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The Seven Archangels and Their Archeiai

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Archangels hold the highest rank in the order of angels and are typically described as “majestic fiery beings having immense light.” They are in charge of the angels and act as their captains. Each of the seven rays has an Archangel along with his divine compliment assigned to it. Female Archangels are called Archeia. Archangels and their Archeiai embody the God consciousness of their respective rays and direct the bands of angels that are under their command. The Archangels not only help us to strengthen and balance our chakras but also give us initiations on the correct way to use the light-energy flowing through them. There are other Archangels beside the Seven Archangels performing their jobs in this hierarchy and all are considered to be great healers.The feminine counterparts of the arch angelic choir are called archeiai. Each of the seven rays has a presiding archangel and archeia who embody the quality of that ray and direct the angelic bands serving under them on that ray. The primary role of the archangels is to radiate celestial light into our world for the freeing and saving of souls and for the illumination and freedom of life. They amplify and emanate the feelings of God, which include all the virtues, graces and benevolent light energies, to bless mankind and the nature kingdom.

The Archangels and Archeiai of the Seven Rays may be understood as powerful systems of Angelic energy who support humanity in many ways including their commitment to focus, or flow, qualities of the Divine Nature through the Seven Rays of Divine Light. The Seven Rays of radiant energy, emanating from Source, embody information that supports you in living authentically from the heart. The Archangels guide and enhance your experience of such Divine qualities as love, hope, compassion, faith, purity, freedom, and peace.

THE ARCHEIA we will be looking at (shown beside their Masculine Counterparts) are:

Azrael Magdalena, the Lady Mercy
Chamuel Seraphina, the Lady Charity
Gabriel Annunciata, the Lady Hope
Haniel Maryllisa, the Lady Radiant
Jophiel Lucida, the Lady Clarity
Metatron Sophia, the Lady Constance
Michael Mikaela, the Lady Faith
Raphael Mareia, the Lady Virtue
Sandalphon Shekhinah, the Lady Patience
Tzadkiel Amethystia, the Lady Purity
Uriel Rainbow Aurora, the Lady Grace
Tzaphkiel Okina, the Lady Liberty
Ratziel Jochara, the Lady Victory

The First Ray is the blue ray and the Chohan is El Morya. The blue ray is the ray of power but it also has other qualities like faith, protection, will, and strength flowing through it. El Morya teaches us what it means to follow God’s Will, the wisdom behind it, and how to come into alignment with our Higher Self.

The First Ray—Will, Faith, Protection, Power


Archangel Michael, the Archangel of Protection, is one of the better-known Archangels and is highly revered in the Christian, Jewish, and Islamic faiths. His name means “Who is like God.” He serves on the First Ray (blue ray) with his divine compliment, Archeia Faith, and provides us with both spiritual and physical protection. He is called the captain of the Lord’s host. Whenever you need protection you can call to Archangel Michael to place his Electronic Presence around you. You can also call for protection around any person, place or thing. Be sure to include his blue flame angels, too. Archangel Michael initiates us in the uses of power in the throat chakra.

If you want to place protection around yourself or a loved a simple prayer to give is:

In the name of my mighty I AM Presence, I call to beloved Archangel Michael and Faith to send forth their legions of blue flame angels to guard and protect my family, loved ones and myself. Let it be done according to God’s Holy Will.

Archangel Michael and Archeia Faith serve on the first ray of the will of God. The vibration of that ray appears as the color blue, sometimes a sapphire blue. The retreat of Michael and Faith is located in the etheric plane near Lake Louise at Banff, Canada. Recently we have learned about a new aspect of this vibration that the Master El Morya termed the New Blue, introduced on January 11, 2007. In his HeartStream he says, “The will of God is beyond compare. And this day I bring a New Blue energy from cosmic spheres of light to my challis upon earth.” Hear entire HeartStream.

Mikaela and Michael are completely devoted, and this comes across in the name that they share. I spent a little time pondering the nature of faith and how it differs from hope and trust and how it might be Image result for Archangels and Archeia fantasydefined. Wikipedia gave this definition: “Faith can mean believing unconditionally. It can be acceptance of something that one has been told by one who is considered trustworthy. Faith, by its very nature, requires belief outside of known fact. Although faith has generated many roots in religion, it is not necessarily a religious word and is not exercised solely in God and God alone, but can apply to any situation where judgements are made irrespective of evidence.” Mikaela, the Lady Faith said this to me about Faith: “Faith makes up the fabric of the Universe. It is the glue that holds it all together, for what are we without Faith? Faith is central to all that we are and from which all other elements flow.”
It is this perfect Faith that she holds for Michael, (and so too for us) that he might work without pause, always held, always supported by her certainty in the Rightness and Purity that exists at the heart of all things. She pointed out that she exists as the purity and pure Light of Source, for she knows (has faith) that she is God – just as we are. She reaches out and touches my heart with her finger and tells me that God is within. She then shows me scenes of fighting and conflict around the world and tells me that if I were to look deep within each of the people I see there, I would see that each one’s heart is the same. She continued:
“Man has the choice about what he sees in others. He has the choice to see, hear and speak as God and recognise that all other sentient Beings are as he is. Or he may choose to live on the surface, fighting against the differences he sees – which are only superficial. If you could stop, suspend judgement and look deeper past the exterior of your fellows, you would see the perfect beauty of your fellow man and his true God-self, which is but a mirror of your own. If you were to learn to see this in others and in yourselves, then you would be whole, healed and perfect and your world would be a very different place.”

The blue ray correlates to our throat chakra. The throat chakra is the power center. Through the sacred science of sound we can create through the speaking of the word. Invoking the names of Michael and Faith brings to us their love and protection, a renewal of faith, the power to do the will of God and a love for that will.

The Second Ray—Illumination

The Second Ray is the yellow ray and the Chohan is Lord Lanto. This is the ray of wisdom, illumination, and enlightenment. Lanto guides us on our personal quest for knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment and helps us to understand many of the wisdom teachings. Having been a wise sage in several of his past lives in ancient China he is highly qualified for this position in hierarchy.

image2Archangel Jophiel and Archeia Christine serve on the second ray of the wisdom of God. This ray vibrates as the color golden-yellow. Jophiel and Christine’s etheric retreat is located south of the Great Wall near Lanchow in North Central China. The yellow ray resonates with our crown chakra. Halos, depicted by artists around the heads of saintly figures, are the glowing crown chakras of these holy ones.

There came to me four keywords for Lucida’s energy: Stability, patience, clarity and inspiration. Her energy felt to me to be like a foundation or platform on which we can build. It is firm, solid, dependable, resilient and permanent and gives a strong and clear underlying sense of stability. I was then shown that somehow Jophiel’s energies sit upon this foundation provided by Lucida’s energies. His energy is more mobile, and so it requires a very stable base. Sometimes acquiring wisdom means we have to reach out, which may mean leaving the comfort of our “box” and becoming out of balance. Lucida’s energies also seemed to form a flexible all-encompassing container within which the Jophiel energies are held. This “container” is nurturing, supporting and protective, yet it is capable of containing without restraint. It has boundaries, yet these are constantly mobile and may change shape whenever and however required. Outside this “container” however is another aspect of her energies, which seemed to manifest physically as flashes into the 3rd eye – rather like being lit up by a flashing torch. The flashes were random, and to me symbolised receiving flashes of inspiration. The reason for this is that Jophiel’s knowledge and wisdom is somewhat logical, structured and contained, even though it encourages us to think laterally. Related imageLucida’s energies however will supply the occasional inspirational flashes of insight we may receive when we are searching for the answers to something, even though they may appear to have no logical grounding or sense. She told me:
“Strength, patience and steadfastness are core to your existence and in learning to live your lives in as full, balanced, open and loving a manner as you can. They apply not only to yourself, your feelings about yourself, and your beliefs and your path, but also to how you might interact with those who accompany you on your journey, or who surround you on this planet. They are unwavering attributes, the very foundation of existence. And it is perhaps that role that I identify with most. In order best to enable you to have the Christ within you, you need a strong, stable foundation; an unshakeable belief; a clear way of seeing and knowing. You need to know that you are surrounded, supported and protected at all times by those who love and care for you. And that is the way in which I wish to work – as a strong, loving and stable support. A framework within which you can learn and grow, and from which you may safely reach out to search for your answers.”

If we desire greater understanding and spiritual wisdom, we can pray to Jophiel and Christine to give us access to the Christ/Buddha mind.

The Third Ray—Love

The Third Ray is the pink ray and the Chohan is Paul the Venetian. The pink ray is the ray of love and all that we associate with it like compassion, kindness, charity, and beauty. Paul the Venetian teaches us how to set healthy boundaries and cultivate the beautiful qualities flowing through the pink ray. If our heart needs healing he guides us through the process. He also teaches and trains us in the gift of discernment.


Archangel Chamuel and Archeia Charity serve on the third ray, the ray of the heart. This ray vibrates from deep ruby red to a delicate pink. And the quality that is emanated is love unconditional, miraculous, healing love of the Creator for the creation. Chamuel and Charity’s retreat is located over St. Louis, Missouri.

It seems to me that Seraphina, the Lady Charity’s, attributes often are mixed up with those of Chamuel. Both are very strong characters, but their strength is driven by Love. All that they do is centred around freeing mankind so that he may accept the infinite flow of Love from the Divine, and acknowledge himself to be a Divine Being of Light also. I see them both in my mind’s eye as spheres of energy, centred around a single heart centre which they both share and concurrently occupy. One or both of their spheres may expand or shrink, often (but not always) in opposition to each other, and yet always in harmony. As Chamuel expands to vastness, so Seraphina may shrink and vice versa, but ALWAYS centred around the pink flame of the inner heart centre. There also exists a Cosmic Being called Charity, who I feel is another aspect of Lady Charity, and this Being comes to help balance the 3-fold flames of the heart and bring forth the quality of the Christ within. Love is the key to our Ascension and charity is the consequence of love and the practical application of love in society. Charity amplifies the feeling of forgiveness through gratitude and acceptance of the Inner Christ (the Christ-Self), and allows us to forgive and also then to love. Love is therefore in its turn the consequence of charity. The two are inextricably entwined. Seraphina had these things to say about Love:
“We do not create love, it is simply a Divine quality of Infinite Mercy that flows out from the Godhead and bathes all in the Light of love, forgiveness and acceptance. Love is not “doing” but “allowing”. It cannot be forced or created, it can only be allowed to flow. And it can only flow freely and boundlessly from a clear and open heart, which neither judges nor condones but simply allows and accepts all as being perfect and right for that moment. The ability to create a well-spring of love in the heart is reflected in ones ability to accept love – love which flows to you from God himself, passed down through your Christ-Self to your current incarnate body and also to you from others. Without accepting love for yourself – for which there first needs to be acceptance and understanding that you are worthy of being loved and that you are a lovable person – love cannot flow easily out from you to others. And all are worthy of being loved. All are lovable. It is an intrinsic fact that you exist as Divine sparks and that within your inherent make-up all is perfect and as it should be. There are no faults or failings; there simply IS you – a child of God.”

A prayer to Chamuel and Charity assists in the softening and opening of our heart, the expanding of our ability to love all of God’s creation, including ourselves—for their ray correlates with the heart chakra.

The Fourth Ray—Purity

The Fourth Ray is the white ray and the Chohan is Serapis Bey. Flowing through the white ray are the qualities of purity and harmony. Serapis Bey teaches us the value of self-discipline and how to keep our harmony. These are mandatory if we hope to be successful and gain self-mastery on the path of the seven rays.


Carrying the flame of the fourth ray of purity, are Archangel Gabriel and Archeia Hope. The vibration of purity is a mother-of-pearl white in color. White is a harmonious balance of all of the other rays. Without purity of thought, feeling, word and action, acceleration on the spiritual path can take many limiting turns and twists.Not much is given or understood about the Lady Hope. I feel that, given her name “Annunciata” it was SHE – the feminine aspect – that brought news of their imminent pregnancies to Mary and Elizabeth, and not Gabriel as the masculine aspect. Having experienced her energies I conclude that she feels stronger and more solid than Gabriel, yet still is immensely feminine. She seems more serious and intense than Gabriel – not that that is a bad thing, as this probably balances them rather well. With Gabriel and Lady Hope as twin flames it is difficult to see where one ends and the other begins. She seems to surround and enclose him, in a constant rhythmic pulsation of life. And yet he is not confined or imprisoned. It is almost as if wherever he moves, their energies merge, and the energies she supplies him with seem to give him what he needs to do the task that needs to be done. He gives her his strength of Spirit and she gives him her strength of manifestation. What she does is enable the tasks that he instigates to become real and be given form. Knowing now that the titles of the Archeia / Archaea reflect their attributes and therefore the “flavour” of their energies, I wanted to understand what hope was. I also wanted to determine what the inherent difference was between hope and faith. The dictionary defines faith as… “firm belief, often without logical proof; spiritual apprehension of Divine Truth, without proof; things believed in.” Hope is defined as “expectation and desire combined; a feeling of trust; to have confidence in”. Hope gives us the positive power and optimism to move into action, instead of wallowing in despair, frustration or inactivity. It raises us up above adversity. All of these things Lady Hope can bring to help us in our spiritual and everyday lives, with her steadfastness and positivity. She then added:
“Hope surrounds you at all times. It is an all-encompassing energy that is relentless in its application. It is Universal and multi-dimensional, spanning all times, all ages and all dimensions. It is your connection to Source – to God and to your unshakeable belief in your own Divinity and the good-ness of all things…… Hope is the positivity that takes you always forwards, always upwards, always striving to do more and achieve more. For if there is no hope then there is no reason for you to strive to work or to grow or improve. Hope too is the illumination that lights your way even in the darkest of days, for without hope man would sink into the slough of despond and all would be lost. And hope walks with joy, for hope is ever optimistic. Hope seeks out the Light from the darkness. It seeks to find the fulfilment, the contentment in all things. For when there is contentment the soul is at ease. And when the soul is at ease it knows true happiness. “

The fourth ray resonates with the base of the spine chakra. Gabriel and Hope’s retreat is located between Sacramento and Mount Shasta in Northern California. So if your desire is to work toward wholeness of being, a call to these angelic twin flames will be of great assistance to you.

The Fifth Ray—Healing, Abundance, Truth, Vision

The Fifth Ray is the green ray and the Chohan is Hilarion. This is the ray of healing and wholeness. Self-healing is a must on the path. You have heard the saying, “Physician heal thyself.” When you work on healing yourself you gain a certain wisdom that is uniquely yours. This then becomes your gift that you offer to others. Hilarion guides us to heal our body, mind, and soul with an emphasis on wholeness.


 Archangel Raphael and Archeia Mary serve on the fifth ray, the ray of healing, abundance, vision and truth. The vibration of this ray appears as the color emerald-green. So Mary, the Mother of Jesus, is from the angelic realm. She is a being of great power and authority and the perfect choice for the role of the Mother of a World Saviour. She and her twin flame, Raphael, have their retreat over Fatima, Portugal.

Many write-ups on the Archangels say that the Being many know as Mother Mary (the mother of Jesus the Christ) is Raphael’s twin flame. I feel that role  – to overlight or guide the Mother of the Christ – was simply a small part of this, the feminine aspect of the Raphael / Mareia energy: It may perhaps be more accurate to say that Mother Mary was an aspect of this Angelic Being. An Archangelic vibration was required to hold the energy of the Mother of the Christ and Mareia possesses the skills needed to hold the perfect blueprint for the life and actions of Mary’s physical son throughout his incarnation, life-path and lessons. A clear and perfect focus had to be maintained by her at all times, as to waver in this focus may have meant the purpose behind Jesus’ embodiment on Earth would have been lost. Only an Archangel with their tried and tested powers to hold a concept for a prolonged period of time without wavering could perhaps have done this task successfully. Her key now, as then, is the ability to hold the perfect conception of what is to be made manifest, and retain this ideal throughout its creation, whilst filling that plan and creation with Light, love and joy. This strength of character and attribute of adhering to the path no matter what is something that is very much a part of Lady Virtue’s Archaeonic role. Yet somehow, within her strength, there is an immense femininity and a caring, compassionate and nurturing nature. She tells me:
“Raphael is the facilitator, the one who gathers to him knowledge and dispenses wisdom and who helps direct in an active manner the lives of humanity and all the many myriad things that require to be done on our plane and the other dimensions. He reaches a level of understanding that few others can surpass, and then he knows best how to apply that understanding to situations with other Beings and with humanity in order for them to learn, understand and make progress. I supply an inner strength – a foundation, a faith and certainty. I hold the outcome and the focus for the positive outcome that is desired at the end of the day, and within which he works to bring understanding and movement.”Related image
Our planet Earth is the soil for growth of the Christ Consciousness, and just as Mary birthed Jesus the Christ, so too do we have the Christ child within us – our Higher Self incarnating as the child within. We are each in the process of bringing down and into ourselves our Divine perfection and Lady Virtue will be our support in this, just as she was for Mary for, as she also tells me: “Each of you is a Divine Mother.”


Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus, comes from the angelic realm and is an Archeia. She is the divine compliment and twin flame of Archangel Raphael. Both Mary (Ma-ray) and Archangel Raphael (“God has healed,” “Medicine of God”) serve on the Fifth Ray, the emerald green ray of healing. Mary has many titles and one of them is the Queen of Angels. In this office she has access to a number of angels she can send to those who pray to her. When praying to Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael invite the emerald green angels of healing to join you. Both of these Archangels initiate us in the correct uses of the green ray, the ray of science and healing, and the third-eye chakra.

Working with the angels is very easy to do. They respond instantly to love and are drawn to the light in your body. Things you can do to magnetize and increase the light include: keeping your harmony, eating a healthy diet, good thoughts, prayer, mantra, decrees and meditation. Angels like clean environments so tidying up your space will also help. Here is a short healing prayer you can use:

In the name of my Mighty I AM Presence, I call to beloved Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary and the emerald green healing angels to surround (name the person, condition and situation) with healing light. Let this healing be done according to God’s Holy Will.

When we are in need of healing, if we desire to shine the light of truth on any situation, if we are wanting financial abundance for our families and to serve others or want to enhance our ability to hold a strong, positive vision for a personal project or the future of this planet, Mary and Raphael are the names to have on our lips and in our hearts.

The Sixth Ray—Service

The Sixth Ray is purple and gold and the Ascended Lady Master Nada is the Chohan of this ray of service and ministration. Nada’s teachings are truly lovely. She teaches us the wisdom, beauty, and grace that come from nurturing, helping and serving others.


Our highest calling is service. Archangel Uriel and Archeia Aurora are on the sixth ray which radiates the quality of service to mankind and vibrates as the color purple and gold with touches of ruby. Their retreat is located in the Tatra Mountains, south of Cracow, Poland.To many Uriel’s feminine counterpart is known as Aurora (she prefers the full title of Rainbow Aurora), and this makes sense when we understand how she works, for Lady Grace works with the complete spectrum of Light and with the Rainbow Rays. The Aurora Borealis and the Aurora Australis are natural outpourings of coloured Light. These emanations of Light work to refine and spiritualise the planet and all those who dwell on her, uniting Heaven and Earth through luminous beauty and love. Auroras are also seen in deep space within star clusters and nebula. Colours in many different tones and colour combinations are now beginning to flood our planet, to bring down Higher streams of consciousness in order to prepare the planet and ourselves for our transition into the fifth dimension. The Lady Grace works closely with many Masters to help bring this about and in order to ground these new and vibrant energies onto the Earth plane. She is connected with Neptune, the Rainbow Planet, which is the gatherer of the energies of the Rays and the “transmitting station” that relays those Rays to all planets in our Solar System, including Earth. The keywords of Neptune in astrology are “spiritual wisdom, inspiration, creative art, compassion, sacrifice and universal love”, all of which are attributes supported by Lady Grace. Just as the basic function of Neptune is to slowly dissolve away old patterns and create new and better ones, ultimately her task is to help us dissolve self-interest in our search within for Truth and Divine Wisdom and to replace it with humanitarian interest and compassion. Image result for Archangels and Archeia fantasyI asked Lady Grace about her role, and how she works with Uriel, and she told me:
“My task is to inspire what Uriel creates and imbue it with grace and beauty, making it unique and thus attractive. I paint the sunset gold and pink; I create the beautiful patterns on the feathers of the birds; I create the harmonious colours of the trees and paint their leaves in the myriad of colours you see in Autumn. I add those finishing touches, which do not affect the purpose of the thing that is created, for it is first created with perfection of function and form. Yet I can embellish it to add something that might invoke emotions in the beholder, such as wonder, joy or happiness and perhaps a sense of awe in what is possible. And you too can use your own skills and talents to embellish all you create – whether it be on a material or non-material level – and in this look for my signature and know my energy is at hand. I am with Uriel always. I am with the Earth always. I am with you always.”

Calling for the assistance of Uriel and Aurora will enable us to serve others more effectively through professions such as teaching and nursing or ministering to others as spiritual leaders or in counseling or social work. It may be that we simply want to live our lives more selflessly.

The Seventh Ray—Forgiveness and Freedom

The Seventh Ray is the violet ray and the Chohan is Saint Germain. This is the ray of freedom, forgiveness, mercy and transmutation and the ray of light descending for Aquarius. Many people feel very close to Saint Germain. As the sponsor of the Aquarian Age, he teaches us the true meaning of alchemy and how to use the violet flame, also called the “miracle flame.” The more you use it, the more you will come to understand why it is called this.

Archangel Zadkiel and Archeia Amethyst serve on the seventh ray. The seventh ray vibrates as the color violet. Its qualities are forgiveness, freedom and mercy. The violet ray is also called the ray of transmutation—the transforming of our human reactions to situations into forgiveness and understanding, the removal of our blind spots, allowing us a greater view from which to proceed and make choices. Transmutation is a spiritual recycling of negative and limiting energies into pure light-energy through invocations asking the violet ray, an aspect of the Holy Spirit, to reside in our hearts and all of our chakras.Once again very little has been researched about Tzadkiel’s feminine counterpart. I feel that the name Amethystia has its origins in her own lineage rooted through the violet planet, when it was a title conferred upon her there in her role as a High Priestess of the Sacred Fire (that which we know as the Violet Flame). Some know her as Holy Amethyst. She feels very strong, very positive and incredibly Light. Despite her strength there is about her a very feminine feel, and also an underlying support that is very loving. When I see Amethystia working with Tzadkiel in diagrammatic form, it seems that Tzadkiel surrounds a violet flame at the centre of an energetic “sphere”, and she surrounds and encloses him, enclosed in her turn by silver and violet flames that form the outer “skin” of the energy sphere. As he expands outwards, she moves inwards towards him, and as he contacts inwards towards the inner flame, she expands outwards. It seems rather like the rhythmic pulsing of a heartbeat. In this way there is a constant movement and exchange of energy. Nothing remains static, and it seems that the energies of each cleanse, charge and motivate the other. They are extremely dynamic when working in this way and they show us of the need to clear and cleanse ourselves on all levels, reminding us that what is in our energy field may affect us emotionally, mentally and physically and vice versa. The two parts of ourselves, our physical-vehicle self and our spiritual etheric-body self, are therefore inexorably intertwined and interdependent. image7Lady Purity works to restore US to purity (her own natural state) through her own pure energy field, and it is this pure and feminine aspect that is brought through the silver component of the talked about silver-violet flame. (It has been said that the Violet Flame has changed, and is now the Silver-Violet Flame, but it hasn’t CHANGED, it has simply revealed more of itself as the feminine energies have once more been allowed access to our planet.)
She said:
“We all are struggling to reach that ultimate state of purity, the Divine clarity that is Source. Such brilliant flawlessness overwhelms the senses so much so that it is impossible to describe without experiencing it for yourself! Even to us, as Angelic life forms, that goal seems at times out of reach. But all things begin with tiny steps and purity may be achieved by degrees. And each negative item you clear, each karmic debt you settle and each tie you release brings you one step further towards your goal, for without attaining that absolute state of purity total reunion cannot be realized.”

The ability to forgive is primary in achieving freedom from suffering and living in joy and fulfillment. Invoking the violet ray,6 in conjunction with meditation and self-observation, frees us to extend continuing mercy toward all of life. When we know forgiveness of ourselves and others we live in the spirit of pure joy.

If we hunger for freedom from all forms of oppressing thoughts and actions and long to sustain a bubbling joy that continues no matter what may be happening around us, calling to Zadkiel and Amethyst and their liberating seventh ray is the answer. Their retreat is above the island of Cuba.

Five Secret Rays—Names of the Archangels and Archeiai Revealed

The names of the archangels and archeiai of the five secret rays were revealed on November 28, 2007 through David C. Lewis, messenger for the Universal Great White Brotherhood through The Hearts Center. These rays are powerful and become available to students whose purity, internal balance and love for God have been tested over time.

The secret rays have a mysterious and multi-dimensional quality. They scintillate, sparkle and vibrate. The activation of the secret rays causes a greater sensitivity in the consciousness of the student as the rays clear and spiritualize our auras and widen the crystal-cord connection between our Christ/Buddha Self and our souls. These archeiai are invoked in The Rosary of Divine Quintessence.

Chohan Chakra Color Ray Qualities Misuses Archangels
El Morya Throat Blue First Power, Good Will, Faith, Protection Controlling, condemnation, idle chatter, gossip, human willfulness, cowardice, slander, lying or speaking half-truths, cursing, yelling Michael and Faith
Lord Lanto Crown Yellow Second Wisdom, Enlightenment Pride, Ignorance, Narrow-mindedness, Misunderstanding Jophiel and Christine
Paul the Venetian Heart Pink Third Love and Compassion Hatred, dislike, selfishness, self-pity, human sympathy, negligence Chamuel and Charity
Serapis Bey Base-of-the-spine White Fourth Purity, Discipline, Joy Discouragement, Disorder, Impurity, Chaos Gabriel and Hope
Hilarion Third Eye Green Fifth Vision, Truth, Healing, Science, Insight Lack of vision and clarity, mental criticism, inconstancy, spiritually needy Raphael and Mary
Ascended Lady Master Nada Solar Plexus Purple and gold Sixth Service, Peace Anger, agitation, fanaticism, aggression, egoism, overindulgence, passivity Uriel and Aurora
Saint Germain Seat-of-the-soul Violet Seventh Freedom, Forgiveness, Transmutation, Justice Non-forgiveness, Intolerance, Cruelty Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst
Maha Chohan Secret Chamber of the Heart peach (golden pink) Eighth integration, bliss, self-knowledge, gnosis, integration and mastery of the seven rays, established figure-eight flow no figure-eight flow, imbalance of the threefold flame Uzziel and Archeia (name unknown)
Secret Ray Archangel/Archeia
First Auriel and Alena (Alēn-ah)
Second Celestel and Celena (Celēn-ah)
Third Christiel and Christyla (Chrĭstē-lah)
Fourth Soliel and Astrela (Astrā-lah)
Fifth Virtuel and Vestrea (Vestrā-yah)

The secret rays move and change and are definitely difficult to pin down. And although there is a primary focus of color for each, it is best not to focus so much on the specific color as to allow the rays to work through you as they would. In a darshan by Lord Maitreya8 given December 16, 2007, he tells us to “move in their stream which is the nature of the cosmos itself.”

Healers like Jesus had access to these rays, which complemented and intensified the work of the seven rays to bring about miraculous regeneration in the lives of those who came to him for assistance. Now, you, too, can activate these rays by invoking the names of these mighty archangels to bring greater power and concentration to the work of the archangels of the seven rays in your life.

In Prayers and Songs, under “Media Center” on our homepage, “I Am Cosmos’ Secret Rays,” both in audio and print version. Offering this prayer is another way to activate the secret rays in your life.

-The seven rays are the seven qualities of God that compose the color rings or spheres which surround the Solar Presence. The attribute of each color or ray is vital to our wholeness. Each person evolving on earth is meant to master these qualities:

– Blue—the first ray:  will, faith and power

Yellow—the second ray: wisdom and understanding

– Pink—the third ray: divine love and compassion

– White—the fourth ray: purity and holiness

– Green—the fifth ray: wholeness and abundance

– Purple/gold—the sixth ray: service to life

– Violet—the seventh ray: forgiveness, mercy and soul-freedom

-The etheric plane is the highest plane, or octave, where evolving souls who identify totally with their Source reside. In comparison to the physical plane, the etheric is so accelerated that it cannot be seen with the human eye, but it is more real and concrete than the physical plane in the true sense of what is real. back to the 

The Five Rays we may remember now may not be revealed entirely. This is because their qualities were misused in the past and caused more bad than good. If you received a particular degree in Mastery the information needed for your expansion of consciousness automatically will be given to you through your Akasha-Memory and will be revealed through your Higher Self to you. These Five Rays are active already for many years and come into expression through your Higher Chakra’s. Trust on the fact that they manifest as the Higher Qualities of the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Ray of the Divine Consciousness anchored in your own consciousness. The colours of these 5 Rays are merged with different colour-frequencies and hold a Higher Source of Light. Their qualities all resonate on Higher Awareness’s having everything to do with your I AM THAT I AM, the Golden Era and the Divine Geometry in your Light-bodies. Now let the translated Hebrew letters JHWH as Light-letters burn in your Christ-Consciousness-Chakra.

The Light of Ray Eight – The Ray of Divine Transcendence

When this Ray is integrated, all your possible experiences and knowledge will stretch out far beyond the boundaries of all experiences and knowledge ever possible. This Ray transcends your duality through the Divine Flame of Transcendence, by which your Unity-Consciousness with ALL Life can come into existence. This Eight’ Ray is related to your Star-Tetrahedron, this exists in three equilateral triangles, in the Cube of Metatron. When your Star-Tetrahedron is anchored well in your being, you can develop yourself through all your life-lessons and experiences. Through your duality and inner joy and peace and through a complete trust in the Light World you can solve all challenges in your life and leave them behind.

The Energy of Ray Nine of Divine Possibilities

It’s one of the Rays with which you may reclaim your birthright and activate your Light-Body. In the process of your onward-going-evolution the central-point in this Ray is, purposeful receiving of your Highest Possibilities through yourself as Higher Light and your Higher Self, even more present than in all other Rays. Know that through these possibilities, the possibility is within your reach to develop a reality, the possibility to create a perfect reality in co-operation with the ONE Reality of ALL THAT IS. Ray Nine influences your Flower Of Life, your Original Blueprint of the 8 cells in your perineum, whereby you can develop quicker. On this spot the origin started of your ethereal, emotional and mental bodies. This Ray is related to your Octahedron. When your Octahedron is anchored a connection will come into existence between your left and right brain halves. Whereby an expansion in consciousness will take place and you will be able to pick up information through mediumistic gifts and telepathic concentration in several dimensions.

The Energy of Ray Ten of Divine Balance, Power and Wisdom

It will assist you to balance these qualities perfectly to become the Divine Light you really are. Through this Ray all Living Spiritual Matter is in a state of change to Divinity. This Ray activates your Spiritual Microtron with central point Spiritual Ascension of your psychological and physical body as well. This Ray is related to your Icosahedron. When your Icosahedron is anchored well in your being, you come into existence as a Multi-dimensional Human-Being, also entire Enlightenment through the Divine Consciousness and Universal Love. Know that this Ray transforms all Divine Knowledge, which enters your Consciousness-layers through Universal Love.

The Energy of Ray Eleven of Enlightening Divine Truth

It assists you to connect with the Higher Truth, Wisdom and Love and to connect with the lessons of the Golden Era through the active sincerity and the expression of your Spiritual Reality. Know that this Ray anchors the Frequencies and Teachings of the Order of Melchizedek and the White Brotherhood, about the Golden Age of Aquarius, also in your being. This Ray relates to your Dodecahedron that holds the 12 Layers of Consciousness already for eons and eons. All these eons the Power of it must remain a secret for the knowledge about it was only for initiates. Know that the Power of the Dodecahedron transforms all layers of Consciousness for everyone who wants to become a Multi-Dimensional Being and wants to enter the Divine Consciousness. Know that as a human being, with the co-operation of Mother Earth, you can reach entire enlightenment again. The Dodecahedron is connected with the element ether; the secret knowledge of ether is the law of AS ABOVE SO BELOW. Know that while anchoring the Dodecahedron in your being, you can pick up the cosmic blueprint through all earthly goods with the secret knowledge of ether. You will remember again that all higher dimensions can be found on Mother Earth and in yourself. Know that you bear EVERYTHING inside, that you bear the Power of the Name of the Creating God, JHWH inside you, which represents the words I AM THAT I AM. Prove of your Divine Being. Feel the power activate in your DNA and the Light-letters of this tetragrammaton burn for a while again in your Christ-Consciousness-Chakra. Know that you are EVERYTHING, same as you are the Lightmaster, Healmaster and Divinity, who are able to heal on the level of enlightenment.

Ray of Rays 12

Ray Twelve represents One Divine Planetary United Consciousness. This holds the Highest Vibration of the Christ-Light and is a combination of all 12 Rays and all Earth Rays with a Higher Quotient of the Light Source, represented by Melchizedek and Pallas Athena. The Overseers of all 12 Rays are Sananda and Maitreya The combination and qualities of all Twelve Rays flow inward through the Prana-Tube filled with the Energies of Sananda and Maitreya. Know that everything in the entire Creation exists in five unique forms, which together are part of the Metatron-Cube and through this divine geometry creation remains! This ray relates with the Flower of Life.