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The Manasic/Higher Mind Body is the vehicle of contact with the Universal Mind. Through it we have the ability to directly comprehend vast reservoirs of knowledge and truth about reality and existence. It gives us the ability to become conscious of the Divine Plan as it is working out in manifestation.
The Manasic Body’s orientation is towards mental comprehension of abstract and universal truths which are infinite in quantity, exalted in quality, and profoundly liberating to the human spirit.

When this level of consciousness is awakened the awareness of omnipresence becomes established.

Manasic consciousness incarnates the intelligence aspect of Deity.

Manasic consciousness is normally rapturous and blissful.

It exists in the higher levels of the Manasic Universe

Manas is the mind principle in man, the consciousness aspect, the thinker, the permanent individuality which incarnates and reincarnates. It is in fact the human soul. Manas is the mind and the mind and the soul are one and the same thing. It is a mistake to confuse the mind and the brain, as if they are the same thing. The brain is only a physical organ and serves but as a physical vehicle for the mind/soul – who is the true thinker – to manifest through while in physical incarnation.

In the teachings of Theosophy, the Manas principle is often called the Ego. This is using the term “Ego” in its true and literal sense, of meaning the true “I” of our being.

It is the Manasic entity, the individual human soul, which sets the causes in motion in each lifetime – through every thought, word, and action – which have to have their corresponding Karmic effects in this and subsequent lifetimes. It is the maker and the experiencer of Karma.

It has a dual nature, that of Higher Manas and Lower Manas. When the mind and consciousness are lifted, raised, and elevated towards higher things, spiritual things, abstract things, intellectual things, things of goodness, truth, purity, love, compassion, and beauty, it is then functioning as the Higher Manas and rising ever closer towards the divine shining light of Buddhi, the Spiritual Soul. When the mind and consciousness are instead allowed to sink downwards towards the lower, separative, selfish, and sensual things of life, it is Lower Manas, attaching itself to the principle of Kama, the Animal Soul.

Manas cannot go in both directions at once. It can only either go up or down…up towards spirituality or down towards sensuality. Spirituality and sensuality can never and will never mix. Manas, the human soul, stands right in the middle between the two and must make a choice between them. Our primary battleground in life is that of the mind.

The mind and the brain are not one and the same. The brain is only an organ, a material vehicle, through which the mind is able to function and operate on the physical plane. The mind does not require or use the brain when it functions on other, non-physical planes of existence. The brain only lasts for the duration of one lifetime but the mind continues on. The mind and the ability and action of thinking are something metaphysical, not physical or material.

In Theosophy, the mind is often referred to by its Sanskrit name of Manas. This is actually the origin and root of the word “Man” and thus indicates how Man – the human being – is by his very nature and essence a mind and a thinker.Image result for The Manasic/Higher Mind Body

In order to view the mind in its right perspective and to more accurately understand its connection and relations with the other parts of our being, let’s take a brief look at the seven principles or components which comprise our sevenfold nature. Their Sanskrit names are given here along with a brief definition and explanation in English from HPB’s book “The Key to Theosophy.”

Image result for The Manasic/Higher Mind Body7th Principle – Atma – “Spirit.” – “One with the Absolute, as its radiation.”

6th Principle – Buddhi – “The Spiritual Soul.” – “The vehicle of pure universal spirit.”

5th Principle – Manas – “a dual principle in its functions.” – “Mind, Intelligence: which is the higher human mind, whose light, or radiation, links the MONAD, for the lifetime, to the mortal man.” – “The future state and the Karmic destiny of man depend on whether Manas gravitates more downward to Kama rupa, the seat of the animal passions, or upwards to Buddhi, the Spiritual Ego. In the latter case, the higher consciousness of the individual Spiritual aspirations of mind (Manas), assimilating Buddhi, are absorbed by it and form the Ego, which goes into Devachanic bliss.”

4th Principle – Kama – “The seat of animal desires and passions.” – “This is the centre of the animal man, where lies the line of demarcation which separates the mortal man from the immortal entity.”

3rd Principle – Prana – “Life, or Vital principle.” – “Necessary only to [Sthula Sharira, Linga Sharira, and Kama] and the functions of the lower Manas, which embrace all those limited to the (physical) brain.”

2nd Principle – Linga Sharira – “Astral body.” – “The Double, the phantom body.”

1st Principle – Sthula Sharira – “Physical body.” – “Is the vehicle of all the other “principles” during life.”

When awakened, the Manasic Body can be perceived as a vast field of particles of light, radiating from a central point and extending about 1200 feet in diameter and about 340 feet in height. A central column of light-energy signifies its current range of universal thought. It exists in 5 spatial dimensions
The Manasic/Higher Mind Body is awakened through specific meditation practices and certain types of energetic stimulation, although the study of abstract mathematics, abstract philosophy, etc. can be helpful.