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Sartan (Cancer) 22 6 – 22 7th

The ruling planet: Month

Element: Water

Attribute: patience

Quality: devotion to family

Imperfection: inaccessibility

Color: silver

Gemstone: Turquoise

Life expectancy: 80 years

This month is governed by the letter chet (ch), which means “fear.” Cancer, the crab, is a passive creature that tends to run and hide. The challenge of the summer months is to use our faculties of thought, speech and deed in a God-fearing way, and to retreat from situations that obstruct our Divine consciousness. The tribe of this month is Reuven.

People born under the sign of Sartan are endowed with intelligence, intuition and imagination. Therefore usually have a sense of art, the romantic, emotional and sensual. They love their house, their peace, the patient, subtle and sensitive. Much effort and energy are prepared to invest in order to secure a calm and peaceful place to live. They can be dreamers, suspicious and vindictive. Very often egocentric and like to play the role of protector excessive, and thus can upset people with whom they work or live. They like to give advice, they know that they are lying and are very possessive. On some occasions tend to be quarrelsome, but they are actually tolerant and indulgent nature.

Sartans have great energy and are able to adapt to all situations. Oversensitivity they are often considered to persevere to the end and although quite persistent, sometimes they are disturbed by the lack of aggressiveness. Focused on home and family and they are usually the highest values in life. They love to share the joy and trouble. This trait they most expressed within the family and in relationships with relatives and good friends.

One could say that Sartans only in a friendly environment out of his shell and show his true nature, while the outside world closed in it. Therefore, it is difficult to establish close with them with stranger’s and get to know their true nature and character. According partner are usually very open and attentive. They are sexually very active. Often represent a model of a good husband or wife, or a father or a mother.

To achieve perfection in this bothers them their bitter character. Also, Sartans are very attached to their homeland and the homeland. Have in them a large dose of patriotism and love to know the history of their homeland. Due to its nature, Sartans live quite close and yet conceal his financial condition. They are very economical and rational, but it could not be said to be stingy. They are Cautious in spending and continuing care for the good conduct of their affairs. Trade is the right profession for them, because they are truly good at. Sartans are not particular physical health.

They have lung problems, respiratory organs, diaphragm, and stomach. Are susceptible to infections, diseases of the thyroid gland, and are prone to ulcers and fractures. Men in addition have a sensitive liver, thighs and ankles. Crabs usually have a long lifetime.

Cancer, along with Capricorn and Leo, is one of the three “negative” months of the year. In Capricorn, the siege of Jerusalem began, in Cancer the walls around Jerusalem were penetrated, and in Leo the destruction of both Holy Temples in Jerusalem took place. Kabbalah teaches us that the course of history transpires as a result of the cyclical energy processes of the year rather than because of physical events. Therefore, by looking at the time at which each moment in history occurs, we can better understand why it happened.

Cancer is controlled by the Moon. There are seven celestial bodies that Kabbalistic Astrology is based upon: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. Each planet controls two signs, except for the Sun, which controls only Leo (Av) and the moon, which controls only Cancer (Tamuz).

Mars controls Aries (fire) and Scorpio (water).
Venus controls Taurus (earth) and Libra (air).
Mercury controls Gemini (air) and Virgo (earth).
Jupiter controls Sagittarius (fire) and Pisces (water).
Saturn controls Capricorn (earth) and Aquarius (air).
Moon controls Cancer (water).
Sun controls Leo (fire).

Because the sun and the moon control one sign each, an unbalanced situation is created in each of these months. This imbalance causes the crab, the symbol for the month of Cancer, to walk sideways rather than forward and backward. This also gives the month of Tamuz the opening for Cancer to begin, and it is the only month that has a disease named after it.

On the seventeenth day of Cancer, Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the Tablets, bringing the world the power and energy of immortality. However, the Israelites didn’t wait patiently for Moses to come down from Mount Sinai and built the Golden Calf, the sight of which caused Moses to shatter the Tablets. This moment marked a clashing of two energies: the power of immortality versus chaos, suffering, depression and death.

The historical fact that the wall of Jerusalem was destroyed and the Tablets were broken on the seventeenth of Cancer was simply a manifestation of the incompatibility between the potential of the spiritual vessel and the reality of the Desire to Receive for the Self Alone. If we do not make an effort to “love our neighbor as ourselves,” we are essentially choosing the Golden Calf, and similarly, we cause our own walls to break down and begin destruction in various aspects of our lives.

Sartan (English: Cancer), in Aramaic is made up of two parts: Sar – to remove and clean all the negativity, and Tan – chaos, hatred, animosity and any aspect of negativity. The power of the month of Cancer is to remove any problems or negative situations that might cause this disease to come to our lives.

According to the Book of Formation by Abraham the Patriarch, the month of Cancer was created by the Hebrew letters Chet (which created Tamuz) and Taf (which created the Moon). The moon begins each lunar month as a thin scythe and reaches its fullest brightness on the fifteenth. From the moment that the fifteenth day is over, the light of the moon begins to wane, and this cycle repeats itself each month.

This explains the Cancerian’s high sensitivity. They seem to need more love than any other sign. The moon’s waning causes them to feel that there is always something missing, and this leads to depression. The cure for these low moments is caring, sharing, loving, and giving to others. In addition, Cancerians must do their best to let go of the past and see beyond ill feelings and wounds. This is the only way for them to truly find happiness and love.

Cancerians are very domestic people. Their motto is “my house is my fortress,” and they are strongly connected to family and home. They love history and archaeology – anything that reminds them of the past. They have a sensitive stomach, as this is where they hold tension and unresolved emotional difficulties.

The energy of each month affects all of us alike – whether or not we were born under that particular sign. And as we are now entering the month of Cancer, we’d like to help you see how Cancer will affect you and show you what you can do to use this energy to your advantage.

Empathetic and able to easily understand the needs and emotions of others, family oriented, good business sense, desire to share, careful with money.

Motivation: Finding Security

Wear ‘masks’ that hide an extremely thin skin and fear of being hurt.
Ask the Light for the strength to open up to others. Know that the secret to not being hurt is finding the courage to not fear it.

Sudden mood swings that reach into depression, often drawing others down too.
The dark emotions start with the incessant mental chatter. When you find yourself obsessing, find a sharing action to do. Tell someone they look nice, go buy your office mate a cup of coffee – the idea is that the action will take you outside your fears. Uncertain about the future, finds reason to worry all the time
Seeds for the future are being planted NOW. Inject Light into the now through actions of love and certainty. Ask yourself what you are afraid of and what you need to fulfill that emptiness. Visualize getting what you need. Give yourself that much – you deserve it.

Thinks mostly about what is lacking in life.
Appreciate, appreciate, and appreciate. Every time you think of something you don’t have, think of something you do have. Practice feeling gratitude and in time you will learn to immediately wipe away doubts with the certainty of having.

They prone keeping things to self, both material and psychological. Afraid to open up and trust people, causing them to cling to people and seek reassurance in material comforts.
Paradoxically, the harder you hold on, the faster it slips through your fingers. True security comes from the Light, not physicality. Constantly remind yourself to “let the Light in.”

Slow to move to action, avoids taking risks, remains emotionally attached to the past.
Don’t wait for the secure feeling before moving – act now.

For a better relationship with them you have to:

  • Open your heart to them.
  • Create an atmosphere of trust by listening and understanding without judgment.
  • Don’t react to their bad moods.
  • Help them to take risks and give of themselves spiritually or materially.

They are fulfilled with:

  • Having no fear
  • Letting go of the past
  • Gaining real emotional independence
  • Caring genuinely (not because they want to feel needed)
  • Accepting changes
  • Letting go of their cynical side