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Tan Aura


Tans are very logical and analytical.

Their dreams usually involve creating financial security for themselves and their families, whether by maintaining a long-term secure job or successfully creating a technological product or design.

Tans have produced such achievements as computers, software, radio, television, and various appliances.

Few others have the patience or persistence to deal with the intricate, detailed components of these inventions.

Tans usually accomplish their dreams by analyzing each step before proceeding to the next.

They need to establish a firm foundation and then slowly build brick by brick, step by step.

Otherwise, they are afraid the entire project will collapse.

Not being risk-takers, these methodical thinkers need to see all the data and all the facts before making any moves.

Tans will accomplish tasks with thoroughness and efficiency, making sure every detail is handled.

These thinkers need to carefully analyze a project, incorporate every detail, and conclude with a rational, practical, and detailed solution.


Sensitive Tan Aura Color
The Sensitive Tan Life Color is a combination of a light tan band with a light blue band next to it that encircles the body. Sensitive Tans combine the characteristics of mental, analytical logic with loving and intuitive compassion. These gentle personalities are quiet, sensitive, and supportive. They are patient enough to handle the details of running the home or office. They prefer, like all Tans, to maintain a rational, intellectual foundation while they analytically process data. They are more emotional and intuitive than Logical Tans, however. These loving personalities, although sensitive and emotional, are not quite as emotional as Blues. When facing conflict, they tend to remain rational and calm, and retreat inside to find a reasonable solution.

In power (positive qualities), Sensitive Tans are quiet, nurturing people who are sincere and patient listeners. They are extraordinarily unselfish and are delightfully modest hosts and hostesses. Sensitive Tans are service-oriented humanitarians who tend to put their families and their communities first.

Out of power, Sensitive Tans can struggle with over-analyzing their own inner feelings and intuition, which makes them feel that they cannot trust themselves. They can then become lost, despondent, and full of self-doubt. They can be easily taken advantage of in this state of mind. And like all Tans, they can become shortsighted, narrow-minded, and stuck in habitual patterns.

Sensitive Tans value love, commitment, dedication, patient understanding, and good communication in their relationships. This is what Sensitive Tans give to their mates – therefore, they want the same consideration. They want someone who will listen as well as talk with them, share the responsibilities of the home, and be reliable, trustworthy partners.

These Tans typically do not crave the spotlight. Angela Lansbury on the TV show Murder She Wrote portrayed the intuitive, yet logical Sensitive Tan.
Sensitive Tans are polite, reliable, grounded, kind and logical. Most sensitive tans will sit back and observe, then process information, feelings and their environments in a slow, methodical manner before making choices. They aren’t quick to make life changes as they take awhile to think about life from all angles before trusting enough to move towards any choice, especially relationship and career choices.
Sensitive tans also do not like to be pressured or rushed into responding to people, even in light of an emotionally urgent matter.
Sensitive tans are loyal, family oriented and strong to the core, despite their obvious need to put logic over emotions. They aren’t one to take risks in life, but have well balanced lives without many ups and downs. They need trusted partners in love and in their career that give them time to contemplate decisions, but will also take charge if they take TOO long to make choices. Sensitive tans are best paired with more dominant colors like magenta or red. You might be a sensitive tan if:

When making choices or working towards a goal, or even in verbalizing what you’re thinking, you can’t go from A and jump to Z. You must go step by step in A, B, C, D fashion. You are methodical.

You may have difficulty making decisions, overall. But your hardest decisions will ones wherein you must say no to someone you care about. Boundaries can be an issue for you.

You have a warm, sensitive and comforting energy about you that makes others feel instantly at home.

You have a rather dry sense of humor, and because you are so innately intelligent, you are amused when others “get it”.

You value balance, commitment, dedication, loyalty and determination; and
You often may choose to donate to worthy causes either with your time or money.


Abstract Tan Aura Color Personality – Abstract Tans have a light tan-colored band that is surrounded completely by a brilliant red band. (This red is not the Red life color or the Red Overlay.) The bright and curious Abstract Tans are unique characters. They are the most childlike of all the Tans. They are open, friendly, and outgoing. They have incredibly optimistic personalities. Though they frequently have high energy, it is also usually scattered. Although these Tans see all the details and steps that need to be handled, they do not proceed in an orderly fashion. They have random thought processes. Rather than proceeding step-by-step, they attempt to work on all the steps simultaneously – like a jigsaw puzzle. Even though Abstract Tans can become quite scattered, like all Tans they still prefer to work with the details of a project and they prefer the security of a long-term, regular paycheck.

In power (positive qualities), Abstract Tans are friendly, energetic, optimistic, and cheerful. They have enough energy to handle many projects simultaneously and can be storehouses of information. Although they prefer the information to be intellectually and factually based, they can also be open minded and flexible.

Out of power, Abstract Tans can be scattered, forgetful, and ineffective. They have trouble organizing their lives. They tend to over-commit themselves and then cannot follow through with their promises. They are easily confused and distracted. They slowly retreat inside their heads, which leaves them feeling safe but lonely and isolated.

Abstract Tans prefer mates who can help to establish order in their chaotic lives. They want partners who are willing to provide a steady foundation and who will understand their theoretical discussions. I don’t know of any famous Abstract Tans.image4

Environmental Tan Aura Color
Environmental tan shows up as a deep tan with a forest green band around it. These friendly, conscious aura family members are the physical center of the three-dimensional world around them. Their bodies are like sensing devices, sending out and receiving energies, translating the information physically so that it can be processed mentally. They are autonomous, responsible and willing to be their own authority, observing what is going on before committing themselves to any action. However, once committed, they are initiators with a sense of their own individuality which they hold as sacred. Their greatest challenge is to learn flexibility as their life experiences tend to reinforce the idea that living up to other people’s expectations is a prerequisite for love and acceptance. They may tend to also love being outdoors, taking care of wildlife settings and growing their own foods, as they are natural, earthy folks by nature. You may be an environmental tan if you:
Have a green thumb or desire one;
You are very intelligent but you frequently have trouble expressing your thoughts via words. You can sometimes be misconstrued as aloof or unfriendly. You’re not;
You relish your privacy and quickly become quiet in social settings.
When operating out of power, you aren’t incredibly flexible and often will say that you are “stuck in a rut” in life;
In relationships, you are loyal, loving and committed, but you need plenty of space to decompress. You often expect your partners to know how you feel about you innately, without you having to verbalize it; and
You are strong, quiet, mysterious in your ways and when in your power, focused on your goals in life. You often know your overall purpose when in your power.

Logical Tan Aura Color
Logical tan is small band of lighter tan encircling the body. Sometimes it can show up with white or a softer shade of tan even, especially if the person is in transition to opening up the intuitive parts of themselves. Logical tans are honest, stable and reliable folk. Security, family and career stability are all very important goals to the logical tans. Logical tans don’t trust their intuitive processes much and question themselves in all decisions unless they see absolute PROOF that they are on track.
They are good with details and can handle any task in life that would bore most of us to tears, especially programming related tasks (in the computer industry), budgeting (both at home and at work) and even event planning. Logical tans have been known to enjoy (not suffer) some OCD type of behavior and can be seen drooling over items at Crate and Barrell, Office Depot and other places that help them enjoy their need to stay focused on all the details of their lives. You might be a logical tan if:
Your house is immaculately clean and each drawer has separate compartmentalized plastic containers in them;
You keep the perfect balance between your family and your career life. You do it so well that you are the envy of many people around you;
You become stuck or overly critical of views that don’t match your own and you can hold your ground firmly in a debate;
Your are dependable, grounded and down to earth in your personality. People know you will always tell them the truth;
You don’t prefer to express emotions of your own but you are a wonderful listener. Many people trust you; and
You are excellent with computers, technology, science facts, physics and you likely built the biggest science projects in school when you were a child.