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Subtle Bodies and Cosmic Energy

When the higher vibrations from the universe as a Cosmic Energy reach the earth and are absorbed in the Human Body, fill all energetic centers expressing themselves throw aura which are forming the subtle bodies.

Vibrations means the degree of life. Life in the physical body is slower than life in the atmic body. The Physical Energy Body – The first layer is our physical energy body. This is the layer that we generally think of as our physical selves. But, our physical bodies are also energy, same as the other layers of the body that most people cannot see or sense on a physical level..

We know that every living or non-living thing in this universe is made up of energy and whatever is made up of energy has a body around its physical body known as aura or energy body.

The energy body surrounding physical body is actually made of six layers namely :

Annamaya Shareer     or  Physical body 

a.    Praan Shareer            or  Etheric body

b.    Manomaya Shareer     or  Mental Body

c.    Bhaavmaya Shareer    or  Emotional Body

d.    Chaitanya Shareer      or  Spiritual Body

e.    Sukshma Shareer        or  Astral Body

f.     Aanandmaya Shareer  or  Celestial Body

The physical body
is the body that is best known to modern science. It comprises of the skeletal framework, muscles, tissues, organs, blood, 5 sense organs, etc.

The physical body we have contains the rest of the bodies ( 6 invisible bodies).

Our human body consists of five layers of energy. The first layer is our physical body. The outer four layers of energy are commonly referred to as your aura. Collectively, these five layers or “energy bodies” are the human energy field. An energy medicine practitioner treats all layers of the human energy field, not just the physical layer.

The seven subtle bodies can be broken down as follows: There are three physical plane bodies, three spiritual plane bodies and the astral body, which is the bridge between the lower and higher bodies. The lower three bodies process energies dealing with the physical plane, whereas the upper three process energies from the spiritual planes. That means, God is very much felt from the upper bodies than the lower ones.
So from here we can divide a human into 2 groups of bodies ( the lower bodies and the higher bodies).The energies from the higher planes must pass through the “fire of the heart” – the heart chakra– to reach and be completely of use by the lower bodies. Each level has its own seven chakras, which can be found within the other auric chakras

The lower bodies are : The physical body, the astral body, the mental body.

The lower bodies is a trinity (1,2,3 bodies), this group of body is a copy of the higher bodies, which is also a trinity.
Trinity as you might already know is the expression of a kind of life. So what kind of life a normal human being usually have, the answer is the “The life of the lower bodies” (the lower trinity), yes because human in general function in that lower group of bodies.
The group of lower bodies is the lower nature (or lower self) of a human, and the group of higher bodies is the higher nature (or higher self) of a human. 

The higher bodies are : the Causal body , the buddic body and the Atmic body.. As each layer extends outwards, the chakras vibrate at higher rates. So the seven chakras within the etheric body will be vibrating at a much lower frequency then the seven chakras within the causal body. So the root chakra, for example, will have 7 major chakras, all vibrating at different frequencies.

Energy can thus be transmuted between all bodies to all chakras.

Our lower nature is connected to the lower worlds ( or the lower regions of the universe), and our higher nature is connected to the higher worlds (or higher plans of existence), also called “the spiritual worlds”.

The subtle body

The subtle body is defined as that part of our being or consciousness that leaves our physical body at the time of physical death. It comprises of the mental body, the causal body or intellect, the supracausal body or subtle ego and the soul. What is left behind at the time of physical death is our physical body. The vital energy is released back into the Universe.

The following are some other aspects of the subtle body

Subtle sense organs: By subtle sense organs we mean the subtle aspect of our 5 sense organs by which we are able to perceive the subtle realm. For example we are able to perceive a subtle fragrance such as jasmine without there being any stimulus to cause it. Also the fragrance may only be experienced by one person and not by the others in the same room. This is explained in more detail. Subtle motor organs: By subtle motor organs we mean the subtle aspect of our physical motor organs such as our arms, tongue, etc. All activity is initiated first in subtle motor organs and then executed in the physical dimension by one’s gross motor organs.

The subtle ego or the supracausal body is the final vestige of the nescience and is the feeling that we are separate from God.

The vital energy body

This is the body also known as the pranadeha. This body provides the vital, life sustaining energy for all the functions of the physical as well as the mental body. There are five types of vital energies or praana:

  • Prāna: Energy for the activity of inhalation.
  • Udāna: Energy for the activity of exhalation and speech.
  • Samāna: Energy for the activity of the stomach and intestines.
  • Vyāna: Energy for voluntary and involuntary movements of the body.
  • Apāna: Energy for urination, excretion, ejaculation, childbirth, etc.

At the time of death the vital energy is released back into the Universe and also helps in propelling the subtle body in its onward journey.
the physical body = the physical world ( We can all see and touch )
The astral body = The astral world ( the world of our feelings and desires)
The mental body = The mental world ( The world of thoughts)
The causal body = The world of Ideas, Intuition, The knowledge of God.
The buddic body = The world of Universal Love, The love of God
The Atmic body = The world of Divine Power, the will of God.

So same as our physical body moves and lives in the physical world, the rest of bodies move and live in their respective worlds.

Each body contains the rest of other bodies. For example, when we sleep, our astral body leaves our physical body. And it takes with him the rest of the subtle bodies, leaving in the physical body just a little part of the etheric body.
The same thing happens when our physical body dies. However this time, the etheric body completely leaves the physical body too ( generally 40 days after physical death if the body has not been burned).

In Esotery science  a human being is structured in the same way as the universe. A human is a small universe. That means everything we find in us should be found outside of us.

6The 7 planets are our 7 bodies.

The physical body = earth
The Etheric body = Moon
The astral body = Mars ( Moon too)
the mental body = mercury
the causal body = Jupiter

The buddic body = Venus
The atmic body = Saturn.

mercury is the closest planet to the sun. If like esoteric people, you considered The sun as the expression of the Divine world, and Mercury as our mental body, it would be clear that our mind is closest to the Divine world (vibration wise) than the rest of the lower bodies (physical body and astral body).

Also science found out that although mercury is the closest to the sun, it’s not the hottest, the hottest is Venus, Venus in us is the buddic body, so it then makes sense why it’s so hot, because our buddic body is the one which is full of love ( heat). The love of God. Mars is also known to be hot, but not the same kind of hot as Venus, being connected to our astral body, this Mars hotness is our human way of loving.
Science says that the reason why mercury is not as hot as Venus, is because mercury almost has no atmosphere, so the heat is lost all the time in that planet. This explains why our mind doesn’t know how to love, but it knows more of the light of God ( the beams of the sun) which reaches mercury sooner than other planets in the system. This is also explains why spiritualists empty the mind to connect to God light, since that is what Mercury (symbol of the mind) does. Mercury removes its atmosphere ( thoughts) to let the light touch him entirely.

Finally Science has observed how fast planets which are nearer to the sun move faster than those away from the sun. Mercury is the fastest of all planets. Just another explanation to why our mental body vibrates quicker than other planets. For example, things are done quicker in the mental world than in the astral or physical world. You can for example build a house in your mind in 10 seconds, while it would take you 10 years to finish building it in the physical world. You can now imagine how instantly the universe must have been created. However the physical side of the universe is taking longer to complete.

Those body energies gather together in each body in the form of a Chakra. We can use the chakras to touch the spiritual body we want to develop. This is why chakra development was proved to be so effective in the practical spirituality for centuries.

Our lower nature, for being an image of the higher nature, needs to purify itself, the lower nature mission is to try to identify itself to the higher nature. The higher bodies trinity is indeed our higher nature. Our higher self is looking at a mirror (Time and space), and what he sees is its image ( the lower self). Most of us have our consciences in(working in) the image, in that other person of the mirror. We are living a in mirror, in an illusion, because the image is not the true us.
When we move our consciousness from our physical body into the astral body, we feel and desire whatever is going on in the astral world; the same when we move our consciousness into the causal body, we hear voice of God (the cosmic music, and spiritual ideas); And when we move our consciousness into the buddic body, we can love, truly love, and desire whatever goes on in the spiritual world, beauty can now be felt. As for the atmic body, don’t ask me, I just do not know honestly.
The good is that the causal body is the entry point to our higher

nature, and that’s where we are all going, and some of us are already there. When a human get to live his causal body most of the time, we say that the spiritual world is opened to him. That’s where to me spirituality begins, where someone is reborn-ed, and can now make his way up to the top.
In reality when someone get to use his casual body, he also get to use a bit of his buddic and atmic body, because these 3 bodies are an entity, they work together. Just like our physical, astral and mental body work together.
Those bodies are mixed. that’s why when we think, we can feel and act instantly. each body affect the other body. So the development of one will affect the others too. For example, you purified your physical body, then the next body, the astral body is also affected and it copies the physical body state. Now if you purify the astral body, it will influence both , the physical body and the mental body, because the astral body is in the center of our lower nature. This is why religion gave priority in developing a good heart, by giving us the “Do and don’t does of life ” ex: do not eat that, do not kill people, do not judge, do not insult etc , This is all to help us keep an acceptable astral body vibration. And to my view that’s where the mission of religions stops.
Now for all who have tried to go beyond, who have higher Goals, Things goes as far as to rise the astral and mental vibrations and then the causal vibrations. 

The state of the mind body influences, changes strongly the astral body’s state;
The state of the astral body changes the state (wealth ) of the physical body.
The state of the physical body affect our physical body and astral body and all the astral bodies around us in the visible world.
This is why, it’s useless to force a spiritual face, because if your inside is pure enough, your face will have the expression of that purity. In fact we can’t hide what we develop inside us.
It always comes out. Always. and it does not only stops to us, those changes that started inside will go out and influence everybody around us, and the higher we vibrate, the more positive influence we have on people’s inner world74

These are bodies that powers and influences the 7 mentioned bodies. Neptune powers Venus, Pluto powers Mars, and Uranus powers mercury. Those planets are like the better look of Venus, mars and mercury. You know it’s a principle that everything always have a better side and a poor side, those left-out planets are the better look of the 7 known planets .
The physical body = earth
The Etheric body = Moon = Sun.
The astral body = Mars = Pluto
The Mental body = Mercury = Uranus
The causal body = Jupiter = Proserpine
The buddic body = Venus = Neptune
The Atmic body = Saturn = Vulcan

The last planets added to the right, represent the same body, but with a higher vibration. For example, Uranus is Mercury at its highest vibration. And is us, Uranus is the Mental body, but a mental body of a someone who analyses the inside world. We all have a mental body, but we all do not vibrate that body at the same level. Mercury is the mental body that analyses the information coming from the outside world in all details, while Uranus is a pretty developed mental body that analyses information coming from the inside. And what about Proserpine planet, It’s the causal body which is even more spiritual. While Jupiter synthesizes, summaries information it gets from the outside world into spiritual symbols, Proserpine planet summaries information it gets from the inside. Proserpine planet is deep, it summarizes the summarized. We’ve never been in that planet physically, but I see from its manifestation that there are very few creatures there, in that planet creatures do not multiply, because they eat each other so that there can only remain one creature. This is why the other planets were not mentioned.Related image

The 2 eyes of the solar system are Moon and Saturn
The 2 nostrils of the solar system are Venus and Mars
The 2 ears of the solar system are Jupiter and Mercury
And the 1 mouth of the solar system is Earth.
Our solar system sees through Moon and Saturn, it breaths and smells through Venus and Mars, listens and understands through Mercury and Jupiter. and eats through earth.
-Eyes are related to light (fire), to our will (atmic body, Etheric body). and the solar system, Saturn and Moon (and also the sun) are that light. But the sun is the improved side of the moon, when sun eye opens, we can see daylight.
-Nose are related to water, to our feelings (Buddic body, Venus body), and in the solar system, Venus and Mars represent that Water.
-Ears are related to Air, to our thoughts (Causal body, Mental body), and in the solar system, Jupiter and Mercury are those thoughts.
-The Mouth is related to earth, to our actions (physical body), it’s the planet earth in the solar system.

Now this knowledge should help to understand something about our body too: our right eye is connected to our Saturn and our left eye to Sun (and moon); our right nose to Venus and our left nose to Mars, our right ear to Jupiter and our left ear to Mercury, and our mouth to Earth. Why to know this? because then you can influence those parts of your body to affect your subtle bodies or vice-versa.
Here’s how it goes:
right eye = Atmic body
left eye = Etheric body
Right nostril = Buddic body
Left nostril = Astral body
Right Ear = Causal body
left ear = mental body
The mouth = physical body

Our physical body also changes every 7 years as we develop inside, and depending on what exactly you focus on in your inner world, you get the corresponding physical result. This is why most organ sickness, cells problems (cancer can be included) are related to the way we live inside (not to neglect the law of Karma of course). Also that explains why in the exercises of Pranayama we breath with one nostril only at a time, this is to play with a particular energy polarity of a planets (or of a subtle plane).
Yes because planets also have energy polarities (Magnetic and electric); planets earth, moon, mars and mercury are more magnetic and Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are all Electric. Which means, the heart of the solar system are the magnetic planets and the brain of the solar system is are the electric planets.
Now see for example what that brain is made of: Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. Here Jupiter is the Consciousness, Venus is the Sub Consciousness and Saturn is the supra Consciousness. Now if it has a head then it has a body with legs. The 2 legs and 2 arms are connected to its heart, so the 2 arms are Mercury and Mars(or moon), and the 2 legs are the Earth and Moon. If you think about it, you should get why in general our right arm is as active as thoughts (Mercury, mental body), while the left arms is as passive as the feelings (Mars-moon, astral body).

And it also has many other things, like the 4 elements. Our physical body is made of 4 elements right? well the solar system is also made of them. Fire = Saturn and the sun ; Air = Jupiter and mercury; water = Venus and Mars; earth = planet earth. It’s even thanks to those elements that the solar system can see, ear, smell and eat.
Then it also has thoughts, feelings and will. Its thoughts are its air, its feelings are its water, and its will is its fire. It also means it has a body, soul and the spirit. its body = earth, its soul = moon, Mars, mercury, its spirit = Jupiter, Venus, Saturn. 
So just like a human, it has 4 lower bodies and 3 higher bodies then!
4= earth, moon, mars, mercury,
3= Jupiter, Venus, Saturn
The solar system has a 4 and a 3, so a square and a triangle; a lower self and a higher self. and since the lower self represent women, and the higher self represent a Man, then the solar system has genders. 4 planets makes it female and 3 planets makes it male. The 4 planets form together the female sex of the solar system. And the 3 planets form together the male sex of the solar system. You can even go into details, and find out that Jupiter is the right testicle, and Venus is the left testicle, and as for Saturn I don’t need to tell, right? And the female sex of the solar system is even deeper, so I’ll let that for you to find out.