeing clearly into our own hearts is an important task here on earth, and it’s Michael who can provide the openness and wisdom necessary for you to do that. He can help you be faithful to who you truly are and were meant to be.

A prayer for Protection: I call on Michael to be with me now. Blessed Angel, please surround me with your loving goodness and fill my heart with the strength I need to make my life work. Please protect me from all negativity and shine a light on the path I need to follow. If I falter, please lift me up, and help me see the life I should be living. Thank you.

Archangel Raphael and a prayer for abundance

The Hebrew word rapha means doctor or healer, and the name Raphael means “Healing power of God.” He is healer of all humans and animals and the one to call upon when you’re ill, or when a loved one needs a healing.

It was Raphael who taught Tobias how to make balms and ointments from a fish when his father’s sight was failing and these remedies cured his blindness.

Raphael performs healing and acts as the patron of doctors and other medics endeavoring to do healing work. If you need help with your own medical career or in obtaining the funds to pay for your studies, Raphael can come to your aid.

It’s said he can find lost pets, reduce or eliminate cravings or addictions, aid in clairvoyance, and bring unity and a new found sense of spirituality to your life. Raphael can help you with anything in your life that feels out of balance, assisting you in getting back on the right course in order to reap rewards. He will guide you every step of the way in starting new adventures and new enterprises. He is always encouraging of growth and rebirth. Call upon Raphael to help you generate abundance and miracles in your life.

Known as the Patron of Travelers, he is there for those on the road who need protection, guidance, or assurance. Likewise he will shepherd your luggage safely to its assigned destination. In addition to physical journeys, call on him when you’re embarking on a spiritual journey and need a guide.

Renowned for his sense of humor, Raphael is sweet and loving and is often depicted chatting merrily with human beings.

A prayer for abundance: I call on Raphael to be with me now. Please surround me with your healing kindness and clear my heart of any negativity. Heal me of all darkness and open me up to your love and light. Please help me find my true path and the road to abundance. Let all good things flow through my life and let me share what I have with others. Thank you.

Archangel Zadkiel and a prayer for happiness

Zadkiel is known as the Archangel of freedom, and his name means “Righteousness of God.” He is the patron of all who forgive and thus benevolence and mercy are his areas. As you think about it, it makes sense. Nobody can truly be happy with anger and revenge in their hearts, and once forgiveness is offered, the heart can be cleared of that misery. Zadkiel’s virtues include freedom, guidance, diplomacy, righteousness and spiritual development.

It’s said that it was Zadkiel who prevented Abraham from sacrificing his son, Isaac. Because of this, he’s often depicted holding a dagger.

He is one of the two standard bearers, along with Jophiel, who follow directly behind head Archangel Michael when he enters into battle.

He is associated with the color violet, a most spiritual hue. He’s also associated with the planet Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck.

A prayer for happiness : I call on Zadkiel to be with me now. Please surround me with your loving mercy. Help me forgive those who have hurt me and please ask those whom I have hurt to forgive me in turn. When tempted to make a negative choice, please be with me and point me in a better direction. Clear my heart of all pain and suffering and open it to the joy that life can bring. Thank you.


Archangel Jophiel and a prayer for wisdom

Image result for archangel jophiel fantasy art

Jophiel, whose name means “Beauty of God,” is the Archangel of art, beauty and Paradise. He is also known as the angel of art and beauty. His special gift is helping us appreciate the beauty all around us. He also can help us think beautiful thoughts.

Jophiel was present in the Garden of Eden and later watched over Noah’s sons.

He is the patron of artists and all those who appreciate the beauty surrounding us in the world. Most of us believe that creativity comes from within the person doing it, but in fact, it is a partnership. Divine inspiration always precedes creativity, and as the artist opens to the flash of inspiration, he or she uses personal talents to give substance to the divine vision. Jophiel brings inspiration and inspires us toward awareness, enlightenment, open mindedness and freedom of thought.

Jophiel is also the patron of interior designers. He helps create beauty wherever he goes. He also helps us see the beauty around us, whether in the physical world or in the hearts of those we know. Beauty is everywhere, if we’re open to seeing it, and it’s Jophiel’s task to help open us up to this miracle.

Through beauty, joy and laughter result, and Jophiel can be called upon when you’re harried and not willing to stop and smell the roses. He brings the light of vision and of joy.

Jophiel also works on a spiritual level to awaken our souls to the greater potentials of who we are and the infinite wonders that surround us.

A prayer for wisdom: I call on Jophiel to be with me now. Please surround me with your rainbow of inspiration. Let me see the colors of life and all the beauty that is everywhere. Please open my mind and my heart to inspiration, so that I can find the best path and take the best journey possible. Help me see life clearly, in all its details, and help me know how to handle wisely everything I see. Thank you.

Archangel Uriel and a prayer for success

It is Uriel who presides over fire, energy, passion and creativity. His name means “God is light.”

He might as well be considered the angel of intellect, because he is known for being wise and savvy and ever ready with creative insight, practical solutions, and intellectual information. Uriel rules over enlightenment and insight. Call on him to remind you of your true purpose, which is to connect to your inner Light. When you suddenly know something you didn’t know before, perhaps Uriel has whispered the answer in your ear. Very subtle, he doesn’t always require a lot of fanfare, but provides answers when they’re needed in a quiet and helpful way.It was Uriel who warned Noah of the impending flood, helped the prophet Ezra to interpret mystics’ predictions about the coming of Jesus, and delivered the Cabal to humankind. He also brought the practice of Alchemy, which in fact has never worked, but on a spiritual level, it’s quite possible to turn dross into gold via a transformation that brings illumination and new wisdom.

Uriel is the Archangel who helps with natural disasters such as floods and fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes. He can both lead you to safe ground and aid in your post-disaster recovery.

When you need help with spiritual understanding or problem solving, call on Uriel. He also can assist with magic and writing.

A prayer for success: I call on Uriel to be with me now. Please surround me with your wisdom and enlighten me to everything I need to know. Help me see the barriers that prevent success and aid me in easily moving them aside. Please open my heart to my true path so that I may walk on it happily and successfully. Thank you.

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Archangel Gabriel and a prayer for Luck

This angelic horn blower’s name means “Strength of God.” Gabriel presides over water, emotion, psyche, and movement. Along with Michael, he is considered one of the two highest-ranking of all the Archangels.

Gabriel can be quite inspirational and she tends to nudge us all in beneficial directions. When you’re unsure of your own direction and need guidance or prophecies, call on Gabriel. When you’re contemplating a big change, Gabriel can provide the clarity of vision that you need. She is above all else, a messenger.

Gabriel brings news of happy tidings, like impending births, just as she did to the mothers of Jesus and John the Baptist, Mary and Elizabeth. For those who are yearning for a child, whether a natural one or an adopted one, Gabriel is the angel to call upon.

In her role as messenger, she is also a coach for those who are communicators, and she helps artists and writers overcome fear and procrastination.

Gabriel also acts as a healer in that she can help release the body’s toxins, the mind’s impure thoughts, or even the heart’s pain after a horrible ordeal. When you feel you’re under psychic attack from negative influence, call on Gabriel to vanquish them.

A prayer for Luck : I call on Gabriel to be with me now. Please cleanse my heart and soul of all negativity and open me up to all good things. Where I have faltered in the past, please show me the way to stand in the right place for fortune to find me. Let me be positive in all things and in response, let all good things come to me. Thank you.

Image result for archangel chamuel fantasy art

Archangel Chamuel and a prayer for Love

Chamuel is the Archangel for pure love, not just romantic love, but the purest force within all of creation. His name means “He who sees God.” Chamuel is known as the most compassionate of all the angels. He embodies the great heart and love of the Divine Creator for all of mankind.

Chamuel can help in the search for a soulmate as well as with the desire to repair and heal any relationship in trouble. In any relationship, a secure foundation of devotion and affection is necessary and Chamuel helps us find the way to build that.

Whenever unhealthy relationship patterns are evident, such as jealousy, clinginess, or insecurity, Chamuel is the one to call upon for guidance and support.

If there are problems between a parent and child or of simple lack of self-love, Chamuel can light the way toward a healthier interaction. When someone has left your life through death, divorce, or separation, Chamuel can help ease the pain. He will stand by you in your time of need and help your heart to heal.

Negative emotions such as depression, hopelessness, or despair also fall to Chamuel to heal. When a broken heart dampens your days, reach out to this kindhearted, loving angel.

The most important thing to have in life is a loving spirit. The ability to feel love for all people and all creatures, even for plants, can help us all live better lives that enrich not only ourselves but all mankind. Call on Chamuel to help make this possible.

A prayer for Love: I call on Chamuel to be with me now. Please fill my heart with love for all those around me, and for all those I’ve yet to meet. Let me appreciate the tender hearts within us all and open my own in the process. Let love flow through me like the blood in my veins, making life joyous and a true celebration. Thank you.

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Days of the Week and archangels

It is important to note, that “we”, as a whole, have entered an accelerated state of consciousness and therefore we are each encouraged to integrate the aspects of all seven Divine Rays. Each of the Seven Rays is associated with a different kind of energy, and a different color.  As we call upon the assistance of the Archangels who have each been charged with the responsibility for a particular ray, we are able to manifest with Divine consciousness.  Everything within this vast universe of ours vibrates as energy- every thought, every color, everything.  As you call upon the Archangels to invoke the Divine powers of each ray, you will want to elevate your vibration to that of each ray.

Angel of the day

Just as there is a guardian angel for every one of us, so there are angels for each day of the week. Wear clothing or light a candle in the color of an angel to feel his influence.

Each day is ruled over by one of 7 Archangels.  The angel of the day you were born is one of your 5 Birth Angels (together with the Zodiac, Elemental and Quinary and Guardian Angels).

Why do you even need to know this? The angel of the day of the week you were born can help facilitate alignment with your Life Purpose and to overcome any related challenges. But as usual with the angels, it’s up to you.. You will need to ask for help! They rarely interfere in the dealings of humans unless asked directly.

It is handy to know whom to ask and what they are able to help with, wouldn’t you agree? So let’s find out a little bit more about these seven angels and how they can help you…The Angels are all around us, below you will find a list of individual Archangels and the correspondences and elements to help you to choose the most powerful Archangel to help you. Invite the Angels into your life and allow them to help you to transform it. Don’t worry about choosing the wrong Archangel or about asking for help on the wrong day. There is no right or wrong, just follow you heart: your Angels will guide you.

Image result for archangels fantasy artMonday’s Angel is Archangel Gabriel, ruler of the Moon (Moon-day). Archangel Gabriel is the angel of magick and prophecy. If you are born on a Monday, you are meant to use your intuition to a higher degree than average… even if you are not directly involved in psychic work. This is also the angel to call on for help with understanding your dreams.

Cancer      June 21 –  July 22
Moon – Water
Silver, orange and Blue

The Archangel Gabriel governs psychic powers, ESP, intuition, astral travel, inner guidance.

All life forms are cared for greatly by this Archangel, especially the wellbeing and happiness of children. Call upon the Archangel Gabriel when you are concerned over matters of conception to childbirth and all fertility and female health problems. Worries regarding issues threatening the peace, harmony and security of your family.

If you are worried about sea travel, or if you have water phobias or if you have concerns about travelling in general, Archangel Gabriel will guide you and help you have a safe passage.

Gabriel’s colors are white, silver and copper. You can use the crystals selenite, moonstone and carnelian to connect with Gabriel.  The main scent (essential oil or incense) is Jasmine.

Related imageTuesday’s Angel is Camael, ruler of Mars. He is a warrior angel and will help you do battle against injustice or apathy in any form. Camael will protect you against violence as well as help you stand up for yourself and those considered ‘the underdog.’


March 21 – April 19    and  October 24 – November 21
Mars – Fire                            Puto – Water
Red, Yellow, Silver, Grey, Black

The Archangel Samuel will help in healing wounds both mentally and physically.
Archangel Samuel will give you courage and offer you protection against violence in all forms.

Camael’s colour is red. Use fire agate or garnet to connect with Camael and any time you need to ‘do battle.’ Scents to help you invoke Camael are black pepper and dragon’s blood.Image result for archangel Raphael, fantasy art

Wednesday’s Angel is Raphael, ruler of Mercury. Raphael is the patron of healers and travelers. He will keep you safe on all of life’s journeys and help you to communicate in a way that promotes healing and peace.


May 21 – June 21            and        August 23 – September 22
Mercury  – Air                                 Mercury – Earth
Green, Yellow

The Archangel Raphael will bring healing to everyone although young people and children are especially cared for by Raphael also this Archangel is often found to be an important psychic guide to those of tender years.

The Archangel Raphael is also a messenger, and would be a good choice to call upon if you are seeking communication, be it business contacts or personal or relationship matters. Issues regarding education or learning and the sitting and passing of exams are all areas that are cared for by The Archangel Raphael. Should you have lost property or if you have had goods stolen this Archangel will help you to recover that what is yours.

The colours are green and yellow. Yellow calcite and green agate are crystals that can help you connect with this gentle angel. Some scents used to invoke archangel Raphael are chamomile, lemongrass and sandalwood.

Related imageThursday’s Angel is Sachiel, ruler of Jupiter. Archangel Sachiel helps you to time risk-taking so that you won’t miss any of life’s opportunities. He is also the angel of abundance and perfect to invoke for those who feel called to be business owners. He is known as the’Ambassador of Benevolence.’


November 22 – December 21               and                   February 19 – March 20
Jupiter – Fire                                                                       Neptune – Water
Purple, Yellow, Green, Royal Blue

The Archangel Sachiel will help you with all legal matters, high finance, wealth, financial speculation.

As a practical and intellectual heavenly being, Archangel Sachiel is adept and learned in all areas relating to social status and in times of highly charged emotions this Archangel will help you to stay calm and aid you to see any given situation in a rational and clear sighted manner, especially regarding custody battles and situations where self-motivation and understanding are qualities that you need to help you win the day.

The colour is indigo. Use sodalite or sugilite to connect with Sachiel in meditation. Scents associated with Sachiel are cedar, peppermint, hyssop and nutmeg.

Related imageFriday’s Angel is Anael, ruler of Venus. As you might have guessed, this is the angel of love and relationships. Anael will help anyone with a life purpose of improving human relationships, and will not consider it stooping too low helping out with your own personal love life.


April 19 – May 20                    and            September 22 – October 23
Venus – Earth                                                    Venus – Air
Green, Red, Rose Pink, Sky Blue

Ask Archangel Anael for help with friendship, romance, harmony and love. This Archangel overseas the union of marriage and is always helpful when difficulties or arguments arise in relationships. If you are looking for solutions that will bring abundance, joy, and peace into your given situation or if you are looking to invite new love into your life then call upon the Archangel Anael.

Music and the performing arts are favoured by this Archangel whose help is invaluable if you are looking for work in this area or if you are about to sit exams.

The colours are pink and green. Use rose quartz, chrysocolla or jade to connect with Anael. A couple of scents that can be used to invoke the presence of Anael are rose and ylang-ylang.

Saturday’s Angel is Cassiel, ruler of Saturn. This very serious angel is not much concerned with your private life other than to make sure you get your job done. If you have problems with discipline and perseverance, this is the angel you want on your side. If your life purpose involves law and order, he will also champion your cause.


December 22 – January 19                         and                January 20 – February 18
Saturn – Earth                                                                         Uranus – Air
Red, Black

Archangel Cassiel governs all matters of property, old age, and long-standing health problems.
Land and agriculture
Wills and karmic matters
Mind expansion

Archangel Cassiel holds dominion over the laws of time. If you have a deadline to meet this Archangel will help you to achieve you goals as quickly as possible. Whatever you are looking for, if the success of your situation relies on the actions of another person asking the Archangel Cassiel for assistance will help to bring any situation to a mutually happy conclusion. Often the intervention of this Angelic being will save you a great deal of anguish and frustration. People all have free will and unfortunately sometimes we find that others work on a slower response path that we would like. If you are waiting on an answer or a response from someone, whether it is concerning love or practical issues Archangel Cassiel will help the lines of communication to flow more freely.

The colours are black, grey and dark brown. Use haematite, black tourmaline, brown jasper or jet to connect with Cassiel in meditation. Myrrh, cypress and sulphur are scents that can be used to invoke Cassiel.

Image result for archangels fantasy artSunday’s Angel is Michael, ruler of the Sun. His name means ‘who is like God.’ The Sun is the planet of the Self… and the Self is the God-self. He can help you shine your God-light in the world, no matter the circumstances. Any time you feel yourself getting entangled in the circumstances/energy of others, call on Michael to cut all energetic cords and free you emotionally.


July 22 – August 22
Sun – Fire
Gold, Yellow, Indigo

The Archangel Michael is the protector, the warrior Angel.
He brings justice and is the keeper of the peace.
Michael is the Holder of the keys.
He is the guardian of Heaven and Earth.
Turn to Michael whenever you are in need.
Health, home, careers, finance, personal safety, security, strength, protection, love and support of all kinds

The colours are gold and electric blue. The electric blue of Archangel Michael is considered the best colour for psychic shielding by many psychics. Crystals to help you connect with Michael in meditation are aquamarine, citrine, amber and lapis lazuli. Frankincense, cinnamon, saffron and bergamot are all essential oils that can be used to invoke Archangel Michael.