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Root Chakra


The base chakra is the chakra that keeps you grounded. It is situated at the base of the coccyx and is the first to develop after birth. It is connected to concerns about security and survival. It holds the fight, flight or freeze response. When healthy it it will be a vibrant red color.

Muladhara chakra is shown as having four petals bearing the Sanskrit letters va, scha,sha and sa. The seed sound in the center Islam. The tattwa of Earth is shown (here in outline) as a yellow square.

Each of the chakras is energy vibrating at a certain frequency, in a logical and orderly sequence of seven vibrations.

Muladhara is said to be located near the basal end of the spinal column, (Kidneys – Spinal Column)

Vitalizes the Kidneys and feeds the life giving system – the will to live – and the fundamental instincts for survival. Stores our Chi energy.


The Root Chakra is associated with the parts of our consciousness concerned with security, survival, or trust. For most people, this concerns the parts of their consciousness concerned with money, home, and job. When this chakra is in its clear state, the person is able to feel secure, be present in the here and now, and be grounded. When there is tension in this chakra, it is experienced as insecurity or fear. When there is more tension, it is experienced as a threat to survival.

Parts of the body controlled by the sacral plexus and this chakra include the skeleton system, the legs, and the elimination system. Symptoms in these parts of the body represent, therefore, tensions at the level of the Root Chakra, and we therefore know that the person is seeing the world through a perceptual filter of insecurity or fear. The adrenal glands are also associated with this chakra.

Whether it has something to do with trust in a male or trust in a female. We can also see it as having something to do with trust in the will, or the aspects of trust in the foundations the emotional being, related to what was happening in the person’s life at the time the symptom developed.

The physical sense of smell, and therefore the organ of the sense of smell, the nose, is associated with the Root Chakra. Symptoms at the level of the nose or affecting the sense of smell reflect tensions at the level of the Root Chakra.

For grounding; Kundalini energy is stored here, transformation can occur when these energies are aroused and allowed to rise up within you and penetrate each Chakra above. The energy joins the Shakti energy at the Heart Center, continues on and leaves the body through the top of the head – or Crown Chakra. As this happens, spiritual growth and awareness of other levels of energy and perceptions occur


Each chakra is associated with an element. The Root Chakra is associated with the element of earth, and reflects something about the person’s association with the earth, or how they feel about being on the earth, which we call Mother Earth. This chakra is also associated with our relationship with our mother.

When someone experiences a sense of separation from their mother, or not feeling loved by their mother, they cut off their roots and experience symptoms of tensions at the level of the Root Chakra until they can again open to accept their mother’s love.

When a child comes into the world in the traditional family structure, the mother provides the nourishment and the father provides the direction. Thus, in the child’s relationship with its mother, it makes certain decisions about the way things are. The relationship with the mother thus becomes a model for the person’s relationship with everything that represents security – money, home, and job.

Perineum, base of spin Coccyx- Base of spine, sphincter muscles

Red (From the highest spiritual level can be seen as a white divine light.)

Developmental Age
0 – 3 years


Glands / organs
Adrenals, kidneys, spinal column, colon, legs, bones

Survival, security, support.

Out of balance Fear
overly concerned with material security. Feeling unsafe, lack of security, no sense of belonging.

Body symptoms
Problems in kidneys, rectum, hips, bowel spasm, piles, constipation, IBS

Qualities / lessons
Matters relating to the material world, security, success. The physical body, mastery of the body, grounding, individuality, stability, security, health, courage, patience.

Negative qualities
Self-centered, insecurity, violence, greed, anger. Overly concerned with one’s physical survival. Tension in the spine.

Soul Issue
To acknowledge the soul inhabits a body that is part of the living universe. Through the body the soul is brought into matter and through the body the soul experiences.


Gems & Minerals
Ruby, garnet, bloodstone, red jasper, black tourmaline, obsidian

Associated Angels
Sandlephon, Uriel, Ariel

Associated Oils
Benzoine, patchouli, vetivert

Attributes Grounding, good health, survival instincts, vitality, sexuality (men), center for material life, support

Element    Earth

Gems/Minerals Ruby, red jasper, garnet

Musical-Vibrational Note   C

Aromatic Chakra Oils         Cedar wood, Ginger, Vetiver

Foundation         Interconnecting with the Earth

When unbalanced you may experience       Violence, anger, constipation, survival fears, restless is spiritual and physical existence, pain in areaThe first chakra roots the subtle divine consciousness in the material life. This chakra is the basis for human existence in the physical world.


Everyone has a joint physical and spiritual existence. The karmic development oscillates between the two, when this goes positively, you feel equally at home in both places and feel able to do what you have to do in the physical and spiritual realms. Harmony resides in a balance of strength, will and power. Letting go of residual negative energies such a emotional pain and fears, will help you claim your Divine Birthright.


When energies mix with two people’s chakras, each effects the other. Light waves mix in a way so they create different figures. From the perspective of the higher realm you may see delicate figures such as white flowers or crystals around the people. The more positive the contact the more the beautiful light waves are.