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Shape of the CrystalImage result for crystals secredCrystals are part of the earth itself and of nature. Crystals are solids that form by a regular repeated pattern of molecules connecting together. In crystals, a collection of atoms, called the Unit Cell, is repeated in exactly the same arrangement over and over throughout the entire material.They are comprised of quartz and silica, which are also a major component of the human body. Like color, crystals also emit a vibration frequency, which matches the electromagnetic field of both the earth and its human occupants.

Image result for crystalsA crystal or crystalline solid is a solid material whose constituents (such as atoms, molecules, or ions) are arranged in a highly ordered microscopic structure, forming a crystal lattice that extends in all directions. In addition, macroscopic single crystals are usually identifiable by their geometrical shape, consisting of flat faces with specific, characteristic orientations. The scientific study of crystals and crystal formation is known as crystallography. The process of crystal formation via mechanisms of crystal growth is called crystallization or solidification.The word crystal derives from the Ancient Greek word κρύσταλλος (krustallos), meaning both “ice” and “rock crystal”, from κρύος (kruos), “icy cold, frost”.Crystals have: An orderly and symmetrical atomic structure and a definite chemical composition.A definite external geometrical shape bounded by plane faces.Physical (and optical) properties which vary with direction (except for the isometric minerals).Only if a mineral is allowed to grow without interference from other minerals will it form crystals. Minerals “grow,” or crystallize, from many types of solutions. They may precipitate from evaporating sea water or crystallize from gammas when lava cools. While growing, minerals may develop a distinct crystal form with smooth, flat planes called crystal faces. The geometric pattern of the crystal faces reflects the internal atomic arrangement of the crystal structure. This is one of the most important things about a mineral.Crystals come in every sizes, shapes and colors. Many are multi-colored.Their matrixes follow the patterning of Sacred Geometry.All crystals and gemstones are living organisms. Crystals have a life energy of their own, they are alive and usually grow in clusters.They are part of the Mineral Kingdom.All crystals ‘vibrate’ on their own individual frequency. The frequency they send out will determine which crystal you will choose at a certain point in your life. You do choose different crystals as your needs change.Many crystals are as old as our planet and record the history of the planet.Some crystals supposedly come here from off of the planet – such moldavite or other elestial crystals.Crystal, a solid body bounded by natural plane faces that are the external expression of a regular internal arrangement of constituent atoms, molecules, or ions. The formation of a crystal by a substance passing from a gas or liquid to a solid state, or going out of solution (by precipitation or evaporation), is called crystallization.Crystals may be symmetrical with relation to planes, axes, and centers of symmetry. Planes of symmetry divide crystals into equal parts (mirror images) that correspond point for point, angle for angle, and face for face. Axes of symmetry are imaginary lines about which the crystal may be considered to rotate, assuming, after passing through a rotation of 60°, 90°, 120°, or 180°, the identical position in space that it originally had. Centers of symmetry are points from which imaginary straight lines may be drawn to intersect identical points equidistant from the center on opposite sides.

Related imageCreated from the magma or Earth’s inner core, healing stones have gone through a geologic process of heating, cooling and displacement on their way to their present form.Movement in the Earth’s crust is the catalyst for the formation of a crystal, as superheated liquids and gases, filled with different elements, move rapidly towards the surface. As the liquids and gases cool they crystallize, the temperature, pressure, surrounding rocks and other elements determine which minerals crystallize at a particular pace, crystals and rocks produced in this way are known as igneous. When crystals and rocks are exposed to the elements, they begin to erode and small particles are washed into the sea forming silt deposits. After extreme pressure for millions of years, these deposits become compressed, forming sedimentary crystals and rock.

Crystals, gemstones and stones have been used by many cultures for thousands of years. Early man used these stones as a tool, and as he progressed, his uses for stones and crystals became more sophisticated, using crystals as amulets and talismans. Early man may not have understood science, but he soon learned that crystals had a life of their own and that there were ways that they could help better our lives. Humanity used crystals for meditation and healing, but didn’t know how they worked – they believed that it was simply magic. As our culture has advanced and technology improved, we are now able to discover how and why crystals do all the wonderful, miraculous things that they are capable of. Crystals are naturally forming basic Energy Constructs -conductors and radiators of Energy.Everything has a vibration frequency. I mean everything! Our bodies, our emotions, crystals, absolutely everything in the Universe. A crystal’s structure is repeating all throughout the crystal. Due to this perfect geometric pattern it creates a more stable energetic frequency. Their vibrations typically do not vary too much. Our bodies, on the other hand, are not as stable. Our energies can be thrown out easily by things such as stress. When a crystal enters into our energy field its vibration works with our energy back into balance. Matter and anti-matter, positive and negative atoms, yin & yang. Material energy; in other words what we see or feel with our psychical senses, is the current physical incarnation of energy, where the movement of the atoms is so slow, it provides us with the relative association of “Solid” to the object we observe. Science does recognize that all objects omit or contain other forms of energy in addition to the physical material energy we easily observe.

The energy field of different gemstones is influenced by geometrical form, color and subtle vibration. Each stone is made up of minute crystals which are in constant motion thus emitting an energy signature or frequency. The gemstone’s color also plays a dynamic role in the stone’s healing energy. The play of light and color can stimulate or calm; purify or heal.

Image result for shape of crystalsCrystals are commonly recognized by their shape, consisting of flat faces with sharp angles. These shape characteristics are not necessary for a crystal—a crystal is scientifically defined by its microscopic atomic arrangement, not its macroscopic shape—but the characteristic macroscopic shape is often present and easy to see.

Euhedral crystals have flat surfaces, or facets, with sharp angles. This is rare in nature, as most crystals don’t form with sharp edges and smooth flat facets. Euhedral crystals are those with obvious, well-formed flat faces. Anhedral crystals do not, usually because the crystal is one grain in a poly-crystalline solid.The flat faces (also called facets) of a euhedral crystal are oriented in a specific way relative to the underlying atomic arrangement of the crystal.

For example, diamonds have an octahedral habit as they have eight facets, ‘octa’ meaning eight. Magnetite is another mineral with an octahedral habit. As the name suggests, this mineral is magnetic. Ancient humans discovered the property of magnetism through this mineral.

Garnets are most commonly dodecahedrons as they are 12-sided. Many gemstones are garnet minerals and some are quite valuable rubies. Some minerals form a cubic, or a cube-shaped habit, such as halite, galena, and pyrite. Halite is nothing more than common rock salt, galena is the natural mineral form of lead, and pyrite, or iron pyrite, is also known as fool’s gold, as it has a shiny metallic luster much like gold.

Crystals grow in different shapes because of the internal symmetry of the crystal and the growth rate along the direction of the crystal. The arrangement of the atoms in a crystal is called a lattice. In a perfect environment, the crystal faces that form reflect the internal atomic lattice.In imperfect environments, a crystal may grow faster or slower along a particular axis, which results in a deformed crystal compared to what the atomic lattice predicts.Most crystals found in nature are imperfect in that they have dislocations and defects. Dislocations can be either an extra plane of atoms that do not run the entire length of the crystal or a twist in the crystal that causes a portion of the crystal to align with a different plane lattice structure than the one with which it started. Defects can be the result of missing atoms, an atom that replaces what would have normally been in that location, and a small interstitial atom that is between the normal atom patterns of the crystal. Interstitial atoms are much smaller than the atoms in the rest of the lattice, as they fit between the other atoms.

The crystalline systems are cubic, or isometric (three equal axes, intersecting at right angles); hexagonal (three equal axes, intersecting at 60° angles in a horizontal plane, and a fourth, longer or shorter, axis, perpendicular to the plane of the other three); tetragonal (two equal, horizontal axes at right angles and one axis longer or shorter than the other two and perpendicular to their plane); orthorhombic (three unequal axes intersecting at right angles); monoclinic (three unequal axes, two intersecting at right angles and the third at an oblique angle to the plane of the other two); trigonal, or rhombohedral (three equal axes intersecting at oblique angles); and triclinic (three unequal axes intersecting at oblique angles). In all systems in which the axes are unequal there is a definite axial ratio for each crystal substance.

Related imageEvery piece of iron pyrite is “Cubic” at a molecular level. These micro formations are the DNA of the crystal, and predispose the crystal to grow or form in a certain way. The quality of the growth is determined by the raw material that the crystal uses to create its self so the more base material around the mineral deposit the better the formation.
These basic shapes, are referenced in the esoteric world, and have own meanings too.
Ie. A Square or cube equals stability, the numbers 4, 6, 12, which in Tarot correspond to three forms of stability. The 4, stability it’s self, the 6, the stability to reflect or plan, the 12 the restriction of stability.
Triangular formations represent birth, re-birth, change and coming into being hence the Pyramids of Giza, the numbers 3, 5, 9 which tarot relate to three forms of growth. The 3, Birth or Manifestation, the 5 change, the 9, that which must be overcome to create change.
The Crystals we choose, reflect where & who we are.

Image result for crystals secredRound stones symbolize the receptive powers of the universe, of magnetism and the Mother Goddess. They are linked with the female reproductive system and indeed can be used to represent women in, for instance, healing rituals. These stones are keys to spirituality, to unfolding psychic awareness. They are used in love spells and in all manner of ‘attraction’ rituals. An example: to attract money, place small pieces of olivine or jade in a square surrounding the round stone and visualize.

Spheres, now available in a wide range of stones, are often used in scrying sessions.

Long, thin stones are obvious phallic symbols, though this doesn’t necessarily include quartz crystals or other crystalline stones. They are projective and represent electricity and the Great God of Pagan religions. These are energy stones and can be carried or placed on the altar for this purpose. For protection hang one on the front door or place before a mirror.

Round and long stones can be used in conjunction for love spells by placing them beside or on top of each other on the altar while visualizing. Placing other love-attracting stones nearby, or surrounding the two, furnishes additional power and symbolism to the ritual.

Stones that are egg-shaped are used to stimulate creativity and fresh ideas. They are also placed on the stone altar to bring ‘fertility’to the ritual. In the past, small stones of this shape were carried by women to promote conception. Larger ones can be buried in the garden for fertile plants.

Square stones symbolize the Earth, prosperity and abundance, and so are used in spells of this type. They also promote stability and grounding. Use one of these to concentrate on one project at a time if you feel that your life is too scattered.

Heart-shaped stones are, of course, used magically to stimulate or draw love. They can be carried to bring love into your life or to magnify the love within, to allow yourself to receive and give love. Triangular stones are protective and are worn or carried for this purpose. To guard your home, place a triangular stone in the window facing the nearest street. Stones which are found in L-shapes are thought to bring good fortune, perhaps because this form suggests the conjunction of the spiritual with the physical. They can be carried as good luck pieces or placed on the altar.

Stones that resemble parts of the body are used in magic to heal or strengthen that particular part: kidney-shaped ones for the kidneys, and so on. These graphic stones, which are worn after the ritual, are focal points for visualization.

Pyramid-shaped stones, rare in nature but increasingly common among dealers, concentrate and release energies up through the tip toward the magical goal. Thus, if you need money, you might put a dollar bill beneath the pyramid and visualize money energy flowing from the bill up through the pyramid and out to bring you prosperity. Diamond-shaped stones obviously recall that precious gem and so are used to attract riches. These examples should be sufficient to allow you to explore the possible magical uses of the shaped stones you may find on beaches, river banks or in dry creek beds. Holey stones, those with a naturally occurring hole, are so important in magic.Other stones are prized not for their shapes, but for their shimmering or lustrous natures. Such stones as cat’s eye, star ruby, star sapphire, moonstone, tiger’s eye, sun stone and many others exhibit this phenomenon known as chatoyancy. Such stones have long been known to be protective, since they deflect negativity. They are worn as jewelry for personal protection. These “movement” stones are also beneficial for travel spells, or can be worn during journeys for their protective effects. “Stars” appearing in sapphires and rubies are thought to increase the magical effectiveness of these stones.

Naturally created stones come in shapes from masses to hexagonal crystals. When they’re exposed on the ground, wind and water action alters their appearance, often producing recognizable forms. Or, when collected, they are broken up into smaller stones or extracted from the matrix in which they formed. Later, in the hands of a lapidary, they are tumbled and polished, cut and faceted; all of which obviously alter the stone’s shape even further. The forms of stones often reveal their magical powers to the knowledgeable observer. Those stones formed into familiar shapes by natural processes are thought to be more powerful than those artificially shaped. Such stones have deep magical significance.When working with naturally shaped stones, the type of stone isn’t as important as its form, unless you decide it is. In the shape lies the magic.

Image result for crystals secredDifferent shapes of crystals, regardless of their type and color, can expand the usability of our crystals and stones and deepen our communication with them. They come in different forms, shapes, and sizes; they can be round or pointed; they can have natural facets where each facet may have its particular energy potential. All crystal forms are perfect, because they are reflections of the Divine, Sacred geometry. Learn how to use them and be at one with them. That’s your key to success.

Transparent, clear crystals promote cosmic harmony. They connect the mundane with the sacred.

Geodes look like caves. They accumulate, store and gradually release energy. The type of geode matters. For example, Citrine geode is great for accumulation of wealth.

Clusters give off energy in all directions. They can also absorb harmful energy. They are frequently used to charge other crystals, as well as cleanse large spaces. Cluster have a lot of points that extend in all directions and come out from the same matrix. Each point can be programmed differently, or even dedicated to different people, for example. Clusters are known for their ability to instil peace and harmony into the surrounding space. They are great for group work and help create meditative or healing atmosphere. Similar to clusters are Druzy crystals.Rock crystal clusters are very powerful for cleansing of any type of negative energy from the environment. Just place it in a room and it will automatically perform its purifying action.Smoky quartz clusters are convenient for lifting the spirit, grounding, and balancing the energy centers of the body.

Single terminated crystal gives off energy in the direction of the point. If the point is directed from the body, the crystal point can be used to draw out unhealthy energy. If directed toward the body, it can be used for supplying energy to the affected area.

Double terminated crystal can simultaneously transfer and absorb energy. Such crystals can manipulate energy at both their terminations. They can be used as a bridge between two energy points. They are very effective in breaking the old and integrating new psychological patterns of behavior (for example, addictions).

Crystal points are used when one needs to accurately focus energy, for example, in order to stimulate certain points on the body. They can be used to pull negative energy out. They facilitate telepathy and promote making a closer contact with our True self.

Laser wand crystals are suitable for etheric surgery. They can cut off negativeness of any type. They compress energy and can stimulate the acupuncture points. Laser wands can direct energy in the area of the pineal and pituitary glands. Laser wands can be used to remove negative thoughts, energy blockages, addictions and attachments.

Crystals balls are usually made out of several types of minerals, for example, rock crystal or obsidian. In the depths of the crystal balls, seers can find answers to difficult questions and dilemmas. Such crystal spheres are tools for predicting future events, but also they can be used whenever there is a need to emit energy homogeneously in all directions. The symbol of the sphere is an expression of infinite symmetry.

Crystal egg is used to correct imbalances in the flow of energy. It can be used in acupressure and reflexology, where it helps in soothing and directing energy, as well as in locating and removing blockages. Holding crystals eggs is a fantastic way for relieving stress. The egg is a symbol of protection. In Alchemy, it is related to the seed of spiritual life – the Cosmic Egg. It includes the heaven and the earth and all germs of god and evil.

Cylinder shaped crystals are excellent tools for crystal massage. Because of their shape, they are also suitable for cosmetic treatments. The gentle, circular motion takes out energy disproportions, pain, fatigue and diseases. They can help reduce wrinkles and other skin imperfections.

Crystal cubes are used for energy consolidation.

Crystals shaped in a form of disc discharge pain and weariness from the tissues, especially if made from Rose quartz.

Tabular crystals can be used whenever we need to connect two different planes. They promote the right understanding and interpretation of things. They encourage communication at all levels. Tabular crystals can also be the finest instruments for communication with the other planes of existence. They activate other crystals and enhance telepathy.Image result for crystals secred

Abundance is an elongated, single terminated crystal with a lot of smaller crystals at its base. As the name suggests, this shape is believed to attract wealth and abundance. The best spot to put this crystal is the leftmost corner of the house as seen from the entrance, the so called “corner of wealth” in the Feng Shui terminology.

Occlusions in Rock crystal are basically deposits of other minerals inside the crystal. Occlusions emit the energy of their type of mineral and are usually in a form of patch or small point, either within the body of the quartz or on its surface. They can be used to remove accumulated stress or help us go through a painful period of life.

Window in a crystal is usually a natural facet. They are usually four sided. If the window is facing left, it could lead into the past, whereas the right facing windows are looking into the future.

Manifestation occurs when one or several smaller crystals are totally enclosed with one larger Quartz crystal. They can be used to manifest a well defined wish, and therefore create a new reality in our lives. They also stimulate original thoughts and creativity.

Chevron crystal, usually Amethyst, has a characteristic V-striped or lined pattern. It is believed to contain the wisdom of the ages. With its help, one can access the universal knowledge.

Crystal record keeper is a chronicler of the past. It is recognized by a couple of elevated small triangles, usually located at one of its facets. These are rare shapes and it takes careful examination to notice them. Sometimes they appear and disappear as a function of the incident light direction. Each of these crystals possesses wisdom and specific lesions that can be retrieved from them. After the lessons have been taught, these crystals often have the tendency to slip out of your hands.

Some crystals have more than one special characteristic at the same time. For example, a crystal can be a Cerridwen crystal and a record keeper. That means that there is a special lesion that you has to learn concerning your feminine side.

Elestials are formations similar in function to the record keepers. They are believed to originate from some ancient times and to be coded in some far-away galaxies or different dimensions from our own. Elestials are also known as Skeletal quartz crystals and often look like a carved work of art. They have numerous natural terminations and build multilayered crystals. Their energy flows naturally and smoothly, removing blockages and fears and bringing comfort into our emotional world. Elestials instill knowledge and power from the higher source, as well as light that shines and purges our sub-conscious urges. Their lessons can be connected either to our past or to our future lives. They can help us answer the most fundamental questions of our purpose and Divine mission that we have to realize here, on this planet.

Ghost shape inside a crystal wand disperses stagnant energies. It is a symbol of universal consciousness. It helps advance our own meditation, uncover our repressed feelings, and open our consciousness toward the supersensible world.

Pyramidal crystal enhances and radiates energy from its top. It is useful if we want to carry out a program of manifesting on the physical plane.

Prisms attract and enhance energy, which can then be directed more easily. Just like the pyramids, they can be used to manifest money, abundance, love, etc.

Layered crystals often look like complicated structures. They enable spiritual work on a several levels at the same time. Layered crystals may guide us to the very source of all things.

Cuneiform crystals contain hieroglyphic-like features engraved on their surface. In meditation, they help gather wisdom from our past lives as well as from the ancient civilizations. They do that by promoting intuitive understanding of the old teachings and initiations. Cuneiform crystals are considered personal crystals.

Crystals with black rings are suitable for gaining full awareness about the hidden aspects of your inner life.

Portals are crystals with a triangular hollow large enough to hold some water in it. You can fill it with water and calmly gaze at the portal for some time. It is believed that this practice may induce time travel in both directions. Portals can be used to charge water and prepare elixirs that bring insights and enhance our psychic abilities. The portals are programmed to lead your consciousness to certain, predetermined locations.

Portals and windows should be used wisely, and only after getting approval from the consciousness of the crystal. It is also important that your intentions are selfless and pure. There are no roadmaps in this work; if the crystals are activated, a change of consciousness may happen instantaneously.

Key crystals have natural, usually triangular indentations on their surface. As the name suggests, they are instruments for unlocking hidden parts of ourselves, or unlocking solutions to problems. We may get information about some aspects that the subconscious mind keeps hidden from the conscious mind. Such crystals enable the development of the soul by aiding our introspective process.

Friends are two crystals growing together. This shape is great for getting support in difficult moments of life.

Twin crystals or soulmates are two similar crystal wands that grow from a common basis and are coupled along the entire length of one side. They help us find our soulmate, as well as establish balance in all relationships. True honest love is the only real goal that we all should strive to achieve. This crystal shape can help us do just that. If the wands are of different length, such twin crystals are suitable for improving parent-child relationships. If they show a rainbow, they can help us find the right partner.

Bridge crystal is a small crystal that partly penetrates the bulk of a larger crystal and partly goes out of its boundaries. It is believed to connect the worlds of the Higher self with the domain of the human ego. Whenever you need to make a link between two sides, this is a crystal to have by. For example, it can help in public speaking, teaching or communication between two persons.

Cross shaped crystal facilitates the assimilation of spiritual knowledge. It cleanses the chakras and removes energy blockages.

Generator crystal is a larger termination of six roughly equal facets. It is used to generate and enhance any type of energy, including healing energy. Apart from generating, amplifying and channeling energy, it helps the clarity of our intentions. In can be used in any metaphysical work with the seven energy center – chakras. There are six facets for the first six chakras, with the termination corresponding to the seventh chakra – Sahasrara.

Generator “healer of the inner child” is represented by a generator crystal with miniature points within its body. This special form serves as a tool for healing our inner child.

Isis crystal has a large inclined facet with five edges. Isis was an Egyptian goddess, the ruler of the elements. She possesses the secret of dying, living and resurrection. She is the embodiment of the feminine principle. The mystical symbol of Isis is the ankh cross. The Isis crystal can be used to repair everything that is broken. It can help us get in touch with our feminine side and understand the process of dying.

Cathedral crystal is represented by a single prominent central point with many smaller parallel points growing from the same base. It is believed to contain the akashic wisdom of the millennia. It is a cosmic light library capable of transmitting information from the Divine mind.

Scepter crystals are elongated points that have another crystal growing around one of their terminations. They can be used to generate and enhance energy of high frequency. They are strong healers that break up energy blockages and restructure the subtle energy on our four lower bodies: physical, etheric, astral and mental. Crystals of similar shapes are believed to be used in various ceremonies in the ancient continents of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Rainbow crystal is represented by a rainbow in the inner body of the crystal. Such crystals are especially good for meditation. They bring joy to all people who are depressed, distress or in pain. Just by holding the crystal and meditating on the rainbow within this crystal, we can control our mood swings. The rainbow crystals can help remove negativity from our lives, but after such sessions, our crystal should be cleansed and charged in the sunlight to restore its powers.

Vogel wands have two terminations: one is shorter and broader, while the other is longer and thinner. Vogel crystals are great for laser-like focusing of metaphysical energy. They can be used for removing negative entities from our aura and for alignment of the chakras. They may carry a very particular healing vibration.

Crystal wands can be created out of a number of materials. The type of mineral brings in additional features to their metaphysical effects.

Tourmalated quartz wand is in essence quartz interwoven with Tourmaline needles. It helps us release traumas and stress, and purifies the chakras. This wand can be used as a tool for easier penetration of healing energy into the body. It also prevents the released negative energy from finding its way back to the body.

Fluorite wand reduces inflammations, pain and stress. From a magical standpoint, it should be cleansed using the water and earth elements.

Obsidian wand removes negative energy, cleanses the aura and helps locate blockages within the aura. It is a good diagnostic tool.

Amethyst wand opens the brow chakra and activates the pineal gland. It stimulates all energy centers and improves the resistance of our aura.

Rose quartz wand calms down emotional stress. It heals a broken heart, relieves anxiety, normalizes high blood pressure and balances the energy flow through the chakras.

Smoky quartz wand brings grounding and protection.

Selenite wand eliminates various entities from the aura and protects the mental body from outside negative influences.

Ghost in a laser wand is a guiding force for performing a self healing operation.Image result for crystals secred

Platonic Solids – Named After Plato who first considered them. In Geometry there are only five perfect, regular solid polygons – Sacred Geometric Shapes. These five geometric shapes represent a recurring pattern throughout creation, and as such represent a blue print for creation and growth. The same shapes also represent the basic structures behind crystal formations. Such shapes are sacred geometry, appearing universally each providing its own teaching for growth and connection towards a purpose.

The Cube – Earth,
Tetrahedron – Fire,
The Octahedron – Air,
The Icosahedron – Water
Dodecahedron – Ether – And Heavens

These crystals can be used in mediation, chakra clearing, chakra balancing, dream work and ritual. Intuitively hold each shaped and ask higher self to translate the geometric shape into a thought, or to represent an energy dynamic. Once understood each structure can be harnessed and used accordingly. Working with basic formations provides a good basis for adapting the same work to natural crystal structures with more knowledge.

Merkaba is 12 pointed. There are 3, four pointed 3D Pyramids inserted over eachover which has a few mystical references.One Pyramid facing upward equals the element of Air (thought) the other pyramid facing down equals the element of Water (emotion). Inserted together equals thought balance with emotion, the mind and heart in balance. As a 3 dimensional pyramid equals manifestation, meaning that the balance is actual. The same attributes are given to the Star of David, one of the seals of Solomon. The 12 pointed merkaba is also strongly associated to the light body, and aids in the development of the light body. Image result for crystals secredThere are seven basic crystal shapes: cubic (isometric), tetragonal, orthorhombic, hexagonal, trigonal, triclinic and monoclinic. A crystal’s shape is determined by one of seven crystal lattice systems, which are used to describe the crystal’s geometric symmetry.

Cubic or Isometric – not always cube shaped! You’ll also find octahedrons (eight faces) and dodecahedrons (10 faces).

Tetragonal – similar to cubic crystals, but longer along one axis than the other, forming double pyramids and prisms.

Orthorhombic – like tetragonal crystals except not square in cross section (when viewing the crystal on end), forming rhombic prisms or dipyramids (two pyramids stuck together).

Hexagonal – six-sided prisms. When you look at the crystal on end, the cross section is a hexagon.

Trigonal – possess a single 3-fold axis of rotation instead of the 6-fold axis of the hexagonal division.

Triclinic – usually not symmetrical from one side to the other, which can lead to some fairly strange shapes.

Monoclinic – like skewed tetragonal crystals, often forming prisms and double pyramids.

All crystals can be described by the Bravais Crystal Lattices, an assemblage of types of crystal lattices and the rules that define them. Isometric crystals are defined by one lattice point on each corner of a cube, and each lattice point divided congruently between eight adjacent cubes. Tetragonal crystals result from rectangular prisms with a square base, caused by stretching one cubic lattice along a vector. When stretched along two cubic vectors, an orthorhombic crystal results, wherein a rectangular prism has a rectangular base.

A hexagonal prism follows that of a right prism, and has a hexagonal base. A trigonal, or rhomohedral crystal has vectors of congruent length that are not all orthogonal. The trigonal crystal features a three-fold axis, unlike the hexagonal’s six-fold axis. A crystal lattice with vectors of unequal length that are not mutually orthogonal is a triclinic crystal. A seventh crystal shape exists, the mono clinic shape. Mono clinic crystals form prisms and double pyramids; their lattices are formed by vectors of noncongruent length that form a rectangular prism.

While specific facet shapes are most obvious on large crystals, even the smallest quartz point may have a window formed out of the facets. A left facing parallelogram window shape will take you back into the past. A right facing parallelogram window shape will take you into the future. A differently contoured window will help you to channel or to transmit healing energy over long distances. There are record keeper crystals that hold the wisdom of the ages engraved on their sides. Meditating with these crystals accesses universal knowledge. A soul mate or tantric twin crystal attracts and holds onto true love.A solid figure that is made up of a repeating pattern of geometric shapes is known as a crystal. Crystals form when a liquid cools and hardens. During this crystallization process, molecules within the liquid pull together in a pattern. Some crystals, such as emeralds, form when magma cools very slowly.There are many shapes that can form in a crystal including rectangles, triangles, or squares.The shape of a crystal is determined by the elements it is made of and its chemical bonds.Crystals grow in different shapes because of the internal symmetry of the crystal and the growth rate along the direction of the crystal. The arrangement of the atoms in a crystal is called a lattice. In a perfect environment, the crystal faces that form reflect the internal atomic lattice.

By knowing the properties of different shapes of crystals, such as geodes and points and being aware of the potential of particular facet shapes, will help you to harness the unique power of crystals, especially the myriad forms of quartz. Some forms occur naturally, while others have been cut to shape. Some of theses man made shapes mimic those found naturally  – many large clear or smoky quartz crystals are cut into tall pillar crystals for use as decorative items or healing tools. Special quartz facets that occur very rarely in their natural states can be recreated so that they become more widely available. Crystals rarely occur as perfectly symmetrical balls, but for centuries Quartz, Obsidian and Beryl crystals have been carefully shaped by hand as scrying tools. Seers gaze into their depths to ascertain the future. Although balls have another function; they emit energy equally in all directions into the environment. Crystals form when the liquid rock from inside the earth cool and harden.
Sometimes crystals form when liquids underground find their way into cracks and slowly deposit minerals.
Most mineral crystals take thousands of years to “grow”Image result for crystals secred

At the microscopic level, a crystal is a solid formed by regularly-repeating patterns of molecules that are connected together. Now, not all solids are crystals. In a non-crystal solid, the arrangement of the molecules is random throughout the material; it’s not regular. Still, at the microscopic level, the crystal is characterized by the unit cell, which is a collection of molecules repeated in exactly the same arrangement throughout the entire material.At the macroscopic level, geologists use the term crystal shape, or crystal habit, to refer to the visible external shape of a sample of a material. The shape or habit results from the common or characteristic shape of either a single crystal or aggregate of crystals. In this lesson, we will discuss two general types of crystal habits. The first exists as regular polygons and are thus termed euhedral, where ‘eu’ means true. The second type doesn’t exist in regular geometric formsA crystal is a material whose constituents, such as atoms, molecules or ions, are arranged in a highly ordered microscopic structure. These constituents are held together by inter-atomic forces (chemical bonds) such as metallic bonds, ionic bonds, covalent bonds, van der Waals bonds, and others.
The crystalline state of matter is the state with the highest order, ie, with very high internal correlations and at the greatest distance range. This is reflected in their properties: an isotropic and discontinuous. Crystals usually appear as unadulterated, homogeneous and with well-defined geometric shapes (habits) when they are well-formed. However, as we say in Spanish, “the habit does not make the monk” (clothes do not make the man) and their external morphology is not sufficient to evaluate the crystallization of a material.