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Yellow Pet Auras


Pets with Yellow auras are very assertive, have a strong will, are very determined and stubborn, and feel very empowered to be vocal in most situations. Animals with Yellow auras are extremely animated and may “mimic” sounds, positions, and grimaces close to your own – so don’t be surprised when you see what appears to be a smile or a particular nod or body movement like yours.


Your pet will want to spend most of the day in play mode, and most people think pets with Yellow auras have “ADD” since it is very hard to keep them focused on any one task (or one toy!) for very long. Yellows are easily distracted by noises and movement and will want to follow the direction of the distraction.


Animals with Yellow auras very bright and energetic. They learn tricks and commands easily and then forget them just as easily because their attention span is so short. They also tire easily because they expend so much energy in every activity in which they engage, so watch for them to be active one moment, and asleep the next. They will usually eat and drink very quickly because they want to spend their time investigating new toys and adventures with few interruptions.


Pets with Yellow Auras are hyperactive and like to chew a lot – they will chew on anything and everything, and are not often affected by reprimands. Life for this pet will be full of joy and fun. Great color choices for your pet are yellows and pinks. Your pet loves to be the center of attention and be around other pets and humans and these colors will heighten energy and love. Gemstones and metal for energy, love and health include Amber, Citrine, and Tiger’s eye, Pearl and Gold.


Optimum balance can be achieved for your pet by lots of petting, combing, and playing and making sure that your pet has specific rest periods so that there is not poor digestion, anger or aggressiveness. You and your pet will benefit from a balance of rest and play.