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Red Pet Auras


Animals with Red auras are very grounded. They have a lot of vitality, strength and stamina. They also have great survival instincts, and are “fighters”.


Animals with Red auras use all of their natural senses – touch, smell, sight, sound and taste – to connect with other animals and humans. They love to be outside where they can be close to the elements and engage in natural behaviors – they like to roll, hunt, chase, and chew – that have nothing to do with their learned behaviors.


They can be a it “mouthy”, and will show both pleasure and displeasure with sounds: purrs, growls, barks, howls, whinnies, bobbing of their heads, clucking, etc., are very loud and continuous until their needs are met.


These animals work very hard to please their human partner – through instinct and/or command they will fetch, or catch, play or work and will remain loyal to the end of their stay on this earth. An animal with a Red Aura is a loyal, hard working and loving companion.


They need a lot of fresh water and food around them and a comfortable space for sleep. They may move a lot throughout the night, but can be grounded more by having colors of dark greens, blues and reds around them.


The best color to use around your Red Aura pet is Red for continued strength, growth and good health. Gemstones for health will include the use of Garnet, Ruby or Red Jasper, especially if your pet shows signs of anger, violence and/or fear. Optimum balance for your pet will come by spending some time each day sitting directly on the ground giving one on one attention to their needs.