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3TALE (Aries) 21.3. – 20.4.

Planets: Mars, Pluto

Element: Fire

Attribute: Passion

Quality: dominance

Imperfection: intolerance

Color: Red

Gemstone: Diamond

Life span: more than 78 years

This first month of the Jewish zodiac is governed by the letter hei (h). This is the letter associated with speech. Human beings are distinguished from other creatures by their power of speech. The celebration of this month is Passover. During the Passover meal we employ our power of speech for its highest purpose: to communicate to our children the experience of God’s miraculous presence in our lives and our history. The tribe of this month is Yehuda, the royal leader, from which Jewish monarchs descend. The Passover sacrifice in the Temple was a lamb, the Ram which signifies the zodiac sign of Aries.

People born under the sign of Taleta have fiery and intense feelings. Easy and suddenly aroused, but often do not have enough patience not self-control. Will they were strong and dominant than reason. Choleric are eruptive. They can be rough, hasty and intolerant. They are often one-sided and too fast returns courts, but they are systematic.

The appearance of them is slim. They have a firm and determined walk, energetic face and thin clenched lips. Strong constitution and easy tolerate effort. Diseases from which usually suffer the sudden and severe fever, headaches, anemia, neuralgia, ear and nose, teeth, canine, acute disease, the kidneys. It is easy to recover. For them, it is recommended that in the interests of health eat fast food without the strong spices and spirits.

In love are passionate and jealous. Constantly looking for excitement, which, if they cannot find at home are looking elsewhere. Wife Tale is an elegant, lively, provocative, passionate but honest, posing, love and eroticism is jealous. Pill typically has a harmonious relationship with (Libra) Cachet (Sagittarius) and Arieh (Lions), but it is hard to disagree with Sartana (crabs), Gedi (Capricorn). Most of them correspond to titles in seeking temperament and constant activity: sport, military, industry, building trade, metallurgy, etc. Prefer short and fast operations.

In business are constantly tense, are good organizers, are very meticulous and responsible. The Social, although have difficulties in the collective. They Mixed in with all sorts of things, the quarrelsome nature and self-esteem and their attitudes. They have a lot of virtues: they are honest, sincere, honest, faithful, true, brave, patriotic, truthful, often heroes. The disadvantages are that they underestimate the threat, the sudden and unilateral, vain, tactless, dissipate force, are intolerant, but they can be and despots. Their fate is to acquire all the work without much help from the side. No luck at gambling, speculation, politics and in jobs that require conversion, tolerance and diplomacy. They can become the victim of its own ambition, and they can get hurt from overuse. Due to its volcanic temperament, alcohol and vices of them can be very dangerous.

Those born under the sign of Aries are typically powerful, energetic, vigorous, pioneering, aggressive, progressive, and domineering. When it comes to fighting, they will do anything to be the winner and the first to hit the target and defeat the enemy.

Historically, the month of Aries marks the Israelite exile from Egypt, the beginning of the journey from slavery to salvation, from bondage to freedom. According to Kabbalah, this month provides us with the cosmic strength to break free of all limitations and bondage of any kind.

Aries allows us to leave behind the personal blockages that prevent us from achieving true freedom in all areas of life. The same energy that was revealed when the Israelite nation left Egypt is revealed every fourteenth day of Aries, when the moon is in full force. Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of war, which allows us to wage war on the conflicts in our own lives. It supports us in infusing the year with the right consciousness in any war zone, whether it is between nations, people, or in the conflict that rages within us on a daily basis – the fight between the desire to receive for the self alone and the desire to share.

The opportunity to redesign our entire year, to implement order instead of chaos, freedom instead of slavery, falls on the fourteenth of Nissan, at the event commonly known as the Pesach Seder. Each one of us has been given the power to utilize this cosmic window and reign victorious in this battle against negativity.

They are Energetic, pioneering, brave, fearless, unlimited thinking, persevering, triumphant, sharing. Satisfying their desires

“I am the Centre of the universe”
Be aware of this tendency. Constantly ask yourself, “What is the other person feeling?”

Think before acting. Remember to partner with the Creator, ask for guidance, and know that you are not in this alone. They Makes repetitive mistakes.

Foresee the future by learning from the past. Tells white lies to cover immediate needs be honest. It’s better for your ego to hurt now than your soul to suffer later.

Rushes to meet a goal to the detriment of everyone else It’s not what you do in life that matters most, but how you treat people along the way.

Lacks sensitivity when you interact with people, imagine you are talking with your own son or daughter (even if you don’t have one.) Treat people with care. Words from the heart penetrate the heart.

Gives with the desire to be recognized you will receive so much more when you give without expectations. Easily hurt
Practice letting go of insults and pain. Work on not taking everything personally.

For a better relationship with them you have to:

  • Give them as much attention as you can – without wiping yourself out.
  • Validate their feelings.
  • Choose your words and be careful when offering them criticism.
  • Never correct an Aries on the spot – or in front of others.
  • Find a quiet time to talk so they hear what you have to say and feel that your care is genuine.
  • Remind them of past experiences and future consequences, but again, do it with love.
  • Don’t be hurt by their insensitivity. They don’t mean to be mean, and at their core, they are full of love.

They are fulfilled with:

  • Making maturity a primary goal
  • Listening to messages
  • Being more aware of others’ needs

–    Understanding that selfishness is not an option and anger is useless