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Taurus – The Bull

11Taurus The Bull – April 20 to May 20

Taurus is a Fixed sign and is ruled by Venus2



  • 3Symbol: Taurus
  • Ruling Planet: Venus
  • Keywords: Warm hearted, possessive, charming
  • Polarity: Negative
  • Duality or Gender: Feminine
  • Element: Earth
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Body Areas: Neck and throat; thyroid gland
  • Countries: Egypt, Cyprus, Ireland, Iran, Switzerland, Greek Islands and Capri
  • Cities: Dublin, St Louis, Bologna, East Bourne, Hastings and Lucerne
  • Stone: Emerald
  • Colors: Pale Blues, pinks and various shades of green
  • Similarity to Chinese Sign:SNAKE
  • Started – 4176 – ended: 2028 years BCE Beginning of the Greek/Mycenaean/Aegean cultures of the Mediterranean Agricultural Age, Fertility religions,Mithraism
  • Golden Calf – The Golden Calf is linked withMoses and Exodus
  • Hindu Cattle worship, (Spanish bullfighting is a ritual relating to the end of the Taurus Age)
  • Path as the Apris Bull
  • Hathor the Egyptian Cow Goddess

Positive Traits: Patient, reliable, warmhearted, loving, persistent, determined placid, security

Negative Traits: Jealous, possessive, resentful, inflexible, self-indulgent, greed

If you are a Taurean born between 20 April a4nd 29 April you are under the double influence of Venus. You are sensual, loving and destined to be lucky in love. Try to curb your appetite to have the biggest and best of everything however. Learning the art of contentment is one of your main life lessons.
Born between 30 April and 10 May. Well Taurus, I see you have a very active mind are sometimes overly critical of yourself and others. Rely on your intuitive feelings rather than analyzing every detail. This will bring you far more happiness in your life.
As a Taurean born between 11 May and 21 May you are prone to a more serious financial attitude in life. You like the idea of being practical and saving for a rainy day. That’s fine but don’t forget to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Your financial sense is very strong and is one of your best assets.

5Taurus Baby

Parents of a Taurus tot are going to have to be very sensitive to this baby’s need to

be touched. Loving caresses and a tender touch are what the Taurus baby lives for. Along those lines, this is a child who needs to be comfortable. Things to keep in mind are providing a room and bed that are neither too hot nor too cold, food that is tasty (a budding gourmand has arrived!), soothing sounds, and whimsical toys. As Taurus rules the Second House, the House of Possessions, this baby’s playthings will be very important. When it comes to the learning curve, the Taurus baby is not in a hurry to grasp new concepts. This tot will learn things at their own pace and be unresponsive to pressure, yet persevering in the end. In light of this, a gentle manner to get this baby to react and respond is the sensible course of action. Also familial in nature, the Taurus baby will enjoy having the family in close proximity, especially siblings. You can consider this baby a people person in general; they are also likely to control the play circle where that well-known Taurean stubbornness will reveal itself! To sum up, the Taurus baby wants to be touched, will revel in delicious toys and, as an Earth Sign, will want to have both feet firmly planted on the ground. Taurus represents all things that are down to earth and your new bundle of joy will be the first baby on the block to roll in the mud and try and see if worms make a good replacement for dinner!

They can be stubborn little tykes and you will find that like a good solid Earth sign they can be almost impossible to shift once they have mind their mind up about something. This applies especially to food where little Taurus may need a lot of coaxing to see the good side of vegetables.

Taurus make charming toddlers as they love to show their affection for you and even when they have started school you will find that a Taurus child is still more than happy to give Mom or Dad a kiss goodbye in the morning.

6Taurus Child

The Taurus child is steady and stable, taking his time with things and not rushing about. This is a child who will understand and appreciate process from the get-go! This youngster will also enjoy thinking about things and will generally appear consistent in their approach. A practical mind is a large part of the make-up here: When explaining things to a Taurus child, simply saying “This is how it is” won’t do. This child needs to understand the “why” behind the rules, or they simply won’t be able to live with them. Sound like a little more work? Perhaps, but the result is a well-adjusted kid. Another thing to keep in mind with this child is their need for affection. You can never hug the Taurus pup enough! This child is also quite domestic. You may well have a “Mother’s Little Helper” in your midst, someone eager to mimic and learn from Mom. As the Taurus child is probably a future gourmet, expect this kid to spend a fair bit of time in the kitchen both cooking and eating! They’re stubborn as well, making it pretty hard to sway the Taurus child once they get an idea in their head. The flip side to this characteristic, however, is patience and persistence, something which renders the Taurus child a good student and an eager reader.

0487c05cbd3b724ff88c732757b91fdcTaurus Girl

The young lady primping and posing in front of a mirror, It’s bound to be a Taurus girl. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the Planet of Love and Beauty, so the Taurus young lady is label-conscious when it comes to clothes. She probably has a penchant for chokers, as her Sign rules the neck and throat. Suffice it to say that her stash of cash (and a Taurus teen always has one) will be spent at the mall. She can be a bit self-indulgent at times so help remind her that she doesn’t need yet another pair of platform heels. Her appreciation for sweets and luxury could result in overindulgence and stomach aches. At the same time, she is practical and stable. She is extremely patient and dependable as she goes after her goals. Her ambition ensures that she is both hardworking and helpful to others. In terms of after school activities other than shopping, she might participate in more sedentary sports like golf — the better to keep that makeup in place. The Bull girl can be a bit stubborn at times and certainly holds a fixed opinion, but the flip side of this is that she sets goals for herself and is pretty determined to achieve them. She will follow through and complete projects that other people may have found too difficult or boring to complete. As a result, she’ll be a good student and will undoubtedly go places.

Taurus Boy

The Taurus young man epitomizes the three Bs – big, brawny and bull-headed.

This fellow may be on the stubborn side and like to do things his own way, but his own way can be pretty nice. He can seem very opinionated, but he is extremely patient, tolerant and dependable. He will pursue his goals with perseverance and determination. The Taurus boy’s persistence is evident in schoolwork. The way he looks at it, those good grades will get him into a good school and that much closer to all the goodies that money can buy, like a shiny new car or an expensive boat. He can be self-indulgent, preferring luxuries and the finer things in life. He is willing, however, to put in the hard work in order to earn these indulgences. Along these lines, the Taurus young man knows the value of networking and will always associate with the right crowd. He also knows how to plod ahead better than most, but thankfully, he’s nicely subtle about it. In his leisure time, he enjoys outdoor activities like hiking that allow him to get close to the Earth. The Taurus fellow is neat, clean and parent-pleasing, but he’s still a man’s man at the same time. Quite the winning combination!

taurusTaurus and Independence:

Taurus is not the one who ventures out into the unknown and leads the way, Taurus is the one that will follow the leader and strengthen and build upon the discovered, in other words they are the one that will “dot the I’s and cross the T’s”. This perseverance is given to them by their stubborn streak. Taurus stubborn streak is what gives their independence. They like to do things their way. They are perfectly fine on being alone, this way things get done they way they want them to be done. Taurus is not a follower, but they are not the brave one either. Taurus is perfectly independent. With their perseverance, they get things done and can do quite well for themselves.

taurus_fantasy_fairy_by_sinphie-d8rb1d9Taurus and Friendship:

A Taurus is an excellent friend. Taurus has few close friends as opposed to many acquaintances. The few people they hold dear to them are guarded and protected. Their friends are treated like family and they are fiercely loyal and dependable. Taurus loves to be the host or hostess. Although not a total social butterfly, they can be shy around strangers, the people who Taurus let into their lives are lavishly catered to when Taurus decides to throw a party, they decorate and present everything lavishly. Taurus will always pamper themselves and their close group of friends.

Taurus and Business:

Taurus is a strong business person. Taurus is the one who has immense perseverance, even when others have given up, the Taurus rages on. They have a knack for finance and their financial advice is prized. They know where money is to be made and have the ability to manipulate and set the path for their own success. Taurus are not frivolous spenders but they like to live lavishly and surround themselves with nice possessions and foods, which all adds up resulting in large spending habits. They will not spend all their money and cause their business to fail because if they do, their security and stability will be gone and this will cause them great stress.

Taurus Temperament:

Taurus is deeply sensitive, the slightest ff7ad10eebe42eaf1acf7fb943e50149comment or negative remark will be taken personally and they can easily get offended or hurt. Their stubborn streak results in laziness. They can be very lazy when someone gives them orders or wants them to do something they do not want to do. They are not lazy when it comes to themselves,

Taurus Deep Inside: Taurus is not fond of change. In fact, is change is imminent; they get very nervous and worried. They do not like anything new because anything new is unknown and Taurus fears the unknown. Taurus needs order in their lives and when they do not have order, they get very anxious. Taurus will cut themselves off from the unfamiliar in order to avoid the feelings of insecurity that arise when new experiences and situations are present. Taurus do not express their feelings openly and their inner self is contained and secretive. Many people do not know how sensitive Taurus really is, they hide it well. As a result, they are often emotionally hurt when the wrong things are said; they take things too personally sometimes. Taurus avoids talking about their emotions and many people never really know how they feel.

8337d75b9fdb236e1cb807011e759e8cTaurus in a Nutshell:

Taurus is the one who has immense perseverance, even when others have given up, the Taurus rages on. Solid and persistent, just like the bull, this is Taurus’ well suited symbol. Taurus’s have a well-known reputation for being stubborn, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The stubborn streak can cause Taurus to butt heads and conflict with other strong character types. Taurus are not fond of change. They like the familiar and routine comfort of life. Taurus is easy going and not one to pick a fight but should some poor souls attempt to provoke Taurus, the wrath will be known, for they have a temper underneath the calm surface. Taurus are very responsive to their surroundings. They like decorations, color, anything that appeals to all the senses. Taurus like possessions and the Taurus home is nicely decorated with lots of things. Taurus are down to earth, they do not like gaudy, flashy or over the top things. They prefer comfortable and creative settings and objects. Taurus likes security, in every aspect of their lives from home, to love, to career. Taurus can be secretive, opinionated and stingy. Taurus tend to be self-indulgent and lazy, Taurus are master procrastinators of the astrology zodiac! They do however have a strong, persistent drive that comes to life when they chose, and no one would ever know that they are lazy. The secret to this is that their laziness is pushed aside when it comes to themselves.

1Taurus Love, Sex and Relationships

Love Insight
Taureans like to take love slow. It’s more important for them to secure themselves financially before making commitments to anyone else. They also need a love-mate to be their best friend. They’re romantic creatures, and will spoil Mr. or Mrs. Right like a Prince or Princess.

Taurus-Aries: They are equal in status and complimentary.
Taurus –Taurus: Mutual admiration – you love adore each other.
Taurus –Gemini: Gemini, talks and Taurus listens.
Taurus –Cancer: They have lots in coming – a winning formula.
Taurus –Leo: You’ll have fun and spoil each other.
Taurus –Virgo: You can almost read each other’s minds.
Taurus –Libra: Art and culture bring them together.
Taurus –Scorpio: Admiration for each other’s strengths and qualities
Taurus -Sagittarius: Sag Optimism and Taurus sensuality lock together.
Taurus -Capricorn: Common values and goals – this is a strong bond.
Taurus -Aquarius: They have a lot to learn from each other.
Taurus –Pisces: These two can romantically hum together.

 What it’s like to date a Taurus Woman:3

Taurus women are masters in the art of seduction. She will get what she wants but her patience is incredible, she will wait for what she wants She needs stability and security and will not tolerate a man who is not straight with her and leads her along with uncertainty in the future. She is the old-fashioned type, the type of woman who is associated with the drive-in soda shop days of the 60’s. She is down to earth, protective, supportive, loving, devoted and loyal. She is openly affectionate in a relationship. Taurus women are perfect for the man who likes to be nurtured and pampered, providing you are loyal and devoted. She has a lot to give but she requires a lot in return. Remember, the Taurus woman is very sensitive although she might not seem so on the exterior. Court her and constantly try to impress her and you will win her heart and she will be yours. Cross a Taurus woman, and her temper will flare, she will become extremely stubborn. If you ever break her trust, it will be nearly impossible to gain it back again.

cbf052a5cb6861e3e61eb8baccfc54b9What it’s like to date a Taurus Man:

The Taurus man is very sensible; he is not the man to sweep you off your feet. He is practical and down to earth. He wants a high quality woman, not a woman for one night. He will survey cautiously before he makes his approach. He is very patient when it comes to a relationship. He will survey the situation and make sure the woman has something to offer him, before he offers himself. Taurus man is a romantic man, he will put his woman on a pedestal, protect her and cherish her. Once he has chosen his woman, he will be very generous, loyal and faithful. He is not a boring man, but he is not for the woman who craves adventure and excitement. Taurus man is for the woman who craves stability and comfort, he is an incredible provider and is a very fine choice as a partner for the right woman. He is in it for the long haul so commitment is no problem for this man.

5How to Attract Taurus:

Do not attempt to rush into a relationship with Taurus. They are very patient and expect you to be so too. Make them laugh, if they are amused and entertained by you, they will enjoy being with you. The way to a Taurus’ heart is through their stomachs. Cook for them or offer to take them to a fine upscale restaurant. Taurus enjoys talking about finance, business, money and material possessions.

Taurus Erogenous Zone:

The throat and neck are the hot spots for any Taurus. Lightly rub the neck, kiss it gently, lick it lightly, even a soft nipple will make them melt like butter! Massage the

back of the neck while you are relaxing, this relax them and set the mood for passion!

Sex with Taurus:

They are passionate lovers. They have lots of physical stamina and this makes up for the lack of variety in the sex life.
Your sexuality is strong and deep, though not necessarily electric on the surface. Sensual, but conservative, you prefer a cozy courtship, replete with good food and wine in copious quantities. Ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty and desire, you are strikingly attractive, in a somewhat statuesque way. Your sensuality and readiness to please make you a desirable partner for one who seeks a solid, secure and long-lasting relationshi6fcd484744d6a9563246466c464f9a0ep.
You have a marked fondness for all pleasures of the senses, but, of course, do not give yourself lightly to mere passing fancies. This reflects your great strength and loyalty. Elegant, erotic Venus stimulates your earthy appetites, which can be voracious when awakened. Indeed, your sexuality is more readily aroused when your appetite for edibles has been assuaged. Let’s get first things first! Taurus has hungers and can be quite methodical in the satisfaction thereof. The pathway to the connubial bed is strewn with foodstuffs…
A tender meeting of like minds over a delicious repast, combined with fine wine and luscious music, in a secure environment where nothing unexpected is likely to occur is your ideal scenario for seduction. Taurus, however, is straight-forward and down-to-earth in sexual matters. A no-nonsense approach is favored and too much verbalizing, or complex fantasizing is not really Taurus’s thing. Music or other forms of sensual, non-verbal expression will strike a chord in the Taurean nature.
Admirers should be aware that having opened the floodgates of passion, Taurus can be both insatiable and possessive and Taurean emotions will be trifled with at your peril. The great side of this is that Taurus is intensely loyal and makes a caring, life-long partner, who will seek to provide for and satisfy your needs (so long as they are sure that the food supply is in no danger of running out…)

taurus_by_luciekout-d6h0d9uTaurus Health
Taurus, the Bull, is the first sign of the Earth triplicity and the second sign of the tropical zodiac. Taurus represents the sign of purposeful determination and power. It is the celestial rhythm of Taureans to conserve physical resources and own physical, reflecting the nature of the Earth element.
The key phrase of Taurus is “I have”. They have a strong desire for personal security. Their quest for spiritual truths comes by material efforts. The astrological symbol for Taurus is the bull, which reveals the stubborn nature of the Taurean personality. Because these individuals are unable to rely on others, they are usually very dependable themselves. A good Taurean will have a strong sense of loyalty. The hub of their universe is security, both physical and emotional.
If the Sun is fully expressed in the chart, Taureans are physically strong and solidly built with a heavy chest and torso. Even those who are not fat may appear physically dense and characteristically stout, even barrel-chested, with thick legs.

1Taurus Rules the Throat

Each sign has external, internal and structural relationships. Externally, Taurus rules the throat, neck, ears and lower jaw. Internally, it rules the thyroid gland, pharynx, larynx, jugular vein, tonsils, Eustachian tubes, cervical ganglia and carotid arteries.

Structurally, it rules the occiput, cervical vertebrae, lower jaw and teeth, chin and palate. The pathological tendencies of this sign are stroke, croup, tonsillitis, lymphatic stasis of the neck and head and laryngitis. Vulnerable parts of the body are the neck, throat, shoulders and upper torso. Stiff necks, sore throats and earaches are common Taurean complaints.

Practical, reliable Taureans are great lovers of sensual pleasures, although they tend to be rather stubborn, possessive and conservative. Firmly anchored in the material world, they have a fine grasp of what is needed in order to lead the good life. Taureans are capable in emergencies, where they have an instinctive understanding of what to do, but under normal circumstances, no-one can force them into anything without due time for thought and consideration.

Taurus rules the throat, giving a powerful, often beautiful voice. The influence of Venus opens up a world of musical talent and appreciation, so Taureans are good singers and musicians, or at least, love music and can be a force on the business side of music.

1The Taurean In Love:
Taureans are deeply romantic and very loyal. They value the harmony a happy home life creates. They will go to extremes to keep their mate happy, which, when it comes to love, is no sacrifice to the sensuous Bull. The Taurean need for the good life is equaled by their need to share that life with someone special.
Sexually, Taureans are straightforward and down-to-earth. A no-nonsense approach is favored and too much verbalizing or complex fantasizing is not a Taurean trait. This does not mean they are not capable of feeling love. Indeed, the depth of a Taurean’s passion may not be understood by others. Music or other forms of sensual, non-verbal expression will strike a chord in the Taurean nature. Very faithful to friends and family, Taureans prefer long-lasting relationships and seek to build strong alliances, although they can be misled by their sensual natures, especially when young.
Your kisses linger; they are deliberate, heartfelt and they can go on and on and on…

1448078-bigthumbnailFamous Taureans Include:
Fred Astaire, Sigmund Freud, William Shakespeare, Barbara Streisand, Malcolm X, Leonardo de Vinci, Willie Nelson, Orson Welles, Katharine Hepburn, George Lucas, William Hewlett, Cher and Adolf Hitler.

Ideal Jobs Include:
Taureans are well-suited to be bankers, artists, accountants, musicians, gardeners or any profession that requires patience, determination and a strong beauty aesthetic.

Lucky Numbers:
2, 11, 29, 29, 37, 56

7You & Your Taurus

… Cook your Taurus their favorite meal — complete with candlelight and romantic music.

… Take the time to make it special — they will appreciate the good food, gorgeous setting and great company.

… Be ready to share quality time with your Taurus, cuddling will always be a favorite.

… Expect support in return — this Sign will always be there for you when you need them, with open arms and an open heart.

… Be supportive of their career choices and the day-to-day work that they do.

… Expect them to be generous — they will strive to provide the two of you with the fruits of labor. Taurus loves the finer things in life, and they believe that a partner should share in them.

… Take every opportunity to give subtle but sincere compliments. Your Taurus will accept and appreciate the confidence boost.

… Be patient, loving and always encouraging as your Taurus builds up steam. They will eventually show you how completely fulfilling a relationship can be.


… Ever break a date or not be at home at the hour your Taurus is supposed to call.

… Be unpredictable — this Sign will take your action to heart. Taurus is dependable, and expect a partner to be equally so.

… Rush, pull or push a Taurus into making a decision — you’ll wear yourself out and irritate them in the process.

… Be impatient — Taurus will absolutely take their time.

… Act stubborn — once the Taurus mind is made up, don’t try to change it. This Sign is known for being utterly implacable once they form an opinion.

… Be wishy-washy — if you aren’t sure you want a serious relationship, don’t start one with a Taurus.

… Question your relationship — relationships are very important to the Bull, and once they commit, they stay committed.

… Overspend and jeopardize financial stability.

… Be too controlling of finances — your Taurus may take total control of the checkbook to ensure that things stay within the budget.

11445722_1_lThe Taurean’s characteristics are solidity, practicality, extreme determination and strength of will – no one will ever drive them, but they will willingly and loyally follow a leader they trust. They are stable, balanced, conservative good, law-abiding citizens and lovers of peace, possessing all the best qualities of the bourgeoisie. as they have a sense of material values and physical possessions, respect for property and a horror of falling into debt, they will do everything in their power to maintain the security of the status quo and be stupidly hostile to change.

Mentally, they are keen-witted and practical rather than intellectual, but apt to become fixed in their opinions through their preference for following accepted and reliable patterns of experience. Their character is generally dependable, steadfast, prudent, just, firm and unshaken in the face of difficulties. Their vices arise from their virtues, going to extremes such as being too slavish to the conventions they admire, obstinately and exasperatingly self-righteous, unoriginal, rigid, ultraconservative, argumentative, querulous bores, stuck in a self-centered rut. They may develop a brooding resentment through nursing a series of injuries received and, whether their characters are positive or negative, they need someone to like their egos with a frequent, “Well Done!”

1They are faithful and generous friends with a great capacity for affection, but rarely make friends with anyone outside their social rank, to which they are ordinarily excessively faithful. In the main, they are gentle, even tempered, good nature and modest and slow to anger, disliking quarreling and avoiding ill-feeling. If they are provoked, however, they can explode into violent outbursts of ferocious anger in which they seem to lose all self-control. Equally unexpected are their occasional sallies into humor and exhibitions of fun.

Although their physical appearance may belie it, they have a strong aesthetic taste, enjoying art, for which they may have a talent, beauty (actively recoiling from anything sordid or ugly) and music. They may have a strong, sometimes unconventional, religious faith. Allied to their taste for all things beautiful is a love for the good things of life pleasure, comfort, luxury and good food and wine and they may have to resist the temptation to over indulgence, leading to drunkenness, gross sensuality, and covetousness.

3In their work, Taureans are industrious and good craftsmen, and are not afraid of getting their hands dirty. They are reliable, practical, methodical and ambitious, within a framework of obedience to superiors. They are at their best in routine positions of trust and responsibility, where there is little need of urgency and even less risk of change, and a pension at the end. Yet they are creative and good founders of enterprises where the rewards of their productiveness some from their own work and not that of others.

They can flourish in many different trades and professions: banking, architecture, building, almost any form of bureaucracy, auctioneering, farming, medicine, chemistry, industry Taureans make good managers and foremen surveying, insurance, education and, perhaps surprisingly, music and sculpture. They make an ideal trustee or guardian, and can attain eminence as a chef. Some Taureans are gifted enough in singing to become opera stars or to excel in more popular types of music.

They are more than averagely amorous and sensually self-conscious, but sexually straightforward and not given to experiment. They make constant, faithful, home loving spouses and thoughtful, kindly parents, demanding too much of neither their spouses nor children. They can be over possessive and may sometimes play the game of engineering family rows for the pleasure of making up the quarrel. If anyone offends their amore proper they can be a determined enemy, though magnanimous in forgiveness if their opponent makes an effort to meet them halfway.

Taurus governs the throat and neck and its subjects need to beware throat infections, goiter and respiratory ailments such as asthma. They are said to be at risk of diseases of the genitals, womb, liver and kidneys, and of abscesses and rheumatism. Because their body type has an inclination to physical laziness, Taureans can be overweight.


Riding between Orion and Perseus in the bright Milky Way is the constellation of Taurus the Bull. There is no difficulty in finding Taurus, simply use the three stars which form the belt of Orion and follow a line upwards, this leads to the first magnitude star Aldebaran.


Both Taurus and Scorpio are associated with ancient Egypt.

In mythology Taurus is often associated with the Greek myth of the bull-form taken by Zeus in order to win Europa. Taurus is also associated with the Greco-Roman goddess Aphrodite/Venus and sometimes also the goddesses Hera/Juno, Ishtar, Isis, Freyja, and Frigg and the gods Pan, Dionysus/Bacchus, Xolotl, and Quetzalcoatl. The astrological symbol for Taurus represents the head and horns of the bull.

The identification of the constellation of Taurus as a bull may be quite old. Dr Michael Rappenglück of the University of Munich believes that Taurus is represented in the Hall of the Bulls in the caves at Lascaux. The paintings are approximately 16,500 years old. One of the painted bulls is near a cluster of dots that looks like the Pleiades, and which is the correct position over its shoulder to be that asterism. The same pattern is found in pits in the floor, which could have been filled with oil and lit to recreate the lights of the Pleiades inside the cave, though there is no evidence that this actually happened.

4Greece: Ancient Greeks saw Taurus as Zeus. He was a lover of women, both mortal and immortal. Of course, he was sometimes hard put to escape the watchful eye of his wife, Hera. He also was unable to appear in his true form, as he would strike too much fear into the hearts of mortal men and women. Truth be told, he sometimes needed to be somewhat roundabout in his courting because he was pursuing women that ought not to be pursued — such as young virgins or other men’s wives. One of Zeus’ favorite methods was to change himself into an animal of one sort or another, thus allowing himself to escape notice and get close to the woman of his choice. One day, Zeus’ eye fell on the beautiful maiden, Europa, as she was out playing with a group of girls by the seashore. Knowing that she and her friends would be terrified if a strange man or god approached them, he changed himself into a beautiful white bull. He then wandered up to Europa, who was so amazed by the beauty and gentleness of the creature before her that she forgot all caution. She petted and played with her new pet, forgetting about her friends.

They gradually moved further away, leaving her alone with the bull, who was Zeus. He lay down, and she eagerly climbed on the bull’s back. This is what Zeus had been waiting for. He plunged into the sea and swam away with Europa clinging to his back. Europa called to her friends for help, but it was too late. Zeus took her to the island of Crete, where he changed back to his true form.

He took Europa as his lover, and she bore him three sons. Zeus hung the image of the bull in the heavens, where it represents love, strength and beauty.

2Australia: Many ages ago, in the dream time of the aborigines of Australia, lived seven lovely ice maidens, daughters of a lofty, snow-topped mountain and the ice-cold stream that flowed from the hills. Although beautiful, they never warmed to the attentions of the mortal men who courted them. Then one day, Warrunnah, a naïve but clever young man, beguiled two of the maidens and took them to live with him in his village. The others returned to their home in the sky. Of course, it was not long until Warrunnah discovered the truth that the sisters were ice maidens; that their beautiful silvery tresses were like the icicles that hung from the trees in winter. He was disappointed, and took the maidens to his campfire and tried to melt the icy crystals. As the ice melted, though, the water quenched the fire. The vestals remained ice maidens, but their cold brilliance had been dimmed. The two sisters were welcomed and well treated in the village, yet they became increasingly lonely without the other five, and they longed to return to their former home above in the clear heavens. They could see their twinkling sisters beckoning to them from afar.

Wurrunnah sent the maidens into the forest one day to gather wood for their campfire. And after a short while, they met a great pine tree, which happened to be a member of their own totem. The pine tree extended itself to the sky and allowed the maidens to climb up, up, up to the home of their sisters. But the two never regained the brightness they had lost to Wurrunnah¹s fire, and that is why there are five bright stars and two dim ones in the Pleiades. As the Australian aborigines considered the Pleiades to be the campfire of the women, they also thought the campfire of the men to be the group we know as the Hyades, also in Taurus. The women were clustered together so that they might enjoy telling stories among themselves. Some of the men sat quietly by their fire, but others were boastful and roamed about, shouting to all who would listen – the original Bull session.