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image1seraph (/ˈsɛr.əf/; pl. seraphs or seraphim /ˈsɛr.ə.fɪm/, in the King James Version also seraphims (plural)Hebrew: שָׂרָף śārāf, plural שְׂרָפִים śərāfîmLatinseraphim and seraphin (plural), also seraphus (-i, m.);[1] Greek: σεραφείμ serapheím) is a type of celestial orheavenly being in Christianity and Judaism.

Tradition places seraphs in the highest rank in the Christian angelic hierarchy and in the fifth rank of ten in the Jewish angelic hierarchy. A seminal passage in the Book of Isaiah (Isaiah 6:1-8) used the term to describe six-winged beings that fly around the Throne of God crying “holy, holy, holy”. This throne scene, with its triple invocation of holiness (a formula that came to be known as the Trisagion), profoundly influenced subsequent theologyliterature and art. Its influence is frequently seen in works depicting angelsheaven and apotheosis. Seraphs are mentioned as celestial beings in an influential Hellenistic work, the Book of Enoch, and the Book of Revelation.

The word Seraphim (one seraph, two or more seraphim) means “burning ones” or nobles. They are also sometimes called the ‘ones of love’ because their name might come from the Hebrew root for ‘love’. Seraphim are only fully described in the Bible on one occasion. This is in the book of the prophet Isaiah, when he is being commissioned by God to be a prophet and he has a vision of heaven 1.


So these types of heavenly beings have six wings, but they only use two of them for flying. It sounds strange to use wings to cover your face and feet. They may well cover their face because, being so close to God, they would witness His full glory which would be too powerful to behold. Feet are considered ‘unclean’ and so not worthy to be shown to God. (Some scholars also think that ‘feet’ could actually mean ‘genitals’.) We’re not told how many Seraphim there are, but it’s more than one.Wings symbolize freedom from material limitations. Six wings represents the six planes of consciousness with man, the six chakra centers. The purification process of Hu-Sia-Heka must go through the six centers of consciousness in the body. Through the power of the Sekhem one can be spiritually quickened, this quickening is a development of intuition, in addition to the five senses in cognitive thought. The Divine intelligence of the Seraphim is represented by the face, which is concealed because the work to be done is “mystic” and too deep for human inner standing; The feet are concealed to hide the path of enlighenment, for each one of us must choose our own path, and the flying shows Divine Action. (Tehuti)

Those who are spiritually quickened have a partial development of intuition, in addition to the five senses. The intelligence, represented by the face, is concealed, because the work to be done is too deep for human understanding; the flying shows the divine action. The “Holy, holy, holy, is Jehovah of hosts” is the word of Truth, the statement of wholeness in the whole body–“the whole earth is full of his glory.” This spiritual perception of the all-pervading glory of the divine perfection is well understood by those who have had visions of the heavenly law.

Their position is flying above God’s throne, unlike the Cherubim who are beside/around it. Their primary duty is to constantly glorify and praise God and they may also be the personal ‘attendant’ angels of God. Their eternal song “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory.” has been used by Jews and Christians for thousands of years to join with the angels in praising God. In Hebrew, to use the same word three times to describe something means that the person/object is utterly like the word. So calling God Holy three times means that God is utterly and perfectly holy.

image3In Jewish folklore, and some later Christian works, the Seraphim are said to be the highest rank of angel. This is probably because of their very close proximity to God.

In art, Seraphim are often red (because of their names ‘burning ones’) and are shown holding a flaming sword with the words ‘holy, holy, holy’ on the blade.

The Seraphim are the intellectual angels with a divine consciousness, who are burning up of self-awareness that accompanies deep spiritual comprehension of divine reality.

The coal in Isaiah’s vision, that touches his lips, is used to signify that Isaiah is now purified and fit to be a prophet. The coal came from the altar in heaven, so would have been very powerful. Fire is also used in many religions and faiths as a way of purifying and cleansing something.

The seraphim are the angels of love, light, and fire. They are the highest order of the hierarchy of choirs and serve God as caretakers of his throne. Seraphim express their love for God by constantly singing his praises. In Hebrew tradition the endless chant of the seraphim is known as the Trisagion-Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh (Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts, the whole earth is full of His Glory), which is considered a song of creation and celebration. Because they are the closest beings to God, they are also called “the burning ones,” for they are aflame with their love. The three choirs of the seraphim, the cherubim, and the thrones, according to the medieval mystic Jan van Ruysbroeck, never take part in human conflict but are with us when we are in peaceful contemplation of God and experience a constant love in our hearts. They also inspire humans to become inflamed with divine love. image4

Seraphim or Seraphs.. They are six-winged beings that fly around the Throne of God crying “holy, holy, holy.” The seraphs hold 5th rank of ten in the Jewish angelic hierarchy and the highest rank in the Christian angelic hierarchy of angels that govern this current world. The various spellings of the Hebrew name Seraphs are the Greek Hellenized version of the Egyptian Osiris-Apis which is spelled Serapis, Sarapis (Σάραπις, Dorian Greek), Sor-apis (Σέραπις, Attic/Ionian Greek), Serapin (Greek Ὄφις), and the name ‘Seraphim’ being the plural form.These names all have similar meanings such as “the burning ones, burning spirits, fiery angels or burning angels.

The word Seraphim (one seraph, two or more seraphim) means “burning ones” or nobles. They are also sometimes called the ‘ones of love’ because their name might come from the Hebrew root for ‘love’. Seraphim are only fully described in the Bible on one occasion. This is in the book of the prophet Isaiah, when he is being commissioned by God to be a prophet and he has a vision of heaven 1.

These burning angels who are also known as serpents, are also mentioned as celestial beings in the Book of Enoch and the Book of Revelation. They are the fiery angels burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God as spoken of in Revelation 4:5 – “And out of the throne proceeded lightnings and thundering and voices: and there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God.”

In Jewish folklore, and some later Christian works, the Seraphim are said to be the highest rank of angel. This is probably because of their very close proximity to God.

In art, Seraphim are often red (because of their names ‘burning ones’) and are shown holding a flaming sword with the words ‘holy, holy, holy’ on the blade.

image5The coal in Isaiah’s vision, that touches his lips, is used to signify that Isaiah is now purified and fit to be a prophet. The coal came from the altar in heaven, so would have been very powerful. Fire is also used in many religions and faiths as a way of purifying and cleansing something.

While he was on the Isle of Patmos, St. John the Divine had visions that revealed the angels Gabriel, Metatron, Kemuel, and Nathanuel were among the seraphim. Isaiah is the only one to speak of the seraphim in Hebrew Scriptures (the Old Testament), when he recounts his vision of the flaming angels above the Throne of God: “Each had six wings: two covered the face, two covered the feet and two were used for flying.” Further mention of the seraphim may be considered in Num. 21:6 when reference is made to “fiery serpents.” According to 2 Enoch (an apocryphal work) the seraphim have six wings and four heads and faces.

It is from the ranks of seraphim that Lucifer emerged. In fact, the Fallen Prince was considered the angel who outshone all others until his fall from Grace.

The seraphim (fiery, burning ones) are angelic beings associated with the prophet Isaiah’s vision of God in the Temple when God called him to his prophetic ministry (Isaiah 6:1-7). Isaiah 6:2-4 records, “Above him were seraphs, each with six wings: With two wings they covered their faces, with two they covered their feet, and with two they were flying. And they were calling to one another: ‘Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory.’ At the sound of their voices the doorposts and thresholds shook and the temple was filled with smoke.” Seraphs are angels who worship God continually.
Isaiah chapter 6 is the only place in the Bible that specifically mentions the seraphim. Each seraph had six wings. They used two to fly, two to cover their feet, and two to cover their faces (Isaiah 6:2). The seraphim flew about the throne on which God was seated, singing His praises as they called special attention to God’s glory and majesty. These beings apparently also served as agents of purification for Isaiah as he began his prophetic ministry. One placed a hot coal against Isaiah’s lips with the words, “See, this has touched your lips; your guilt is taken away and your sin atoned for” (Isaiah 6:7). Similar to the other types of holy angels, the seraphim are perfectly obedient to God. Similar to the cherubim, the seraphim are particularly focused on worshiping God.image6

In Holy Writ these angelic beings are distinctly mentioned only in Isaias’s description of his call to the prophetical office (Isaiah 6:2 sqq.). In a vision of deep spiritual import, granted him in the Temple, Isaiah beheld the invisible realities symbolized by the outward forms of Yahweh’s dwelling place, of its altar, itsministers, etc.

While he stood gazing before the priest’s court, there arose before him an august vision of Yahweh sitting on the throne of His glory. On each side of the throne stood mysterious guardians, each supplied with six wings: two to bear them up, two veiling their faces, and two covering their feet, now naked, as became priestly service in the presence of the Almighty. His highest servants, they were there to minister to Him and proclaim His glory, each calling to the other: “HolyholyholyYahweh of hosts; all the earth is full of His glory.” These were seraphim, one of which flew towards Isaias bearing a live coal which he had taken from the altar, and with which he touched and purified the Prophet’s lips, that henceforth these might be consecrated to the utterances of inspiration.

Such, in substance, is Isaias’s symbolical vision from which may be inferred all that Scripture discloses concerning the seraphim. Although described under a human form, with faces, hands, and feet (Isaiah 6:2, 6), they are undoubtedly existing spiritual beings corresponding to their name, and not mere symbolic representations as is often asserted by advanced Protestant scholars. Their number is considerable, as they appear around the heavenly throne in a double choir and the volume of their chorus is such that the sound shakes the foundations of the palace.In the Old Testament, the Prince of the Seraphim is named Beelzebub, and who holds office just below Lucifer who is King. In the New Testament and the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Archangel St Michael is placed over all the Angels as Prince of the Seraphim. But Christ is image7the head of all principalities and powers. (Col. ii. 10.)

They are distinct from the cherubim who carry or veil God, and show the presence of His glory in the earthly sanctuary, whilst the seraphim stand before God as ministering servants in the heavenly court. Their name too, seraphim, distinguishes them from the cherubim, although it is confessedly difficult to obtain from the single Scriptural passage wherein these beings are mentioned a clear conception of its precise meaning.

The name is oftentimes derived from the Hebrew verb saraph (“to consume with fire”), and this etymology is very probable because of its accordance with Isaiah 6:6, where one of the seraphim is represented as carrying celestial fire from the altar to purify the Prophet’s lips. Many scholars prefer to derive it from the Hebrew noun saraph, “a fiery and flying serpent”, spoken of in Numbers 21:6Isaiah 14:29, and the brazen image of which stood in the Temple in Isaias’s time (2 Kings 18:4); but it is plain that no trace of such serpentine form appears in Isaias’s description of the seraphim. Still less probable are the views propounded of late by certain critics and connecting the Biblical seraphim with the Babylonian Sharrapu, a name for Nergal, the fire-god, or with the Egyptian griffins (séréf) which are placed at Beni-Hassan as guardians of graves.

The seraphim are mentioned at least twice in the Book of Enoch (lxi, 10; lxxi, 7), together with and distinctly from the cherubim. In Christian theology, the seraphim occupy with the cherubim the highest rank in the celestial hierarchy, while in the liturgy (Te Deum; Preface of the Mass) they are represented as repeating the Trisagion exactly as in Isaiah 6.

Seraphim are a higher class of angel, above normal angels such as Uriel and Joshua, but lower in status than archangels. They’ve worked under the command of the archangels for hundreds of millions, possibly billions of years. The only known seraphs are Zachariah and Castiel.

Their true form is very intimidating, estimated to be thousands of feet high. They have four faces, one of which is that of a lion, a human, an eagle, and an ox, though this may be specific to Zachariah.  They also have six gigantic feathered wings. Exposing his seraph form, Castiel instilled tremendous terror in the demon Crowley, causing him to flee.

image8Zachariah was shown to be extremely condescending towards demons due to his pride and superiority, and of course the fact that they detest each other by nature. Seraph can easily smite lower demons with minimal effort, where a regular angel required far more focus to do so, however, it is unknown if they are capable of smiting the higher demons such as Knights of Hell, or white/yellow eyed demons though it is very likely. Castiel, even in a weakened state, was able to intimidate the King of Hell into fleeing when he appeared like he was about to try to smite him.

When God resurrected Castiel after Lucifer killed him, He chose to upgrade his celestial status considerably, making him a seraph. When Castiel regained his memories he was much more powerful than before, being able to smite several demons effortlessly. When he was a normal angel it took him a great deal of focus to kill demons with the touch, and he was not strong enough to kill demons like Alastair, but with his new seraph power, in a weakened state he was capable of killing Crowley, the King of Hell, although even as king, Crowley was not as powerful as white eyed demons, so it is unknown how Castiel, even at full power would fare against one.

In the hierarchy of Heaven, the seraphim, like Zachariah, are ranked higher than Cherubim and angels, but lower than archangels. Considering that Michael is trapped in Lucifer’s Cage, Castiel might be one of the most powerful and highest ranking angels alive (except Lucifer).

Unlike standard angels, Seraphim powers are imbued within them, meaning they still possess all of their powers, even if they become fallen angels, and are cut off from Heaven, as demonstrated by Castiel when he burned a monster to death with his mind, during his time in Purgatory unlike the first time he Fell and lost that power because he was cut off from Heaven. The major difference between average angels and the Seraphim is that the latter possesses several cosmic powers lower angels don’t, and some they do, but at a greatly elevated level.

They can bend time without effort, heal humans of any injury or illness, revive humans who have been reduced to atoms, even years later. However, being separated from Heaven for long periods may weaken them as when Castiel returned from Purgatory, he still had all his powers, but it exhausted him to use his strongest abilities. This was demonstrated when he was temporarily affected by one of Crowley’s demon telekinesis, but this only slowed the seraph and he was able to smite the demon.

As a higher caste of angels, Seraphs innately possess all the standard powers and more abilities of normal, low-tier angels, only at a higher level. Unlike normal Angels, they don’t lose any of their powers after they fall.

Angelic Possession – The seraphim of Heaven require vessels to manifest physically on Earth, and, like all angels, they must bear their consent.

Immortality – Seraphs, like all angels, by nature, can’t die by any natural means of death. They are impervious to bullets, knives, bombs, and any other conventional human ways of killing.

Superhuman Stamina – Seraphs never tire or get fatigued. As such, they do not require food, sleep, or oxygen.

Teleportation – Seraphs can teleport from one place to another instantly. One seraph, Castiel, was able to poke into Lucifer’s Cage and grab Sam, but couldn’t get his soul from the grasp of Lucifer and Michael.

Castiel fights with a leviathan in Purgatory

Superhuman Strength – As a higher class of angel image9endowed with greater strength, seraphs are extremely strong. They can lift at least 1 ton, as demonstrated by Castiel when he lifted an anvil with little difficulty, and they can overpower and destroy humansspiritsmonsters (as well as Alphas), demons, and low-tier angels, but are completely inferior against the arch angels. Seraphs are also strong enough to fight two Leviathans for at least a short time when other angels are easily overpowered by them. Castiel was able to rupture a stone wall just by touching it. It’s very likely Seraphs can overpower low-tier Levis.

Biokinesis – Seraphs manipulate or influence a mortal’s body, such as inflict pain down to the molecular level, like causing internal bleeding, removal of lungs, and hemorrhages.

Telepathy – Seraphs can easily read the minds of humans, and lower Angels, such as cupids.

Advanced Pyrokinesis – Seraphs can generate and manipulate fire.

Advanced Healing – Seraphs can heal others from severe wounds and diseases and even monster infections with ease. Castiel was able to regrow a cut-off finger on a human. However, some things are beyond their power to heal as when Sam Winchester was damaged on a subatomic level from his trials, Castiel said it was beyond his power to fix. Castiel was also unable to heal the damage to Amelia Novakfrom a Grigori feeding on her soul.

Resurrection – Seraphs can lift the deceased from death, as one of them brought Adam Milligan back to life, and another brought back.

Invisibility – Seraphs can become invisible to humans.

Smiting – As all angels, Seraphim are able to burn out the eyes of humans, monsters, and demons, killing them. While in Purgatory the Seraphim Castiel seemed confident that he would be able to even smite Leviathans.

Dream Walking – Same as Angels Seraphs can also enter human’s dreams demonstrated by Zachariahwhen he appeared in Adam’s dream.

Image result for seraphim spiritual meaningRegeneration – If their vessel is in some way injured, Seraphs can regenerate very quickly, though wounds caused by angel weapons take longer. They are immune to Earthly diseases.

Advanced Chronokinesis – Seraphs can travel through time, with greater ease than lower angels, and they are also able to send others either forward or backwards through time, with the same ease. They can send others through time without having to travel with them as well.

Reality Warping – Seraphs possess low level reality warping abilities, Castiel was able to assemble a game by simply shaking the box. Zachariah was able to undo all the damage Dean did to the Green Room, in a blink.

Weather Manipulation – When lightning crackled outside, Balthazar asked Castiel if it was him, implying Seraphs can cause lightning storms.

Mental Manipulation – Seraphs can manipulate, erase or restore a person’s perceptions and memories of events. Zachariah was able to block Dean and Sam’s true memories and implant false ones. He was later able to restore their true memories. Castiel was able to erase Lisa and Ben’s memories of Dean and later show Dean the true version of what happened when he escaped Purgatory. He was also able to transfer Sam’s madness into his own mind. They can even enter a person’s mind and bring others inside that mental world, but require physical contact with both people to do so.

Soul Reading/Channeling – One seraph has shown the ability to read a person’s soul to check the marker another angel had left there, see if there is a soul there and check the state of the soul. He has also displayed the ability to channel power from a human soul, though this had to be done very gingerly and could result in the death of the human if done wrong.

Power Removal – Seraphs are capable of removing powers from empowered humans, however, it can leave them mentally damaged to do so and is very painful to the individual losing the power.

Holy White Light – As a seraph, Castiel was able to emit holy white light. Also, Naomi, presumably a seraph, threatened to use her holy light white against Crowley, before he fled.


Angel Blade – As demonstrated when Dean stabs and kills Zachariah.

Archangel Blade – Even more powerful than Angel Blades.

Angel Sword – Can kill them as it’s a sword version of an Angel Blade.

Angel banishing sigil – When activated, such a mark can temporarily banish Seraphim.

Leviathans – Being older than angels in general, leviathans are able to overpower and kill seraphim and prevent them from using their abilities such as teleportation when they want. However, Seraphs are somewhat capable of holding their own against the Old Ones and are capable of pushing them back and even knocking them down even when fighting two at once. However, it appears they cannot do them any lasting harm, giving the Leviathan a distinct advantage and leaving them vulnerable to attack. Seraphim are likely stronger than, and able to overpower low-level leviathans. However, it should be noted, Dick Roman was able to throw around Castiel with relative ease.

Related imageEve – Like the Leviathans, Eve was older than angels and showed the ability to prevent them from using their powers. She also suggested she was able to kill Castiel, a Seraph, when she told the Winchesters she would exchange his life and Bobby’s as a bonus for the Winchesters’ agreement to work for her.

Common Angelic Weaknesses – They are vulnerable to Holy Oil, Heaven’s weapons, etc.

The First Blade – Like all angels, Seraphim are vulnerable to the First Blade.

Death’s Scythe – Can kill anything.

Seraphs are a type of Angel that are known for continually worshiping and praising God, which they do day and night. Their form is burning and fiery, and has six enormous feathered wings, two covering their face, and two covering their feet, and two with which they fly. Seraphs are claim to be so powerful and holy, that any human that looks upon them in their true form will die. unlike other angels in Christian lore, seraphs have the ability to purify sin, control and manipulate fire, light, and inflame human emotions and thoughts. Even inflame Gods holy love on to a human as well.

Along with the Cherubim (which have four faces – ox, lion, eagle and man – and four wings and also cow’s feet) and Ophanim/Thrones (celestial wheels with inner wheels covered in eyes and sometimes wings), the Seraphim typically represent the highest sphere of Angels in Christian lore, and it should be noted that although ‘Archangel’ is the second to lowest rank, Satan/Lucifer has been named as a Cherub and a Chief Seraph in some texts.

Judaism, by contrast, ranks Seraphim as fifth in the angelic hierarchy.